Natural Selection

Natural selection challenge.

Natural crafted poisons

Stuff brought In doesn’t count.

I purposely look for the bins around any map trying to find a vial which is a natural.

However finding a target who is a foodie or drink along with a bin that has that vial has been a challenge.

Also some of the places where we made poisons aren’t.
Example Mendoza, by the top bar once inside there was a machine to make poisons but it’s not there.

I haven’t tried Dartmoor greenhouse yet.

I’m just trying to find a reliable spot to make poison

I’m currently at 1/10 on that challenge.

I wanted to start making a push on completing that.

Any suggestions would be great

To my opinion, Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek & Haven Island are the destinations to remember for this challenge, because there are poisonous frogs and a wide choice of drinks/food.
Here are some examples :



And Whittleton Creek; there’s a poisonous frog behind the house Cassidy is always going inside of.


Ambrose frogs never worked for me, was that fixed?

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Correct. I had the same issue at the time.
Post fixed.

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Santa Fortuna also has lethal flowers. I wasn’t sure the frogs would work because there is a frog for the Don’t Lick Me challenge. This (the lethal flower) gave me +1 for Natural Selection.

The term “crafted” is misleading. It invokes the idea that you need to “craft” a lethal poison at a workstation/distillery. But I believe this will not count.

Edit: But I could be wrong. There are so very few chances to have such a combination of opportunities.


I thought of Ambrose, with the guy before the bridge up top.

I was trying Dubai. They have a ton of bins but no lethal amongst the choices. But on regular members plenty.

I’ll try the frogs.

The lethal poison made by the bio-chemistry guy when you give him an emetic flower also did not used to count for the challenge.

The machine is in the shed on the grapefields, for all I know the poison made there is eligible for the challenge.

You don’t even need to do that. Use the frogs found on Ambrose as natural poisons. So we’ve got Santa Fortuna, Whittleton Creek, Ambrose, and then Mendoza if the chemistry set for distilling poison is in the grape shed. Don’t know if any natural or crafted lethal poisons on Haven, I only know of two lethal pill locations.

Can confirm that frogs on heaven work for this challenge, I did it today. There is one on Steven Bradley’s island and another one nearby the security building with the anthena.

Can somebody confirm if the Ambrose frogs work now? I remember when freelancer released they didn’t work for the challenge for some reason.


I’ll try Ambrose.

Lately I’m having trouble with fire today.

Oil canister, put body on it pistol the oil usually target burns. However fire didn’t pop up.

Also in Paris the oil doesn’t appear

I’m uninstalling and reinstalling Hitman from library.

Santa Fortuna: frogs and flowers;
Whittleton Creek: frog;
Haven Island: frogs;
Mendoza: distillery machine.

Ambrose Island: frogs and flowers were buggy and never worked, needs testing.

Random Stash Crates: lethal flower, needs testing.


If you have the Remote EMP device - try to always take that as a backup for when firing at an oil spot doesn’t ignite. As a matter of fact I had the same happen in Paris too. But I’m sure it’s happened in other maps too… Not all the time.

IMO, that’s a bit extreme for what might be a couple bugs. But if you feel it will help. Spoiler: it won’t.

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You need a spark to ignite the oil. Dump the empty canister on it and shoot it, works flawlessly


Right. That’s how it SHOULD work, but it doesn’t always for whatever reason (obviously a bug). But I’ve never had it fail to ignite using the Remote EMP device. I also use this if I have a ‘Perfect Shooter’ objective.

Then again, I’ve only had issues before the most recent update. I don’t know if this random bug is still present. Louis_Adelman seems to have had the issue, so…

Any more discussion on the oil cannister should probably be continued in the freelancer or FL bugs/imperfections topic.

That worked many x, but last few days no. Will try emp

It’s working.

Just got the frog in whittleton creek near the cigar box dig up.

Finally on a 9 showdown my target drank in Janus kitchen.

Easy SA

It also finally adds don’t kick me and puzzle master challenge.

Those 2 were ticking but not natural until now.

8 more to go.

I’m finally playing more each day with a home daily job vs cross country trucking where I hardly can play.

I’m at 31/41 assassinations / disc 6/6 / 40/57 feats

100% on the main campaign


Did a showdown on Ambrose today and I can confirm that frogs in this map now work for the challenge. I wonder when they fixed this since it was never mentioned on the patch notes.