Movies You’ve Only Just Watched

Jason Statham had already made the Transporter 2 years prior to when Collateral was made.

The Idea of You.

Anne Hathaway is a 40 year old mom and falls in love with a 24 year old pop star. It’s less silly than most rom-coms but not raw enough to just be a drama. Really fun to watch. Worth your time if you like rom-coms, love dramas, or just think Anne Hathaway is wonderful.

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Just saw Midsommar at a small movie theatre
(Director’s cut, which I didn’t know! So it was 3 hours of spooky swedes in the sunlight!)

It was uhhh…



Overall, honestly, depressing for the main characters.

It will join Hereditary in the list of horror movies that are way too good at being scary and I have no interest of ever watching ever again.

Damn you, praise you, Ari Aster :sunflower:


Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

I loved the original Beverly Hills Cop as a young man. It still largely holds up as a piece of entertainment. Hell, I enjoy BHC 2 and 3 as well. They’re all fun movies in the very least.

Axel F does not feel like a BHC movie. In the originals Hollywood had this glossy bright feel, like it was another world. In this it looks dull and grey, and with the exception of some palm trees feels just as grimy as the scenes set in Detroit. It doesn’t help that a large part of the movie deals with the cartel, which is pretty far fram a traditional BHC antagonist.

Axel also doesn’t really act like Axel to my mind. Eddie just doesn’t seem like he has the energy anymore. Doesn’t even do the trademark laugh.

Maybe you could argue that Axel has aged and Hollywood has changed, but then what’s the point in a sequel?

It’s pretty bad.


Confirms my suspicions. I will still probably watch it…

“My name is Judge!”

Beverly Hills Cop Axel F

The 4th and hopefully final one. It was fun nostalgia and funny enough to not suck. I actually liked it better than many of the other “legacy sequels” that have come out lately. It was a bit long but worth your time if you are a fan of the first three films.

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I watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure last night on a whim. My second time seeing it, but it’s been many, MANY years since someone sat me down to watch it for some reason. ’

Gosh, it’s a fun movie. But it’s also incredibly CHEESY AND GOOFY.
The two protagonists are total high-school idiots, drifters through life, and somehow thanks to their supposed future success at forming a rock band, people from the far, far future go back in time to help them finish their final school report before summer break – or the future society they built using Bill and Ted’s totally radical legacy – will never happen, because they’ll both flunk out of school and Ted gets shipped off to military camp.

I feel like a quarter to a third of the movie is just a series of 5-10min scenes of the two dudes arriving somewhere in the past, immediately finding an important historical figure to put in their report, and kind of kidnapping them to use their knowledge later.

It’s super silly, but that doesn’t stop me from still really enjoying scenes like Napoleon finding out about the Waterloo waterpark in a great payoff to an earlier joke, and having the time of his life at this park.

How this movie ended up getting a sequel (that did much worse, but is a cult classic I’ve heard) and a modern revival a few years ago is baffling. – But awesome! :guitar: :zap:


Saw yesterday. A gripping and confronting epic. Mads Mikkelsen is engrossing, as always.


I also recommend. It talks about the cultivation of land deemed sterile in Denmark, except that the hero has a revolutionary starchy in his pocket… the potato. The challenge for him is to manage to make them grow, which would bring glory to the Danish monarchy that he venerates (having been a soldier). Obstacles will come from a sadistic and stupid local landowner. Mads is fair, touching in his role as adoptive father, but not very funny given his wide acting range.


Today I watched a movie which is going to be my best movie this year.

Maharaja 2024
starring Vijay Sethupathi and Anurag Kashyap.

(not to confuse with a different movie named Maharaj).

This movie is quite disturbing, thrilling, violent (blood and gore) with unpredictable suspense, twists and climax.

If you are looking to try this foreign film with subtitles, I am sure you will like it and the message of the movie will remain in the mind for quite a while.

The Plot is:
A barber goes to police station to report a theft of his old dustbin named " Lakshmi", (Lakshmi is a Hindu Godess of wealth).
The dust bin protected her daughter from fatality when she was young. On a parallel story there is a group of robbers who robs houses in front of the restrained owners and rapes and murders them then. The leader of the thief loves his daughter and gets expensive gifts and jewelleries for her from those robbery.
The interesting part is the barber is ready to bribe all his money savings to police to look into his dustbin case and get it back.

The story is the killer backbone - it will start simple and eventually the plots keeps twisting and the story climax is very unpredictable and one of the best in my opinion.

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