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Post trailers for upcoming / unreleased games that you might have on your radar.
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You know… I heard this new game “Hitman III” is coming soon this January. I don’t know I just thought you guys might be interested.


Hard pass for me sorry


A couple of games I’m interested in. Sadly the second one is PS5 only. :frowning:


I’m really looking forward to Stray, and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga which seems to completely overhaul the simplistic Gameplay of the old Lego Games.
i always liked the Humor of the Lego Games but they were very boring and offer 0 challenge.


Almost as if it was aimed at kids or something…


Yeah but you know, there are ways to make Games fun and challenging for all Ages, look at most of the Super Mario Games for example.


LEGO Games have had a drastic gameplay overhaul starting with Jurassic World I think. Skywalker Saga will follow The Force Awakens formula and refine it further.

I’m looking forward to the Legacy Mode which disables Voice Acting and changes it to grunts. I’m also looking forward to Yodas Death Noise since it’s been requested to return for this game specifically. I simply hope they bring back a lot of old Lego noises from the older games.

Definitely excited for it.

I mean in Lego Star Wars ll they added achievements where you couldn’t die in a level. It’s not the easiest thing exactly especially on Vehicle Levels. LEGO games can be difficult if played a specific way.


i only got to play three hours of this before my laptop died, but they were some of my favourite hours in gaming (which seems ridiculous when i write it down). finally get to see if the writing remains up to snuff throughout, but from the comfort of my sofa.

it seems like it was written for me. i laughed so hard i woke my wife and kids up. twice.

looking forward to this too:

adored sunless sea, so i’ve been looking forward to this hitting consoles.


Another year, another day update for Postal 4

See you next year for Thursday :stuck_out_tongue:

@Screaming_Meat got Disco Elysium yesterday and it’s becoming to be one of my favorite RPGs. The writing is some of the best I have ever seen in these kind of games. :smiley:


isn’t it though?!

honestly, those three hours i had were amazing, so i can’t wait to actually finish the damn thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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HARDCORE TO THE MEGA! :flashlight: :toolbox:

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Kindof curious what people think of the upcoming remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy? Always been meaning to pick up Mass Effect, I think I even own a physical version of the first which I just never played. Feels like the upcoming remaster is probably the best time to jump on board.

Saying that though, can’t say I’ll pre-order it, considering Bioware’s last game Anthem, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and uh, EA in general. But still, this could be good. Not sure it warrants a full price tag but it seems like they are at least putting some effort into it rather than just a standard upscale.


It’s good for people who couldn’t get into ME1 since they are addressing a lot of issues with its Gameplay which I felt was the worse part about an otherwise good game.

The whole trilogy is worth experiencing with ME2 holding a special spot in my heart personally, but I won’t spoil anything since it’s simply with the price given the size of the DLC.

List Of Reasons

  • Unified Character Creation across all three games.

  • ME3 Fem Shep now in ME1 and ME2.

  • Updated A.I Combat

  • Updated Combat System in ME1 to be more consistent with ME2 and ME3

  • Three Games under one price.

  • “All” DLC and Promo items to exist under one package.

  • Get to hear an amazing soundtrack across all games.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Nerfed Butt Angles typed for the meme posted cause people are concerned about this apparently

  • One DLC is not being added, but that’s because it’s source code is corrupted and now “lost”. This was a ME1 DLC and fortunately it wasn’t that good the only thing you will miss out on is a flight crew in ME3, but that really doesn’t mean much.


What does this mean sorry? I’ve seen this said before but I don’t quite get it, could you only be a guy in ME1 and ME2?

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Fem Shep is regarded as the definitive/canon version of Female Shepard. She was introduced in ME3 and was heavily marketed on too. You can be male and female in ME1 and ME2 but Female Shepard always looked different between games if you didn’t transfer.

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So is it just a skin basically? She’s the ginger one right, I think on the cover of ME3?

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It’s not really a skin.

Here is a article getting into it.

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Huh, pretty interesting. That’s cool. Although I imagine I’ll probably go with a male Shepard in my first run through whenever I do get this. Definetly going to wait for reviews, but again, not sure I can justify spending £55 on this at launch.

The butt controvery is a bit funny. Makes sense though, it certainly isn’t as idiotic as the Tracer debacle years ago, where Overwatch’s fanbase somehow became toxic before the first game had even come out. The only thing I will miss from it is the running gag from a few Awkward Zombie comics.

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