New design

Can you say that in english pls? :pray:

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Same feeling here. Updating the website with a modern touch is a good idea but in reality it feels too heavy with too much videos and layouts everywhere.

Not only that, but accessing to the different links feels confusing while it was easy to find everything previously.

I prefer the old design simple and efficient and mostly faster at loading stuff.

Hopefully it will be improved in the future :+1:


I’ve honestly done a “slight” 180 on this, the design itself has actually grown on me, it’s just a lot of growing pains to figure out where’s where.

And it’s actually more organized, with being able to differentiate between blogs and patch notes as opposed to everything being under news and having to go to a different link to have only patch notes.

It’s a lot better on mobile than I gave it credit for, though I can definitely understand it being a downgrade on pc. I still holdfast that the transitions are excessive, among other things though. But the actual design itself is a little better than the previous one.

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Well they’ll definitely be adding new stuff (unlocks) in Freelancer. Nice amount based on the leaks.

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This website’s weird; not just on a technical level, there’s some weird choices here:

  • Sniper Assassin’s preview being a random screenshot of Hawke’s Bay:
  • Elusive Target Arcade’s preview being a random screenshot of MIAMI of all places:
  • Olivia and Edwards’ info blocks have the same image copied twice, as opposed to everyone else’s.
  • Many pieces of text are practically invisible because of the background:
  • The IOI Account page retains the original style, with links to dead-ends (I guess they don’t want to touch it whilst the Stadia carryover’s happening).
  • The whole website is MUCH slower on my laptop, I’ve yet to test it on my phone.

I’m not a fan of it, to be honest, especially considering they deleted 6 years of blog posts and history along with it. The fact that it still advertises standard elusive targets, however, does give me hope that there may be at least something after Freelancer.


The most elusive of all targets… :upside_down_face:

But yeah, those are weird choices.


IOI Chang gives a Powerpoint presentation


I did notice the strange pictures used for modes as well, but it didn’t bother me, readability could definitely be improved though.

One of the first things I checked actually, wasn’t suprised it was overlooked lol.

Other than it crashing A LOT this morning, it runs fine on my phone and the layout probably looks better on ther too based on what I’ve seen from PC screenshots (haven’t checked for myself yet).

That happened a while ago, seeing anything from Hitman 2 was nigh impossible unless you went through the trouble of manually going back through the news section, and it was only up till the Year anniversary of it. Hitman 2016 was basically nuked, probably even before H3 came out. Though alot of H3 stuff is missing now from pre Year 2 announcement which is more pressing in my opinion.

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Probably because they only have the one promo image for Olivia they’ve been using since H3’s announcement :cry: poor girl

Edwards’ is “different”, from the initial H3 announcement, but one is him sitting in the shadows, and the other half a second later coming out of them.

I think it’s pretty weird to have a full image and description of “The Shadow Client”, naming him as Grey and heavily alluding to “history” between him and 47. I wonder what that could mean… lol


Man IOI going full 2.0 just before Freelancer is going… smoothly


The new site is meh at best. They’ve gone for flashy over ease of use. It also just takes longer to get anywhere - ie to get a roadmap:
Old site: Click the blog post. The new blog posts were always on the homepage.
New site: Click Games. Click Hitman Word of Assassination. Click What’s New. Click blog post. Also there are stupid animations that you have to sit through as well increasing the time to get there.

Whoever made the site can’t even align things properly either. The word “Games” is sitting lower than the other two.

PS: If anyone is looking for anything that hasn’t been transferred over to the new site -


Just in case, I am backing up the old website.


I already have a backup of it lying around somewhere (albeit not 100%), you can use to make it easier.


At least C47 has its own page:


A bald man wakes up cell with an enigma his neck, haunted by nightmares soon realizes he has a single purpose in life - he is born and bred


I’ve read it, it’s quite cool.
I think IO is erasing the existene of HITMAN 1&2. From the official website it seems WoA is the next project after Absolution. Therefore I hope tonight when we get to look at the new WOA title it would be some adjustment to narrow down the difference between seasons and make the UI and music less “season-three-like”.
And this part is very good! I’ve seen new players confused about what all these game modes are and what order they should take to play. This instruction can be very useful. Hope to see it inside the game.


I’m saying this as an UX/UI Designer - new IOI’s website from presentation and UI aspect, it’s very clean and well presented. But that is everything what I can tell about positives, because from UX side - this website is just awful. No User Friendly at all, too many animations, unreadable text over backgrouind, to many “shaky” elements, hidden navigation icons, complicated user flow (how many clicks is needed to find an information), it’s “mobile first” in any aspect - even Canvas/side scroll for news is working on Desktop just like in mobile (there is no navigation, you need to figure out how to navigate this by mouse). Distracting and too long animation for hovers on images. It’s hard to understand what is a interactive hover, and what is just simple animation without interaction and so on - the list of crimes is long.

I’ve seen this a lot in this business - many Gamedev companies making their websites with effect “wow” and totally don’t understand and care about functionality, user friendly solutions and overall UX.

Sorry IOI but this site just works fine as presentation, but don’t meet principles of today’s UX. And when you don’t meet principles of funcionality - whole “wow” effect just is covered by frustration. UX for game developers is something is still in Stone Age, most of them care how it looks, not how it works, unfortunately.


Couldn’t say it better :ok_hand:

It’s an interesting demo for potential developers/investors but as a random guy on the internet navigating through all this mess feels too complicated :confused:


Once you know where everything is, it’s fine for the most part but first impressions are pretty bad. They just need to cut down on some of the unnecessary videos and transitions and shorten the amount of clicks to certain things and it’ll be pretty solid.

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