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  • I wish IO would update all legacy visuals and interface elements (Icons, Gear, Backgrounds, Targets, Location Screens, etc.) to use the Hitman 3 models, assets, and enhancements across the board for a consistent look throughout the entire world of assassination.

    Below are some examples, but many more exist.


  • I wish all missing content would be released for World of Assassination so it would, at last, be the “all-in-one” complete experience it could be.

  • I am well aware of the specific conditions tied to several of the following entries. All the same, I just wish IO would include them for all of us in Hitman 3. Regardless of platform, purchase date, previous saves, etc. Free to all or at a reasonable price (Even with challenges attached where applicable.).

    Below are some examples, but more could exist. Plus, I have included title changes to pair with previous thread entries about the in-game nomenclature.

    Italicized = Current Titles
    Bold = Potential Titles

    • ICA Commendable Performance Coin < Coin - Commendable Performance

    • ICA Superior Performance Coin < Coin - Superior Performance

    • ICA Outstanding Performance Coin < Coin - Outstanding Performance

    • Black Winter Suit < The Black Winter Suit

    • The Black Streak Suit < [No Title Change]

    • The Blue Streak Suit < [No Title Change]

    • ICA Electrocution Phone < Remote Electrocution Device Mk II - ICA Phone

    Honorable Mentions
    New Elusive Target Suit potential?
    Hitman 3 | Unreleased Elusive Target Disguises - scoobywizard YouTube

  • I wish IO would consolidate all content on all platforms. Given the wording in the official article about the change to “Hitman World of Assassination” (And the Jan. 26th Patch notes.), I was under the impression that we would be getting something of the sort.
  • For reference, I thought the change would be similar to what CDPR did with The Witcher 3 once the next-gen update was released. The storefront title changed to “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition” and all DLC and expansions were packed into a single game file. Was that not the plan for Hitman 3? For the title and box art in the interface to change to the new branding and nomenclature? As things are, on Xbox at least, it remains unchanged. The game is still titled Hitman 3 and I’m up to 22 separate files now with all the DLC.

  • What if IO streamlined and consolidated the game files to match what we see in the in-game store and for the title and box art to change to match the shift in branding?

    Honorable Mentions
    The Incomplete Rebranding of Hitman 3

  • I wish there was a “reset position” function in the map tab which would return the the cursor to 47’s position.

  • I wish 47 would remain crouched during all applicable actions that can be performed while in a crouched position.

  • As things are, 47 will often stand up during or after performing a certain action that should not have required him to stand in the first place. For obvious reasons, this defeats the purpose of crouching for stealth in certain scenarios.

  • I wish the open/close prompts for all doors in the game were tweaked to allow broader angles of approach and distance for interacting with them.
  • As things are, several doors on multiple maps have open/close prompts missing when approached from specific directions, as well as prompts appearing at problematic distances (Such as being too close for a door to close because 47 is now obstructing it.).

  • I wish all doors would remain unlocked once opened from either side (No matter the unlock method used and regardless of whether such doors were locked from one direction, to begin with.).

  • I wish we had an option for single-tap behaviors when performing select actions, like picking up items, etc.

  • What if users could choose between hold and tap (Like we can for the sprint function.) for more actions?

  • I wish the elusive target arcade would borrow some features from standard escalations.
  • What if we could re-run the final level (After completing all stages.) without having to reset the entire escalation?

  • I wish NPCs didn’t behave like solid objects (Even worse if panicked.) when pushing past them, as it makes moving through crowds a sluggish crawl.
  • What if we could push them aside and even knock them over depending on how fast we are moving?

  • I wish that we could use the fiber wire on NPCs regardless of the angle at which we approach them.
  • What if 47 had corresponding animations for using the fiber wire and other weapons on NPCs who were sitting, prone on the ground, attacking us, and from all angles within 360 degrees around the NPC in question?

  • I wish 47 had an additional level of speed when sprinting, like a several-second burst, useful for catching NPCs attempting to run.
  • What if, given 47’s peak capabilities, NPCs were not able to just run at the same speed he does which often leads to them escaping with a distance gap we can’t close?

  • I wish the ICA19 Iceballer used the ICA 19 model as all the other “baller” pistols do. I like the frost/ice effect but love the iconic 1911 silhouette all the other “baller” pistols share.
  • As it stands the new pistol is a reskin of the ICA DTI Stealth.

  • I wish the coins and fiber wire were permanent gear that didn’t count toward our loadout.
  • Perhaps two additional slots right beside the location and disguise tiles in the planning section of missions, so that we could also choose the variants of both items since several exist. Plus, be free to choose the top or bottom for coin or fiber wire. Furthermore, when selecting either item in these two slots we would see all variants of each to choose from (No other items, just coins, and fiber wire.).

  • I wish the growing amount of clutter in the interface, due to multitudes of unlocks, would be organized better.
  • Naming adjustments like IO did with the challenges in the Jan. 26 patch are a good start, but what about taking it further? Like creating “live” tiles for all applicable categories of gear and the variants within them, so rather than several tiles taking up space, we have grouped tiles we can flip through (Similar to the live tile in the featured tab of the main menu that has “tabs”.). Imagine one tile for all the ICA 19 variants of pistols, or one tile for each suit, having the gloved and non-gloved versions consolidated, just for a couple of examples.

  • Furthermore, gear titles could be further cleaned up with the consolidation into such dynamic tiles. For example, one tile for all ICA 19 variants means each one could do without the text “ICA 19” in the title and instead just show the respective moniker of each variation (e.g. Silverballer Mk III, Goldballer Mk III, Classicballer Mk III, etc.). In addition, these live tiles could group variants in chronological and alphabetical order for organization purposes (e.g. As we ‘flip’ through choices we would see the Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III versions of a specific variation in order, etc.).

  • I wish Elusive Targets were implemented, in a permanent sense, like the Elusive Target Arcade.
  • What if, as an in-between solution, both Year 1 and Year 2 ETs were added as permanent content with similar rules to the Elusive Target arcade, while Year 3 ETs continued to function in their current manner until being added to the permanent roster a month after initial release?

  • Furthermore, what if we could get special weapon unlocks with the suits from Elusive Targets, and said ET’s personalities and vibe would influence the aesthetics of these weapons? Thinking about Absolution here and the unique weapons certain characters had ( e.g. LaSandra Dixon’s “The Absolver”).

  • I wish suits would come with perks, as weapons do, similar to instances we had in Absolution (High Tech Suit, which gave 50% increased armor.).
  • What if suits could include improvements to body armor, stealth, extra ammunition, etc.?

  • I wish we had options for waking up unconscious NPCs, as well as retrieving bodies from containers.

  • I wish there was a mechanic for learning and storing keypad codes. This way, once we learn a code for the first time (And/or type it in for the first time.), subsequent use of relevant keypads would allow us to see the code appear on the screen and even potentially unlock an “autocomplete” function for putting in the code with one button press.

  • For reference, something similar to how it was done in Deathloop.

  • I wish there was a feature for adding waypoints on the map (Wherever the cursor is, map icons like targets or suspects, couriers, suppliers, etc.), and a corresponding arrow-like element in the minimap so we don’t have to keep going back to the map to make sure we are still headed the right direction.
  • As a QoL improvement it should go without saying that ideally, we could mark anything on the map as a waypoint.

  • I wish we had a proper “save default loadout” feature, where we could save independent load-outs for each mission, escalation, contract, etc. Not just per location as a whole.
  • What if we could even save load-outs for different difficulties, and smuggled items were also preserved?

  • I wish featured contracts were better organized, like being grouped per location or release date (Like we now have with ETs in the career tab.), etc.

  • I wish sub menus were added to the “exit to main menu” section of pause and completion screens. These sub-menus (For each tab, game modes, etc.) could then allow direct navigation to specific tabs and areas of the interface, instead of defaulting to the featured tab and having to navigate from there each time we exit.

  • Similar to how mission load-outs work, where we highlight the “planning” tile on the left and then can move the highlight/cursor to the right and make selections, this feature could do the same, but for the “exit to main menu” section. If clicking or selecting “exit to main menu” we default to the featured tab as things are, but if we move the highlight/cursor to one of the sub menus and press the select button we then navigate to the chosen tab or section of the main menu.

  • I wish all content would be available offline, so the single difference between online and offline mode would be the ranking feature.

  • I wish all the default starting suits, for each location, were unlocked and able to be used in all locations.

  • Furthermore, borrowing from other entries in this topic, what if both default and gloved versions of each suit were grouped into one “live” tile instead of being separated?

  • I wish all the work we put into sniper assassin mode sniper rifles carried over into our rifles during regular missions in some form (Ammo types, extended mags, etc.).

  • I wish all weapons and their variations had the same base perks, but perhaps newer and alternate versions (Mk II, Mk III, V3, “Named Variants”, etc.) could add some perks unique to said variations.

  • Perks could include more ammo, faster reloads, more accurate firing, a wider effective range for poisons, and so on, etc.

  • I wish chameleon challenges for each location/mission had a checklist feature, so as we find and equip disguises, we could reference this list for those we still haven’t found.
  • Either showing the title of each disguise or ? for those not found.

  • I wish dual-wielding was a feature. Perhaps two concealed weapon slots and/or one of them defaults to an ICA19 variation of choice and the other slot is up to us.
  • Lethal and non-lethal mixing and matching would be just the beginning.

  • I wish gear and weapon variants would count toward item-specific kills/objectives, easter eggs, etc.
  • Like if the Striker V3 counted toward Striker-specific kills/objectives in the “The Dexter Discordance”.

  • I wish item-throwing animations and consecutive throws of multiple items were much less cumbersome, in and out of cover.

  • I wish NPC’s walking and running speed would match 47’s speed when we are being followed and at least sped up for scenarios where 47 is the one doing the following.

  • What if we could set the pace when following and leading so we wouldn’t have those instances of tedious waiting around on NPCs?

  • I wish NPCs had some self-awareness toward other NPCs so that clipping through each other and more than one NPC throwing up in the same toilet wouldn’t happen.

  • I wish suits were organized better, in both loadout screens and career sections, so gloveless variations would appear next to their gloved counterparts.

  • I wish the “drenched” effect from the rain in Chongqing was applied to all applicable water sources in all locations.

  • Like the dolphin fountain in Miami for one example.

  • I wish the “show invitation/credentials” animations were sped up.

  • I wish the awareness/suspicion mechanics were a bit more intuitive, like filling slower when being noticed from behind and the further the distance from the NPC in question, etc.

  • Furthermore, changes to how noticeable 47 is in disguises with masks and face coverings. It feels like it should be much less.

  • I wish there was an optional feature for the minimap to show trespassing zones (Perhaps in red or yellow.) that change depending on the current disguises worn.

  • I wish the save transfer feature was more flexible.

  • Like accounting for current Hitman 3 progress, including ETs (Instead of voiding those that have been completed, as happened to me.), before Hitman 2 progress is carried over.

  • I wish the screen after mission completion for featured contracts had the option to return to the featured contract list and even the exact page the current one was on for less time-consuming navigation.

  • I wish the sniper assassin mode missions weren’t such a grind.

  • Perhaps better balancing with experience gained versus experience needed.

  • I wish there was a bulk drop feature from the item wheel so we could decide to drop one or all of a specific item we have multiples of.

  • I wish there was gear, weapon, and suit customization/upgrades in some form (Mixing and matching articles of clothing/accessories, weapon parts/upgrades, etc.), similar to instances we had in Blood Money (AMT Hardballer customizations.).

  • In addition, what if all applicable firearms allowed us to attach/detach a silencer (Unique to each weapon’s theme and aesthetic, so it matches.) so we could decide when to use a covert version, as opposed to existing separate from their unsilenced counterparts?

  • I wish there were lethal poison dart guns to go along with their sedative and emetic counterparts.
  • This could serve as a mid-range version of syringes and still count as accident kills.

  • I wish we had options for long-range poison effects. The Air Rifle from Blood Money comes to mind.
  • Imagine if we had the special ammunition mechanic from the sniper assassin game mode, but it was applied to sniper rifles across the entire game and its respective game modes. In this case, the special ammo itself could be emetic, lethal, or sedative rounds. Perhaps even implement some challenges to increase the number of rounds of each kind, etc.

  • I wish there were proper animations for garotting, choking, and neck-snapping seated/prone NPCs.

  • I wish there were some enhancements to the instinct mechanic so that while using it, bodies that are hidden would be distinguishable from those that are not.

  • What if, for example, we dragged an NPC into a bush, then using instinct, we could see if that NPC is hidden or has a foot sticking out, etc?

  • I wish all the unique suits/weapons/items from start locations/escalations/missions were permanent unlocks.
  • Like the New Yorker with Fedora and Golden Sawed Off Bartoli 12G from easter eggs in New York, the Xmas Star from Holiday Hoarders in Paris, the Spooky Bat from “The Mills Reverie” escalation, the Ninja outfit in Hokkaido, etc.

  • I wish we could replay any completed escalation level without having to reset to the first and go through them again.
  • Furthermore, I wish we could reset all escalations (normal, seasonal, elusive target arcades, etc.) we have completed as we progress through its levels. Instead of having to exit to the menu, find and select the escalation again, then see the “reset” prompt appear.**

  • I wish we had full interaction capabilities (e.g. doors, containers, items, ledges, inventory, etc.) when instinct is active.
  • Furthermore, it would be great if interacting while in instinct didn’t switch instinct off. So those of us who use the toggle option can remain in instinct as long as we want. Freelancer has a semblance of this with the instinct prompts for altering decorations.

  • I wish we had more control over our own created contracts, like deleting contracts and/or changing parameters (Targets, outfit requirements, etc.) after creation.

  • I wish we had more control over save files and could at least delete manual saves of our choice.

  • I wish we had more freedom to use items/weapons while performing activities like climbing, hiding in containers/behind cover, etc.

  • Imagine stopping while climbing a pipe to take out a pistol with one hand for a distraction or kill shot. What about firing a dart or throwing a coin from inside a container? How about knocking someone out with a thrown item from a hiding space or using fiber wire on a target from cover around a corner?

  • I wish we had the option to go back to a location’s main “page”, both from the pause menu and post-completion screens, during and after we finish a mission.

  • I wish weapons found in missions had unlockable counterparts, like the DAK DTI and its covert variant.

  • I wish we had scalable HUD elements. Like with subtitles, but applied elsewhere.

  • Like scaling the minimap for bigger screens, etc.

  • I wish the item wheel would default to large and or illegal items when using the prompt to conceal things in briefcases. Instead of the random selection that seems to happen.
  • Small QoL improvement, but still. Defaulting to the sniper rifle I have equipped instead of a random crowbar or apple would save some steps considering how cluttered the wheel can get.

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