New design

We can only hope they implement a “reduce motion” option to at least make things look more static.

I’ve seen many other sites use this kind of rounded-boxy design with sliding images and text, but they usually have some option to make it less disorienting to navigate

(Go to one of Nintendo’s game websites (like Switch Sports!) There’s an option there!)


The layout is made, and quite good, for mobile.

But, at least on my phone, if it works fine on firefox, it keeps crashing on chrome.

There are some broken links though. The site seems to consider every link as being internal.

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i like it, much more fluid and minimal

Because of the way the articles are written. It could be changed, but may be more work than it’s worth.

They have licensed it out before, and have always been proud of it. I doubt they’re trying to license it out, just want to show it off to get people to join IOI, one specific part of that page makes this perfectly clear:

I don’t even think older Hitman 2016/2 posts were still on there before the transition, they might’ve been but were quite hidden.

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I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree, this is definitely a downgrade for mobile, can’t speak on PC yet. Visually, I’ll admit, it looks fancy, but the odd layout and backwards navigation on the new site leaves a bad first impression.

Edit: Okay, after spending more time on it from home page, it’s actually pretty good, my only issue is the panel to panel transition, and various subjective complaints about layout and navigation. Clicking straight from the link that @AnthonyFuller posted left a bad first impression, I actually like how the home page is setup. I do take issue with the erasure of past H1 and H2 (and now H3? Probably an error) articles, but that isn’t a new problem :frowning:. I do like the rebranding of WOA on the new website though for simplicity though, so I’m a bit conflicted.


If nothing else, it gives me hope that IOI actually will redesign the menu for for the freelancer update. New main theme/option to choose one might still be a stretch though.

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I think they’ve just sort of being absorbed into the ‘World of Assassination’ umbrella with the 3 games merging. Think the release date is just a mark of Freelancer’s update and the recent game changes.

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IOI’s new website
  • It’s OK
  • It sucks

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Haven’t seen it yet, but it sucks because theres no mentioning of the Codename 47 HD Remaster :roll_eyes:


Actually, the whole thing is so confusing, there actually could be and we wouldn’t be able to find it.


It seems to function like a slick app with different tabs to slide in and away, but that doesn’t really work for whats supposed to be a website of multiple pages…


I am no big fan of the website as it is right now.
The front page is slick, don’t get me wrong, but the issues start past it.

These animations are good if limited to headlines but not whole blocks of texts. It does not feel comfortable to start reading while the whole paragraph is still moving so I basically wait for it to stop. It is super weird, in a time where the Internet got fast enough to pretty much instantly load what you want to see (if you don’t bloat it with ads and too many scripts), you decide to artificially make it slow again. :confused:

In school we got punished by the teachers if we added effects to all elements in our power point presentations. Does not seem to be like that in Denmark. :joy:

I also have this weird large area of empty space like this:

I hope this is still in development. :sweat_smile:

To be fair, I did not like the previous design very much either. It is okay if you are no returning viewer who just wants to get an idea of what IOI is. You better not look for something specific, like a news from a year ago.

Kinda sad many articles and notes did not make it. The blog posts about curators in H2016 and H2 are not there anymore for example.


So far the new website looks raw and buggy.
If it stays like this, it definitely sucks


More and more things are getting fixed.

The external links to instagram, linkedin, twitter, and facebook now works.
We can open the articles in tabs.
And we can directly post link by just copy pasting the url.

So, personally, I’m now good with it.


The website started off sucking for me, but it’s not too bad, just needs a few improvements.

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They also fixed the old links. Especially useful for the rest of their social media accounts that used them, and for a part of the day redirected to errors. now redirect to

And all of the old url work towards their respective articles under the new design. Especially good for their recent freelancer tweets. It’s also good for the forum, since the posted links should work again. Roadmaps, articles, etc

In other words : all legacy posts should work now. Edit : not all of them (yet ?), but the most recent ones do.

And if anyone at IOI is reading this : your youtube channel main link is to, which still returns a 404 error.


So now even ioi’s website needs a “known issues” section. :rofl:


I might be reading too much into it, but the tagline “Ever expanding. Ever dangerous.” could be an indication that they’ll continue adding new stuff to the game this year. The game wouldn’t really be “ever expanding” if the Freelancer update is the last addition to the game


With the way it’s set up for Hitman WOA, there is a heavy impliaction of their being some semblance of support. If nothing else, they wouldn’t mention Elusive Targets and FC’s if there weren’t going to be anymore scheduled to come in. Other than that, I’m keeping my expectations rock bottom.


It’s not a bug or anything, it’s just the way the articles are laid out. The title of the section shows on the left, and the article is displayed on the right.

At least now we can jump between them or see a quick overview of the headings so you know what’s going to be in the article.

IOI: I know someone has already asked for RSS to be added back, which would be very nice (even if it’s in a different format) but your CMS allows for easy interaction with page data in JSON which is frankly, perfect.