New games--thoughts and views

I’m thinking maybe one day about getting some new games on PC. Sadly, one of them seems to be a while away, this being Road to Vostok. It’s in early access on Steam in a Alpha or Beta form. It’s currently under development primarily by one person, and is a post-apocalypse FPS set on the Finnish/Russian border. So far it’s generated quite a bit of interest, but the finished game might be 2-3 years away from being ready for full sale.

I’ve also been thinking of Isonzo, which is a World War I FPS that focuses on the Italian/Austro-Hungarian front during that time. I’m more of a World War II guy, but any game that focuses on that area of the world during either World War is interesting to me.

Any thoughts or opinions on these two titles, or have other recommendations?

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Some upcoming games that I’m looking forward to include God of War Ragnarok, The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened and Hogwarts Legacy. The first 3 I loved the previous games while Hogwarts Legacy just looks cool to me.

We do have a couple of threads about new and soon to arrive games.


I didn’t know about those previously. Please delete if you feel it appropriate.

Thanks for bringing that one to my attention. Gave the demo a try and it certainly looks interesting (the partial permadeath concept in particular), so I´ll be watching it and hope it turns out to be a good game in the end.

But yeah, if that game´s vibe is something that you fancy, then you might wanna give the STALKER series (or Metro: Exodus, though I haven´t played that one yet to judge) a go if you´ve never played it? Assuming you wouldn´t mind the sci-fi aspects of it that is. And the fact that they´re not “new” games.

As for Isonzo, I don´t really know any other FPS aside from Battlefield 1 that would focus (at least partially) on the Austrian-Italian front, so that´s the only one I could potentially recommend. WWI-wise, there´s also Verdun and Tannenberg, which are from the same series as Isonzo I believe.