New mode? Elusive target ladder

So how about an elusive target ladder mode where ALL the ETs are available to be killed but one by one.

You kill 1 et, you move to the other. Basically have to kill all of them that ever existed (except the 2 we know are not coming back) and if we die in any on of them, we have to start the ladder climb again.

So to further clear it up, you kill 14 ETs, then die on the 15th et, you gotta start over. And the good thing about starting over so that it doesn’t feel repetitive, when you die, the order of the ladder Is randomized. And every next et is hidden/unknown.

You can make this mode in many different ways on how to climb the ET ladder like having mastery or unlocks as you climb. So you start with no gear for the first one and then choose what items you want to unlock for the next one. Getting a higher rating (not time/score, cuz we know not everyone is a speed runner), the more mercs you get to buy new gear for the next ET.

Anyone think that’s a good idea? Et arcade is fun but getting the same et in another bunch is getting repetitive. But that’s me.

What do you think? Yay or nay?


A bit like tournament mode in a fighting game

This was discussed on the ETA page back in March. Travis commented on it:

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I feel like if a marathon mode were to happen it should include every target every but in the capacity of one. So level one would be Sully, level two Robert Knox, level three Alexa Carlisle, level four Mr Giggles, etc. Like he said tho could have limited appeal

I thought of a vaguely similar concept of all elusive Targets being active at once (especially in a map like Paris), where it’s seeing how many you can kill without being caught or killed. That, or having them be integrated into the main mission as bonus targets that you could stumble upon.

And I say the ET arcade mode needs a streak multiplier. I worked that out a bit in another post in the ETA topic. The only thing I’m not really certain about are complications (or objectives?) also adding or multiplying points. Things that are passive shouldn’t necessarily be rewarded… Then again, the game already has a system for that in the normal missions. Like for ‘Suit Only’, no KOs, etc.

Then again, the whole idea of complications comes from the current model of the ETA. Maybe so much emphasis isn’t needed. Just let the player either figure it out or do it however they want. No more stuff like “hide all bodies or you don’t leave!” :cow: :poop: .