New Bonus Missions for Hawke's Bay, Ambrose

I’ll just get it off my chest, possibly new missions for sgail, and Haven Islands.

But bonus missions changing any day to night and keeping a stealth, Professional Stealth Shooter type Bonus missions for any mentioned Levels.

Could include character voices from Lucas Greay or Rebecca (not ure er name.)

Please be decent, we all have a wishlight (i think.) Ok to discuss cuz i think of HITMAN as an alternative to Splinter Cell and Tomb Raider.


definitely would like to see more new missions in existing maps

We have a bonus mission thread if you want to tell us more about it

Yes, but do any of them actually make it into a HITMAN Mission?

[edit] also realized there is a Time of Day Changer Mod so i’m giving that a try, having a problem with Gar0npex Suit for Splinter Cell.

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