Murder Mystery Game 🔍 2.0

Just in case for those who don’t know, Piano_Man has been suspended so I’m making this thread for if or when the original gets removed. Taking place in the same location.

Here’s recap on the starting rules Piano_Man stated- 1, 2 and 3. If you already know about these, scroll down to Updated Rules.


Create your own murder mystery story. Others then try to solve your mystery. Add a setting— characters with some backstory to them— some hints or clues, riddles, etc… as the writer, you obviously know how the story ends and who the killer is… it’s up to other forum members to attempt to solve it how you saw/wrote it. The person who solves the mystery then goes on to make their own story for others to try and solve.

This way requires using ONLY the Dartmoor map in H3. A member posts some screenshots and adds them in their post. The goal is to “make a scene” anywhere on the map. Post it, and see if people can solve the mystery…

For Example: Have any NPC or NPC’s killed (using a certain weapon) try to guess how they were killed (gunshot, knife, etc.) maybe have 3 or more weapons laying out (one of which was the murder weapon) and see if someone can guess.

Place certain objects in various places throughout the map (Objects that are only obtainable on this particular map) and see if someone can figure out where exactly you got them, both to & from.

Take a photo of an NPC or object anywhere in the map and see if another member can replicate that very photo.


This way requires eleven (11) members max to start (it can be less) Ten members volunteer to play and one volunteers to be the “host.”

Once we have ten volunteers, the Host will Immediately PM all ten members to give them their roles.

  • Guest (7)
  • Detective (2) — Healer
  • Murderer (1)

Only the Host will know the Identities of everyone… each day… the “murderer” Will PM the Host on who they wish to “kill.” ONLY ONE KILL CAN TAKE PLACE WITHIN 24 HOURS.
Once the murderer chooses, it’s the job of the host to publicly say who was killed in a post. It’s the job of the guests to communicate with one another, either in a PM or in the thread publicly. Never say what your roles are obviously and be careful who you trust!.. The “Detectives” Are no different from guests, but detectives also have the power to bring back one of the already deceased as long as they are alive. (Detectives tell the Host who they wanna bring back.) However, once the detectives are killed, no more members can be “brought back” at that point forward. The game ends when the killers ID is finally revealed. After every incorrect guess, the killer will strike. Choose carefully… Finally, The Host may also throw out hints / clues here and there to either help or steer members in the wrong direction. That’s entirely up to the host.

When taking a final guess on who guests think the killer is, all guests must be in agreement on that person. If everyone can’t come to an agreement, a poll can be made and guests may vote.

Updated Rules

You can choose to create your own backstory if you like or you can just enter the game as you are, in which case we’ll use information base on your post history from HMF. I want to try and make the story a bit more grounded, so there won’t be killings like being super strong to impale someone up on a elephant tusk for example, unless you happen to be a bodybuilder :wink:.

The killer can use any number of weapons found within the mansion, such as guns, knifes or other shape objects, blunt objects like hammers or hand held statues or crowbars and firepoles, deadly poison to kill or rat poison to sicken, maybe push people off a balcony, drowning them in the toilet, maybe some accidental kills as well.

Now if the killer wants to try and “fake” their own death in an attempt to fool others, they’re limited to using guns, knifes or sharp objects, or poison as it is more common with suicides. However, doing this comes at a risk as the detectives may decide not to revive them, in which case the killer loses the game.

Be careful when voting on the polls. If the jury guesses wrong then the killer gets a “free kill” of their choice and that person is dead forever. From the second poll on forward, it’ll be two lives.

There’s is a time limit on reviving. If The detectives wait too long then it’ll be too late to save the victim, let’s say…12hrs.

There’s more to come and I’m open to suggestions.

Returning players are:







If you guys have backstories ready, you can post them here, but as I said, it’s not a requirement. :slightly_smiling_face:

So far we only got six players, need about four more to join.


Looking forward to another game :+1:

To introduce myself, I am Baroness Kristensen , 43 years young and third in line to the Danish throne. I have abandoned my royal duties and traditions in search of acquiring my own success and fame. Back home, my people often call me the “forræder”, meaning “the traitor”. Our current Queen is ageing and my next in line is in and out of the hospital, “experts” predict that I am poised to take the throne by the end of this decade

I come from a long line of nobility that dates back to the Norman Conquest. At one point, we owned much of the land in England and France. After the death of King Richard III, our family migrated to mainland Europe where we slowly replaced the Danish monarchy via methods that are a family secret, and I intend to take to the grave.

I have returned to the Manor of Lord Nazareth, a famous figure in the local area and the head of a family that has had historical ties with my own dating back at least 250 years. I have accepted his hospitality and intend to stay here for no more than a week, before heading north to conduct some… personal business

Back in Denmark, I am a famous archer, known to hit all of her shots with unparalleled precision, these unusual activities for a person of my standing have put even more distance between me, and my royal relatives.

You should know that I am quite short-tempered, so do your best to stay out of my way.

A note for all of the guests, the top drawer by the window is not to be opened for any circumstances, or you will see for yourself what Danish rage is capable of…


Damn, you are not joking with that story. Impressive work Baroness. :smiley:


Hello, Lord Nazareth and fellow guests! I am still trying to gather some idea of my character bio, so please wait while you having the pleasure of meeting each other. :grin:

Anyway, I made this post to suggest an additional rule, hope you all don’t mind. It’s that should we set a time limit for Detectives to revive someone? Say maybe after a victim has been announced, only 24 hours left for their chances to get revived.

I think this will work due to Murderer can commit suicide and Detectives may choose not to revive a victim. Say if Murderer does kill themselves and not get revived, then their identity will be revealed. An innocent victim may be lost forever by this way, but we will then know they are not Murderer and chances of finding Murderer increases. Of course, this may require Detectives to be regularly online, though. So, what do you all think?


Quite clever, I like it :+1:

My character bio:
Reverend L Kelly

  • Male
  • Originally from Northern Ireland, now lives in Estonia
  • Dark brown hair and a thick moustache
  • A classically trained painter, but decided to enter the church instead
  • Allergic to bees
  • A rather quiet and reserved person

Just thought bullet points might be easier for other ‘guests’ to read/understand :wink: As for why I’m at Nazareth Manor… I don’t quite know yet?


Thanks for letting me be part of this again!

Going with the bullet points as well:

  • I’m Theodore Whitehall
  • An excentric inventor of strange machines and gimmicks
  • Wild grey/white hair with a beard
  • Love reading and spend most of my time in the library (where I like to sip on a Scotch with ice)
  • I’m more of the silent type
  • Was a dancer in my youth (I’m still very flexible/agile, although I have a slight limp in my left leg)
  • I don’t like sweets

My grand father was also an inventor and was the one that installed traps and hidden walls at Nazareth Manor – and claimed that some of them still haven’t been found… Don’t know if that’s true or just a legend.


I don’t think I’d have the time to join, but are those who aren’t playing allowed to do option 1 or 2 (2 seems quicker) during option 3? I have a few ideas for scenes I could create.

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You’re talking about multiple games going at once? Sounds good but we possibly might need to make an additional thread to keep them from getting mixed up.


Alright, my role-playing skills are incredibly rusty, but I’m in. I’ll have a character bio shortly.


Welcome aboard. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Okay, just need three more players but I’m willing to settle for two.


Still ironing out the rules while we wait. I’m mentioned an incorrect poll guess will cost someone thier life the first time, but for the second poll on forward, it’ll cost two lives. Thought it be a nice way to turn up the pressure while slightly improving the killer’s odds of winning.

  1. I am Doctor Thaddeus Mercury Starlight.
  2. I have a doctorate in philosophy.
  3. I am 39 years old.
  4. I have a secret god complex. I consider myself to be the smartest human alive, who just hasn’t had the chance to prove my genius to the world yet.
  5. I have third degree burns covering the left side of my face. I have black hair, extremely dull grey eyes. I am moderately fit.
  6. I hate skin to skin contact, and find the idea of sex between two humans to be extremely vile.
  7. I always wear black leather gloves.

I love how you and everyone make up things in your bio that leaves motive for you possibly being the killer. :+1:


I am Walter Harris. I spent 20 years as a professor, teaching Sociology and Criminology at a small university in the American Midwest. I spent my free time gardening and shooting at the local gun range. I’m reserved, but friendly and open-minded, sometimes to a fault.

Seeking a change after a personal tragedy and the subsequent dissolution of my marriage, I’ve packed it all in to move to the ancestral homeland I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve secured a job teaching at the prestigious Nazareth Academy and have been generously offered a room at the nearby Manor while I arrange more permanent lodgings.

I suppose there’s more that I could say, but a man’s got to have his secrets…

  1. My name is Dr Ian Cooper Kornelius.
  2. I am not a doctor but I used to major in philosophy and chemistry and liked the title.
  3. I am 39 years old.
  4. I used to be roommates with Dr Thaddeus Mercury Starlight but I doubt he remembers me. I don’t like him and I swear he stole my homework during College.
  5. Once I caught him tampering one of my assignments and confronted him, and he accidentally spilled the chemicals everywhere. He got third degree burns on the left side of his face but I was severely damaged from the incident.
  6. I had to sacrifice everything to pay my hospital bills. I eventually dropped from College and am now homeless sleeping on the streets.
  7. As of right now I am starving on the streets and am probably going to die not long from now.

I’m not participating by the way.


That’s okay but why write the bio?


I found an opportunity to expand on Silvereyes bio so I took it. I also think that having a bio for a character in the story only to have him be disregarded like that could be a potential joke.

Does it count as spam ? (If so, I’ll delete it)


No, I thought it has pretty nice potential, kinda sad to see it pass by. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I feel like I am still not familiar with creating a character bio, so please don’t mind me if I just use my profile picture character. It’s your chance to refer in-game methods, Mr. Murderer. :wink:

Greetings, gentlemen. My name is Penelope Graves, here’s a few extra info about me that you can learn:

  • I graduated from Cambridge.
  • I am… was an Interpol Anti-Terror Analyst.
  • I am very interested in game theory and criminal psychology.
  • Lord Nazareth was previously associated with Interpol and I knew them from a previous assignment. They are very generous and let me stay at their mansion after I quit the job. I may or may not go to somewhere soon, but I decide to not let them know and worry about me. All I can say is even Interpol was not a place for me to fully utilize my expertise and fulfill my ambition.
  • Um… I am not very interested in dating, so please leave me alone at night, gentlemen. Previously I had male bodyguards who followed me everywhere and they bothered me so much. Here’s hope that I won’t get harassed in whatever organization I decide to work with.

Well that’s all for now. Once again, I hope you all won’t mind I just use her profile to play this round. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Actually that’s a cool idea! Let’s welcome special guest in the house, Ms. Penelope Graves! :clap: