New in the hitman serie

Hi guys, I wanted to buy the new Hitman 3 game on 20 January but I never played hitman before so i didn’t played the old Hitman’s, do i get the old maps too or do i need to buy them seperated. And my other question is how many maps does Hitman 3 have??

You will get everything with HITMAN 3.
This game will contain 20+ locations

hi, welcome to the forum. hitman 3 has 5 huge very replayable maps and one more story focused smaller one. you do have to buy the previous games in order to get the maps those have. you should probably try the paris level from hitman 2016 as it’s free, as far as i know, and then decide whether you’d enjoy that type of gameplay


no, it’s not the case. you download the whole package but those previous levels are locked behind a paywall if you don’t own them


Uhh I don’t think that is true. You need to own the older games to play the older maps from them in Hitman 3.


Buy them separately. Hitman 1 and 2 Legacy costs 20 dollars each, less than the original price.

6 maps of H3 + two tutorials + Hawke’s bay?
Can anyone elaborate on the last one?

I mean, this is also speculation. The game has 6 maps. Take their “replayability” with a pinch of salt at the moment because none of us have played them yet


I’m sure they will be available, for additional price for those who never owned previous games

the romanian mission has only got 5 mastery levels, therefore it’s 5 big ones and this one

But that is what they are, maps, whether big or small.
Will Hawke’s bay be on Hitman 3 is my Question.

Only if you own Hitman 2.

i’m basing all my judgement on previous experience. we had two games where levels with 20 mastery were huge and replayable and those with 5 were not so much.

But in the Stadia version, you get Hawke’s Bay from Hitman 2016.
It could apply to H3, right?

Get Codename 47 on steam, its like 5€ and its perfect.


Typical @MrOchoa


You do? I’ve got no idea about that. If that’s the case then it is probably just a Stadia thing.

Hawkes Bay is a part of a story and a part of HITMAN 2 game, so it should be there.
I can’t imagine why it would be cut off

Correct. Its typical for me to be honest and to give great advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the Tutorial levels (Freeform Training+Final Test) were available in H2, so it might apply to Hawke’s bay.

that right there is a guide on how to make a man never play a hitman game a second time. actually, even the first time since the steam version doesn’t really run on modern hardware that well)