Movies You’ve Only Just Watched

Nimona is really super good. I Really love the message and metaphor behind the film. (Total trans/non-gender/sexuality-normative, or even just total outcast ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality. Hits hard, many times. :cry:) Holy cow. The animation is playful, expressive, zany, Nimona is WILD I love her so much, and the movie is is pretty dang funny and surprisingly heartbreaking. Wow.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :broken_heart: :

Not exactly a spoiler, it happens fairly early on, but

“Can’t you just be a girl? It would be better…”
“Better for WHO?..” :confused:
This line cuts so deep into the real question behind it, omg I love it.


Finally saw Oppenheimer yesterday, and thought it was really good.

Great score by Ludwig Göransson.
Beautifully shot.
Very well acted.
A story that will stay with you for days.

My main problems were:

Run Time / Structure:
After a certain point the movie feels like it should be wrapping up from a story telling structure perspective. It doesn’t. It continues for what feels like a good hour or so. Considering the film was told using three different time lines I feel like the order scenes were showed could potentially have fixed this so that the climax of multiple time lines aligned better.
As it is, it almost felt to me like there were two stories told in sequence.

Loud Music:
The music is, once again too loud in comparison to dialog. It’s not like you can’t hear what people are saying, but the music is loud enough that it commands more attention than what is being said in moments where I can’t imagine this was the intention.

Special Effects:
Beforehand the statement that there’s no CGI in the movie fascinated me. After having seen it I honestly think it was a mistake. The core effects moment of the film felt underwhelming to me, basically just filling the screen with a closeup of some fire or whatever (I know they did some complex compositing but I didn’t really feel like it had much of an effect on me).
There’s also the moment where we see what I assume is Oppenheimer imagining multiple nukes exploding all over the Earth at the very end which looked cheap to me.
(But the sequence was still bone chilling)


I watched a modern sniper movie last night. It is an ukranian movie, luckily it was available in hindi audio on amazon prime videos. There was only two audio language - original ukranian or hindi, no english. Maybe the languages depends on region.

Sniper: The White Raven

It gave the “Enemy at the Gates” movie kind of feeling but on modern sniper.
Watch a few quality european movies like T-34, All quiet on the western front etc etc. Kindly suggest more of these.


yeah, it’s a great movie. my kids love it too. it’s a lovely, fun pro-trans allegory and chloe-grace moretz is perfect in the role.


Yes, it is a patriotic Ukrainian movie.
I suggest White Tiger (2012), In The Line of Fire (2020).
And, of course, Come and See (1985), for the Russian side.
Narvik (2022), which shows the Norwegians, is also pretty good.


We saw Oppenheimer last night. It was good! Great, even! Not the best cinematic experience or whatever, (and honestly I like Barbie much more lol) but it was enjoyable!

It interpreted a lot of events of Oppy’s life, from the early knowledge-chasing years to being put as head of the Manhattan program, to after… it was impressive how much it covered.
The actors did a really great job, and I can see Cillian and Robert DowneyJr. getting Oscar noms for this, they were fantastic.

In terms of some negative nitpicks, I have a few that distracted me a bit.

I will say that Nolan’s infamous trope of characters not being heard very well comes back here. Either drowned out by the score, the background noise, or just bad audio work…
Some key conversations I had trouble following clearly.

Up until I’d say halfway through the film I didn’t quite like how the film kept jumping around between early-life, post-bomb-life, the Senate hearing and the Security hearing.
It finally got into a steady rhythm of mostly-chronological retelling of events lightly broken up by tangents in the “future”.

It also didn’t help that there are very few scenes that seem to last more than a minute, so it’s a breakneck pace and rarely do you get to dwell on one moment before it’s time to see the next “event”.

Also, sidenote, what was with Nolan’s use of “chapters” in this?
The first minute opens with "1. Fission, then half a minute later it’s on to “2. Fusion” then… were there any others? I didn’t notice any, and I found it silly that I barely understood the significance of using them at all.

I will say, it was really cool how he brought in so much talent into this. Every now and then I kept doing a double-take because I recognized an actor in this I’d never expected to show up. (I hadn’t followed much news of this film so I really only knew the main actor and director, maybe a few like Damon and Downey from trailers, but that’s it.)
Kenneth Branagh, David Dastmalchian, Florence Pugh, Matthew Modine, Dane Dehaan, Josh Peck!?, Rami Malek,

And on Rami, for most of the movie I was baffled that he only showed up for two scenes just to drop a pen and act meek. Where’s the dialogue, Nolan? What did you cut him out of? Thankfully it all pays off great with an intense speech near the end of his research on Strauss’ deals.


Awww, my dad felt bad that half my vacation got delayed because he got sick in quebec, so to give me one more relaxing treat before going to work tomorrow, he took me to see the TMNT movie. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway, after finally properly seeing the movie, I can safely say: This was the coolest new animation style I’ve seen since the original Spider-Verse film. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

The movie looks like a sketchbook turned 3D.

Everything looks roughly drawn. Objects and people don’t have clear “boundaries”, as part of their design. Everything looks a little ‘ugly’, to put it in a nice way – it serves the message of the film real well!

I usually hate it when people say “ohh this 3D thing almost looks 2D!” As if one style is inherently more impressive or better than the other…
But man, this movie really does have moments that nearly look 2D, despite being 3D… like, they transcended their own style by how it was all drawn, that’s cool.

The teens playing the Turtles were really fun. Maybe a liiiitle annoying sometimes during one of their many “talking over each other” gags, but it really helped sell their awkward vibe.
They are also heavily, heavily Gen Z. (Them, and the script) Making lots of pop culture references and IRL references. Some might not like that, but I did. Gave them great hooks for frames of reference.

Also, my dad, who like never comments on anything artistic about animated films. (He enjoys them, but not usually for their artistry)
Said it was a wild style, and how he liked how it sometimes looked 3D, sometimes 2D. He looked at it artistically! Woo!
He also said that sometimes it would get very busy - I agree, especially sometimes in close-quarters fights, but most of the time it was great.

The lighting and reflection work in this movie is especially cool mixed with the sketch style.
Everything looks roughly textured, when all of a sudden, WHOA, that pencil can reflect light?? or be affected by another pencil-styled light colour?? Damn cool!!

Go see it please, its very cool and deserves more hype than I’ve (not) been hearing…

The coolest scene had to be the fight-montage in the first third of the film, with all those animation/environment match cuts. OOH WOW.


Watched 2 movies with my family:

At Home:
It is based on real events in Norway. I am not from Norway but still felt touched, world war was really bad time in europe.
Soldiers are warriors, but it is true that Mother is the greatest warrior. The cinematography is appreciatiable, my family members liked it too - inspiring.
Thanks for the recommendation Force_Obscure, looking for next in your list :smiley:

Sorry only this trailer was available -

At Cinema:
Jawan (hindi translation double meaning - young or soldier):

I am not a SRK fan, but enjoyed this mass movie (last time was Vikram and RRR). It is a combination of A Wednesday(One Common Man), Expandable, John Wick, Charles Angeles and somewhat inspired by Joker (Dark Knight).
The story has a lesson to goverment and promotes voting by asking question for yourself and kicking corrupt politician or businessmen.
It is an entertaing movie if you ignore the physics in the fight (like RRR). It will be released in Netflix soon. You may try if you want a taste of bollywood movie.
My best part was the music by Anirudh mixed with Raja Kumari’s rap in the title track and Vijay Setupathy - the king of Villian (Antagonist).

English subtitles available -

Remember Hitman 2 Mumbai map Gregory Arthur planned dance with female dancers, here is trending one of a song with crazy ~1000 dancers (Women Prison):


I still have yet to see this, but I actually just listened to Trent and Atticus’ score in its entirety around 5 this morning because I couldn’t sleep. It was so good, I’m kicking myself for missing this movie while it was still playing at my local theatre.

Edit: oh snap it’s still there, thought it had left. Definitely going this coming week.


Niiiice! Yeah, I’ve found that this movie already seems to be leaving theatres. That feels like a small theater run, only one month?

When we went and saw it the other day, we found it was no longer on the schedule at our local location, so we had to go elsewhere (for their one and only 7:30 evening showing)

Oh yeah and the film has a great licensed soundtrack too, really nice hip hop and rap tracks in there…


This track is gorgeous.


The track that introduces the main villain is so dang good

His theme at the end is so good.


Here’s some clips from the TMNT movie to show you how unique its style is.

Please go seek it out and watch it!


I recognized the voice of my childhood hero Jackie Chan, googled and confirm it. Will surely watch it when I get a chance.


My journey on european movies continues …

Blood and Gold a german movie
Available in english and regional audio dub.
(Personally I try to avoid subtitles, as I miss the actor’s expression and small details, on a tradeoff miss the original voice).

I liked the unpredictable multiple twists of the plots. The story and character development was really nice. The makeup of nazi officer’s face was unique. Liked the presentation and all the actors role.

On a side note, it was a bad time in Germany at WW1, WW2. Movies like this one, Valkyrie, All Quiet in West Front etc etc depicts that.
I am not from Germany but personally I dont like video games and movies referring the word ‘german’ to enemies, they can use the word ‘nazi’/‘ss’ instead. I may be wrong but it feels racism, they must replace these words in today’s games and media (come on, it is year 2023). At that time and before that (and now even), there were so many intelligent, learned and talented stars from Germany - Albert Einstein, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Rudolf Diesel, Werner Heisenberg, Karl Marx, Benz … etc etc. How can the world judge a community based on just one person and forget the contribution of the above people to mankind at that time - there were even several assassination attempts on that dictator from the inside without outside intervention.
This is just my personal opinion to future media industry to remove any community name from antagonist depicted in any historical record, you may agree to disagree with me

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The Covenant with Jake Gyllenhall.

It’s about an Afghani interpreter who saves a U.S. Soldiers life but then is hunted by Taliban and has to go into hiding. The Solider decides to go get him out on his own. It’s pretty far fetched but is a super powerful movie. I like movies where the good guy clearly doesn’t want to do the right thing, but he knows what he must do, so he does it anyway.

I’m also a fan of any movie with a C-130 in it, and this one had a great AC-130 scene


That’s all I need to know to decide to watch it.


I also watched the movie a few weeks back.
Really liked the acting, Especially during the almost entirely silent bringing back to base, also just after the ambush, where you can see Ahmed wanting to say something, before deciding not to

There are the usual “mhm” moment about some of the details/portrayal, especially since it’s supposed to happen in 2018.
But once you go beyond that, Understand that it was all necessary to theme and the story, it’s an excellent show don’t tell of the story they wanted to tell.

(soundtrack is also a nice background when reading)

@Rimland, I also recommend. It’s a simple, straightforward movie, but I say that affectionately.


Watched yesterday Saw X, it was a fucking blast, can not believe Tobin Bell is 81 years old, he did a great job portraying Jigsaw.

Traps were a lot of fun (except for eyeball), victims were the shittiest people in the series, seriously some next level of being an awful person, scamming people with cancer is beyond awful.

I was actually hoping a bit for Gaberiella, out of the bunch, she was the least bad, doing it to fulfill her addiction, disappointed that Cecilia murdered her.

Cecilia surviving her test felt bad, she deserved to die, damn what an awful person, was not rooting for her at all.

It actually hit me that the lethal gas hole in the wall trap was actually the plan b, the reason there were two spots on that board is to trap both Cecilia and Parker, the fake money bag was just a plan b in case they’d get the upper hand, which is a throwback to when Jigsaw told Hoffman that he doesn’t make the traps in a way they supposed to go, he just lets whatever happen happen, he just made sure that both Cecilia and Parker would end up in a trap together.


Just watched The Fast and the Furious for the first time. That… was a thing. It had a lot of shaky camera, quick cuts, loud dramatic shouting that sounded phoned-in, people who looked way too good for what they were doing in the setting they were doing it, and the plot was all over the place. Other than cars going fast and people looking angry, I honestly couldn’t tell you what any of it was about. From my understanding, it only gets more ridiculous going forward. If I’m gonna pick from the early 2000s flashy cars going fast in a grungy criminal background film, I think I’d rather watch The Transporter and Gone In 60 Seconds.