New Elusive Target Suit potential?

I have recently done all of the Elusive Target Challenges (I know, I’m late) and I was thinking: “Hm, why don’t IO Interactive (Or the few devs remaining) possibly make new suits for elusive targets?” Like if you complete say “The Ex-Dictator” you get a suit that is themed around one of the targets or one for both. Get what I mean? It would be a nice trophy along with the locational suits and it can really allow for some new unique suits. Like the Army Guy (I forgot his name, the one with the Air Force Uniform). You get a military uniform. Or even suits for the Sarajevo Six, I find it quite odd that there are no rewards for doing the Sarajevo Six except for XP; Great potential there. Of course, the game is amazing as it is and I love it but some new suits would really be refreshing since we haven’t seen much “new” content since the Sarajevo Six and that was just a re-release of a previous Campaign. What do you guys think?


Fun fact : back in Hitman 2016 the possibility to unlock Elusive Target specific outfits was actually envisioned. Exactly as you described.
Before settling into the system we know of having the location suits.

Here they are, datamined (courtesy of @scoobywizard ):

The issue currently, is that the game kinda outgrew having the Elusive Targets as central to its live service. And changing the formula of unlocks 3 years in is not always wise.


Why not just make them ET arcade rewards?

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As someone who wants more hats in my life, suits like the Guru or the Entertainer look great and I wish they were available.


We can only dream now :cry:

Still makes me wonder why there is nearly 0 reward now for ETs on H3 Maps. Even with the W/Gloves variations being Level 20. We coulda seen newly themed suits or at least a new gun or tool?