Movies You’ve Only Just Watched

I forgot to bring it up in my previous post, but did you also get a bit of an Absolution vibe from some of the people they brought in to stop the Beekeeper? I mean, the Special Forces guys was more like Apex Predator, but the Scottish mercenary and his crew felt like someone Blake Dexter would have on his payroll, and the replacement Beekeeper felt like one of the Saints had a baby with Eduardo Flamingo from Gotham.

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Yes, the mercenary team at the end looks like it comes straight out of a comic book.

Cannot BEGIN to tell you how excited I am to watch the second film from Rose Glass (who knocked my socks off in 2020 with her debut, Saint Maud). This looks fucking amazing, with the bonus of Ed Harris sporting the worst haircut seen on film since Javier Bardem got to work with a bowl and a pair of scissors in No Country For Old Men:


Just went and saw Late Night With The Devil.
A spooky 70s styled horror movie shot and presented as a lost episode of an old talk show.

It was good! I’d give it like a 7.5 or 8/10.
David Dastmalchian is mostly a character actor, been in many different movies in smaller roles, but I think this is basically his first lead role in a theatrical film! And he does a great job, playing a tv host who is gripped by his own show as much as his viewers, and how far he’s willing to let this show go on to catch big ratings.

It really captures the feeling of watching some lost media you’re not meant to see, very nice old 4:3 framing and most of everything is played to the camera as if you’re a viewer at home (or part of the live studio audience in a theatre)

The ending gets a little weird and some people might not like how they twist things up, but I liked the possible meaning behind it, even if the execution felt a little out-of-left-field.

Ah yeah, and DISCLAIMER: This film’s production used AI to create 3 interstitial program cards in the film. I watched this with a heavy heart, knowing that detail going in, but I went to see this to support all the actual creative people behind making this film, as it’s a great low-budget flick with great set design and terrifying to silly effects. :laughing:
(I think I recognized the 3 AI cards used anyway – the Skeleton one and the two Owl themed commercial cards. AI ““art”” usually looks like everything bleeds into each other and certain things can be half-finished for no reason…)

(Despite apparently being “low to no budget” there’s like 7 or 8 different production companies tied to this film. So many studio logos at the start, it began to feel like a comedy bit. But it’s not lmao.)


Watched a Korean Zombie movie, it is full of action. Thankfully it has my language audio dub (else I miss the actor’s expression with subtitles).
The performance of all the characters was good, it is a good movie like Train to Busan.


Dune: Part Two was awful. Simultaneously both stonily po-faced and yet also laughably silly, it was the worst of both worlds. Retrospectively made me like the first film (which I didn’t think was great) even less.

The first time that Denis Villeneuve has really faceplanted. At least he did it on the sand, I guess.


WNUF Halloween Special better.


I’ll add it to the list :+1:

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