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Not anywhere near the MOST rape-y moment in the franchise, but a recent one that came straight to mind.


Appreciate you sending the clip and I watched it back to front but I don’t see what you see. To me this just looks like JB doing typical JB shit. Doesn’t equate to the Ken thing at all.


I watched Barbie yesterday and really enjoyed it :two_hearts: Some scenes were kinda uncomfortable to watch as a woman, but it was a very funny movie and I even cried a bit :see_no_evil: Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera were amazing. And I liked the beginning with the Space Odyssey reference :sweat_smile:


I liked Indy 5 more than most critics and fellow forum users. I grew up in the 80s so the OG 3 are big for me. This one has plenty of flaws and half-baked stupidity, but it’s not nearly as bad as popular online opinion would have me believe.

Watched Renfield last night. What an odd movie. Tonally all over the place, going from Kingsman-esque over the top violence and gore to by-the-numbers, written-by-committee dramatic moments. Thankfully the plot beats don’t linger long, and the action scenes steal the show.

The cast also rises very much to the occasion. Hoult is one of the best actors of his generation and can elevate any role. He doesn’t get too much to work with here but he delivers. I personally have a soft spot for Awkwafina, probably giving her more credit than necessary (Nora From Queens is funny!), but she’s solid here as an honorable, incorruptible cop, and I appreciate that the movie didn’t try to make her and Hoult a romantic pairing, because that would have been very forced.

Ben Schwartz is great, always. Guy gets pigeonholed due to Jean Ralphio, but Schwartz is an accomplished improv and comedic actor who I think always brings more to a role than is written. Not exactly believable as a tough guy, but believable as a bitch acting like a tough guy.

And of course, the great Nic Cage. What I really appreciated about this movie is that it didn’t try to make Dracula ambiguous, or sexy, or misunderstood. This is no antihero with a heart of gold. He is pure, unabashed EVIL. And Cage plays him as such, delectably and without reservation. I loved every second that he was on screen, doing his Nic Cage thing.

So yeah, it’s a weird movie very much not for people who can’t stand gore. It’s sort of funny, a wee bit heartfelt, certainly dumb, and also fun.


I went to see it yesterday and very much agree with you. It was an extremely well-shot non-stop adrenaline ride from start to finish (the film pretty much never loses breath or takes a break, which is pretty impressive), but I still like most of the other entries more. Although the settings and scenes are fantastic (I also like the airport section the most, though the Rome car chase was very cool), they didn´t feel all that unique/memorable in the same way (at least not in the same way like the CIA infiltration and train fight in MI1, the Kremlin infiltration and Burj Khalifa section in GP, or the opera and vault bits from RN). Oh and I felt the overall plot regarding the Entity was a bit OTT and silly for this series. Part of the issue I guess was also that this is part one of a bigger movie, and it shows (I hate that we have to wait until next year for the second one). The settings were also very Hitman-esque, be it the airport, Venice party, or Orient Express.

One thing I really didn´t like though - and here I will venture into heavy spoiler territory - was Ilsa´s death and the entire way her character was handled here. I´m half-convinced (or at least hoping) that it was a ruse and she is secretly alive, since her (supposed) death is somewhat semi-explicit and very much just brushed aside by Hunt and co. (Ethan doesn´t say anything, there´s no time dedicated to him or the team dealing with her demise and for it to sink in with the audience; just that one Grace-Luther conversation, where the phrasing of things sounded very much like a way to motivate/convince her to join them) On top of that, her fight with Gabriel was underwhelming and she definitely underperformed considering her fighting skills in the previous two movies, so it almost felt like she let him get the upper hand. Having checked internet forums afterwards, a lot of people seem to be of the same opinion (and also point out how her death taking place on a bridge mirrors Jim Phelps´s faked death in MI1), so I´m keeping my fingers crossed. If her death turns out to be genuine, I´ll accept it, but will still maintain that it was extremely poorly handled given the importance and attention given to her character in the last two films (she barely has any lines or meaningful presence here).

This also leads me to one thing I´m not sure I like so much either, and that´s how post-RN they´ve started shoehorning in these things to make everything feel (or seem) so personal to Hunt. It´s kind of like the Bond movies with Craig, particularly after Skyfall (I´m specifically referring to stuff like making Blofeld Bond´s “brother”, Madeleine beign Mr. White´s daughter, then throwing in Safin as a related antagonist, blah blah). Fallout did this by suddenly bringing back Julie and pretty much building the entire final act around her (although I appreciate that after that they were finally able to close her arch and drop the character), and threw in some cheesy, supposedly serious dialogue(s) about fate and whatnot which made it even worse. Sure, the previous movies used personal motivators as well, but it feels like it´s getting more forced and unnecessary, and DR takes this to the next level by suddenly pulling Gabriel out of its arse as some sort of Ethan´s fatal nemesis from the past (along with some chick he shot), along with deciding that all of the IMF´s operatives are pretty much former criminals who were given the choice to join or rot in jail, which strikes me as dumb and completely inconsistent with what the previous movies showed (correct me if I´m wrong here - was this ever a thing in the original TV series?). None of the team members from the previous movies felt that way (with the obvious exception of Luther), and it feels like rubbish retconning. It striked me as very much the same as what WoA did by introducing Providence+Grey and their role in Ort-Meyer´s research and 47´s/Diana´s history…

Ok, this turned into a bit of a rant regarding the direction of the series, but I really did enjoy the movie. Aside from the action itself, I particularly liked Haley Attwell and her character Grace, and it was really nice seeing Henry Czerny/Kittridge in the series again, along with so many references and throwbacks to the first movie (including the train finale, which is probably why it didn´t seem so cool/unique, although this one had a neat ending based on that one good nailbiting scene in JP The Lost World).

Hmm, mine would be very similar. Definitely the same ranking on numbers 5-7, but Fallout would be a clear no. 4 for me, with MI1, GP, and RN in the top 3, although I´m not sure which order. I find RN to be objectively/overall the best film in the series, but MI1 is a childhood classic for me which I always love to watch again (also has the best espionage atmosphere), and GP is the one I rewatch most often as it´s the most fun for me.


Yeah, we can agree on that. It feels way too forced how they suddenly brought up Ethan’s backstory with Gabriel as his arch nemesis. However I’m not really surprised that a modern movie series that’s coming to an end wants to do something dramatic to finish the main character’s arc. I just don’t watch these films for their drama and that’s why GP is easily my favorite one – it has the most entertainment value even to the point of being goofy and the personal stuff is merely a subplot. I still respect Fallout for what it is and it had scenes that have had a great impact on me (the fake hospital scene, the imaginary cop massacre scene etc.) and that’s why it’s in my top 3.

True, I didn’t even think of that. Maybe there’s a chance that it was faked, but I still think her death was merely means to underline the point that Gabriel is Hunt’s arch nemesis and to push Hunt to almost kill him on the train when that would have been against the mission’s goal, even though it was not handled well.


Oh sure, though I feel like bringing back Lane one last time would´ve been more apropriate, since he and Hunt´s team actually have some history from the two previous movies (and I didn´t quite like how they turned him into a bit of a hobo suicidal sort-of-cultist in Fallout - I´d like to see him exit on a higher note). Also, it´s not certain that the series is coming to an end. It´s apparently meant to be a send-off for Hunt, sure, but Cruise is said to have expressed interest in keeping making more MI movies with Hunt appearing in some capacity afterwards.

Same here.

Fair enough (the fake hospital scene was dope). For me, Rogue Nation was just all-around more enjoyable and extremely well-shot, and the fact that it went sans the unnecessary drama was a huge plus. Fallout was still a blast to watch though, especially on the big screen.

I get that, and would indeed agree that was the sole point, but even then I would maintain my opinion that it was poorely handled, since Hunt didn´t really need that motivation. He obviously already has enough beef with Gabriel over whatever happened in the past and that chick´s death. There was really no need to have Ilsa get killed for the same reason. Again, having Lane as the antagonist would feel more sensible here, because he actually has a history with Ilsa and more of a reason to kill her. Btw, on the forums I read yesterday, people mentioned the possibility that Ilsa´s minimal presence and death could be the result of scheduling conflicts on Rebecca Fergusson´s part and a way of writing off the character. In which case it would be ultra-dumb, as she would´ve definitely deserved a better send-off. Anyways, it´s a 50/50 chance for me that she´s still alive, but I´ll wait and see. It´s just that there was quite a few things about the death scene (and stuff in the dialogue prior to the party section) that make me doubt her demise. Could just be wishful thinking though, lol.


Oh yeah, just meant the series in its current form with Cruise as the lead actor.

I would have rather seen more Lane as well because he’s way more interesting than Gabriel and would have been more appropriate indeed but it seems like they were done with him. I don’t believe he’s coming back in the final movie either.


I saw Oppenheimer yesterday. My god, what an experience. It’s must see. Probably the best biopic I’ve seen. On a technical level, it’s a masterpiece. The score, fantastic, another great job by Ludwig Göransson. The performances were, as you’d expect, great. Some that I feel didn’t receive enough attention were Casey Affleck’s Boris Pash. Absolutely menacing performance delivered in under 5 minutes of screentime. Jason Clarke killed it as Roger Robb in the final act too. However, the characterizations of Dane Dehaan’s character and Harry Truman were a little off in terms of accuracy, but can’t be perfect. Overall, a fantastic deconstruction of Oppenheimer’s personality.


Not a movie I’ve watched yet, but a movie I think I’m going to watch in the near future; can anybody tell me about/recommend In Bruges?


Uh sort of a Black Comedy I think, I have seen small bits of it and they always made me laugh though plus Collin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson have such great chemistry together.


I don’t like dark comedy at all, but I love that film. Ferrell and Gleeson are fantastic together and Fiennes plays a great character too. It’s very slow and dramatic and then there are these small explosions of totally irreverent humour. Totally worth your time.


Saw Barbie yesterday, was alright.


it’s very very good.

funny. bleak. surprising. superb dialogue.

that’s all ya need.


Barbie is wildly good. They nail the costumes and set design, the cast is spot-on, especially Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling omg, the story takes some deep dives into emotional, head-shakingly-real directions, and overall is a really fun commentary on self-worth, potential, respect, hypocrisy, gender roles and the experience of the modern day.
Calm down Greta Gerwig, wtf, I thought this was supposed to be a big Mattel ad, wow.

Also props to Mattel for allowing themselves to be mocked so openly like that.

America Ferrera with that monologue was fantastic.

(Ken jail meme)

Me and who :arrow_up_small:

Allan was a surprising character that I loved by the end of the film. A total outsider to the groups that doesn’t feel like they fit in the stereotypical gender roles of Barbie or Ken. I feel like there’s room for a non-binary interpretation there.


It’s here! It’s finally here, the opening 10 minutes of the film I can watch and rewatch again and again and AGAIN, it’s so goooooood


I’m gonna GUSH about S-V even more. Thanks to its digital release, I now have access to clean cuts of the opening logos of the film!!
The openings (to both) are some of my favourites in film, since they play around a lot with designs and styles for the company logo, and it’s just neat to see new versions of established, unchanged designs!

What’s neat is that each film has their own “Spider-Verse-themed” logo for most companies – if you pause it just right. They flip by fast! Even more so in the wildly unstable ATSV!

ITSV Spider Logos: ITSV opening logos clip

Sony [N/A]

Columbia Pictures:


Sony Animation:

Pascal Pictures:

ATSV Spider Logos: ATSV opening logos


Columbia Pictures:


Sony Animation:

Pascal Pictures:

Lord Miller Prod.:

Blue Marvel logo (sketchbook themed??)

Brief blown-up Pascal logo w/ spider

For just two frames after the SonyAnim logo above, this homage to a classic Spidey panel appears.


these artists were worked to the bone for details and damnit I’m not gonna let it go unnoticed!


Watched that new Spider People movie. Had a good time like the previous one.


Went out to the movies to see Mad Max: Fury Road, Black and Chrome ed.! (Black & White version!)

Its been like 7 or 8 years since I first saw the movie, so I’ve forgotten a lot, and it was great fun!

The setting is super wild and cool, with people scrounging for an ounce of water and worship cars like gods.
People’s vehicles are doled out with any number of spikes, explosives, human skulls, or fused car bodies to become frankenstein monsters of a vehicle.

All I kept thinking of was the video game of around the same time. They captured the desolate, insane, lonely setting really well. Plus the action and vehicle use felt inspired by the film a lot.

The black and white version made the film seem a little more artsy I think. The original film already had a great use of its colour pallette and lighting. The contrast between the orange dunes, blue sky, and dark blue nights.
This version makes the harsh environment stand out in great ways. The sky, harshly cut off by crumbling rocks. The dark sandstorm everyone barrels towards. The little black dots rushing across the screen in an impressive wide shot…

Gosh, this movie already had some awesome cinematography, music, and story (Furiosa is a damn cool protagonist and it’s a shame her spin-off film has been trapped in dev hell)
So it was cool to experience this again, stripped down to its most basic colour pallette!
(Apparently George Miller’s original vision for the film was b&w… so this kind of revives that for the home release).

The theater we were in didn’t have the best mixing… a lot of the dialogue often got drowned out by SFX or music, but it’s okay. There isn’t too much talking in this film anyway.


*Street Art Pack downloaded