New Complications

As I reached 100% again, I was playing a lot of contracts. While playing I realised that I always bring the emetic gas device (fart briefcase) and the sieker on my first run. It’s basically three (or more, depending on the location of the impact of the briefcase) free kills. That made me think about new complications. Here are a few suggestions:

  • No Emetics: You’re not allowed to use any emetics on NPCs. Makes it a lot more challenging to get to a target in a crowd. Of course there’s still weapon lure or anything like that (coin lure, peek-a-boo, …)
  • Look at me: You’re not allowed to shot cameras or delete the evidence. While investigating the kill the people in the map sure will notice a shot camera. Of course you could use the “All Shots must be on targets” complication. But with this you’re also not allowed to delete the evidence.
  • No Loadout: Pretty much self explanatory. Should be there as a complication.

That’s all I have so far. I’m sure I will think of some more soon.


@47Agent now i want to see a meme of that.

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honestly if there was something i wish was a thing was a gun specific weapon to get. i really want to see more creative freedom so that people can create more new things that don’t need to be done by way of HCCE. and new complications sound like an interesting thing.

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I don’t even think about gun specific weapons. It would just be cool to not have to choose between melee and thrown weapon. That’s why I never use stuff like this.

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reminds me how some escalations say to use a certain weapon but let you freely decide how you want to kill them with it. why i mention specific gun weapon is imagine a contract where you have to kill people with a striker. that would be one hell of a challenge.

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What about letting us use the “restricted loadout” complication? That would allow creators to either make you use an empty loadout OR make you use a specific one.


Your new complications are great. Mine may prove to be frustrating, but here’s some ideas

  • All seeing - Must be spotted X number of times
  • Don’t throw - Unable to throw items
  • Always moving - Cannot be idle for longer than 7 seconds
  • Loud (or silent) weapons only

Here’s some complications I think would be interesting in contracts:

Retrieve X item - there’s an item somewhere and you need to retrieve it to complete the mission, maybe a weapon to kill targets with, maybe an item that’s hard to reach in a certain disguise or your suit.

Sticky Disguise - Once you equip X disguise, you can’t change disguises again

X Pacifications - Pacify X people with Y item (could be an interesting pairing with hide all bodies/no bodies found)

Restricted starting location - You have to start in a specific location


I really like the starting location restriction. That would make for some interesting contracts!

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i love it. a true beautiful fartpiece.

These 2 things, not difficult to track :

  • Limited amount of disguises changes

  • Limited amount of pacifications

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No more than X seconds (minutes) between eliminating targets, only 1 knockout allowed, start without weapons (empty inventory)

Make disguise under target kill conditions required under penalty of insta-fail like the escalations - would’ve been ideal for the featured contract Vatican Privilege.

Hard pass for me. I don’t want to be told what to wear, ever.

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  • no agility (it’s been used in escalations)

  • retrieve a specific item on the map

  • any poison kill (consumed or injected)

  • do NOT hide any bodies

  • pacify target(s) - as a condition

  • take a picture of something specific


If an NPC drops and breaks a glass or cup, you will immediately fail.

Add all explosions (including EMP and flash) to don’t miss complications.

They drop them quite often, so it would’ve been as annoying as that time limit or no knockout mandatory complications

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The dropping of the glass in itself can be annoying and such annoyances are among the best ones to take to the complication level.

Restricting explosion kills so using an accident explosion or breaching charge means automatic failure is an ideal complication that can be paired off with no bodies found.