New IOI Merch Store

Could you please check why some of these shirt designs were unveiled a few months ago on the main-page, but they’re otherwise nowhere to be found?


The Fleur De Lys and Red Tie don’t appear on shirts as seen here. I’ve only ever seen Water Bottles using them.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have shirts that show locations with ingame graphics? Or shirts with classic quotes such as “The name is Tobias Rieper”, “The clock is ticking 47”, “This is merely maintenance” or NPCs “Welcome to the Himmapan Hotel” would be insane.

Once we are on request sort of thing, I would like to ask for some items HITMAN merch.
I mean caps (hey, Clem), keyrings, cups, mugs, mouse pads, stikers and so much on.
I would like to have HITMAN (official HITMAN) logo on my keyring for example.
Or a scarf, or a facemask (even if Covid is calming down a bit it wouldn’t be extra)

The t-shirts are available in Denmark /EU. However the water bottle isn’t. I believe certain items are available in different regions. Why it’s like that, I have yet to figure out.


That’s very strange. I’d think they get all their shirts from the same manufacturer, at least regionally based on different areas of the world? Same deal with water bottles if you still have access to other designs in your shop.

Maybe someone forgot to flip a switch on each region’s store? Or, there’s some issue in the creation of those items that make it difficult for North America/EU

I will ask, it might be linked to the below.

This is the case for some items. We currently have two different suppliers for the different region stores. I am not on top of the absolute specifics, but I know this to be the case for some items. We’re always looking to improve and streamling the offerings. :slight_smile:


Ah. Thanks for the response :grinning:

So you have bought the Blood Money t-shirt I see :wink:

If they have one I like. Then sure.

I have a Blood Money Tshirt.

Oh how i miss Eidos :frowning:

Please ignore the cathair, Henry likes to sleep on my dirty Laundry :sweat_smile:


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Berlin is the WOA trilogy’s Rotterdam.

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You gotta get a lint roller

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