New Orleans, THE MURDER OF CROWS (Mission #5) - Discussion Thread

WoA-style discussion thread for MoC from Hitman: Blood Money. Post your experiences, takes and things you discovered about this mission here.

Hello, 47. The American Secretary of the Interior is being targeted for assassination at today’s Mardi Gras parade. We’re not sure who’s behind the hit, but our client wants you to prevent it by taking out the would-be assassins.

There are three. The leader is Mark Purayah, Jr. His associates are Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina Mason. Kulinsky’s a former world-class biathlete, so he’s probably the trigger man. Mason is probably just recon and support. They’re romantically involved and mentally unstable, so expect a violent reaction if either of them learns the other is dead.

Their whereabouts are a mystery but we’ve identified the payment on its way to them. The money should lead you straight to them. There’ll obviously be a lot of civilians in the mix on this one, and a high-profile hit like this is bound to have backup units on site, so you’ll have to be even more discreet than usual.


  • Eliminate Mark Purayah Jr.
  • Eliminate Raymond Kulinsky
  • Eliminate Angelina Mason
  • Protect the Politician
  • Retrieve the Diamonds [OPTIONAL]

Level Trivia:

  • The delivery bird’s route is randomised, much like Raymond’s placement.
  • The Blue Oyster is a reference to a gay bar from the Police Academy movies.
  • The book store owner comes up with various insults towards 47 when you enter, including Mr Clean and Kojak.

This level was really impressive for its time, especially on the PS2 and Xbox.

Love the map design, love the targets themselves and how they won’t hesitate to kill you, love the objectives.

Don’t love the randomness.


Tons of little details in this one. I discovered something years after starting playing, in one of the buildings there’s a civilian watching TV, if you open the door to his room, he will run for his gun and shoot you.

Getting inside of the 3 bars without a disguise was a little challenge in itself, killing Raymond is my favorite part of the mission.

Also the Book Store, the guy with a couple of girls in a hotel room… Tons of fun little details.


Initially probably one of if not my favorite BM level, everything just felt so much like a sandbox, it was really smooth and connected.

Of course after I had to play it 5,000 times while filming a free-cam video that interest died out but yes, great level, I don’t find BM very memorable as a whole as it just didn’t click for me, but I enjoyed this.

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Thats my favorite BM Level, interesting Setting, good Targets, a little added Randomness, it’s great.


That and you can drop a piano on Angelina. That’s one of my favorite kills in the whole series.


My personal favorite kill is to throw Soders heart into the Trashbin but BMs accidents are great too.


I would love a Mardi Gras map with modern day graphics

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do you have to kill billy jack in order to get te diamonds tho?

Anyone else love to wait around for Raymond to appear with the sniper, and shoot him from one of those cozy apartments, just so he fkn dies on the PIP cam?


Picking the briefcase, put a bomb in it and deliver it to Mark Purayah is also funny. Sadly, the delivery boy doesn’t drop his briefcase during his route, so you can’t put a bomb in it without sedating him.

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Fun fact that I found out while playing, if you kill Angelina and Raymond, then deliver the diamonds to Mark Purayah, he will try to reach out to the assassins, and respond with unique voicelines when he doesn’t hear anything on the other side. He also looks kind of panicked, with a “this is fine” type of facial expression.



I don’t think he tries to take him out. I waited next to him for a while and he just kept on standing there talking into the microphone. I will boot up blood money to see if I’m wrong. I’ll be back with answers in a few.

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Yup just tried it, he doesn’t go in for the kill. Oh and thank you :grin:!

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Definitely a favourite of mine. If you manage to get on the VIP float with a suitcase and drop the case, it ends up with an interesting textural glitch :’)

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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but does anyone remember the walkie talkies actually working and the dialogue between Angelina and Raymond? I remember when I first played the game in 2006 on console when you picked up the walkie talkies you could hear the conversation between the two lovers. It was something like “I’m at rocker’s choice baby doll” and you could hear background music of the specific bar Raymond was at. Angelina would also tell her location. Now I have to pull up the map to reveal their locations.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” Yea i remember that

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How do I listen to their dialogue? I grab the walkie talkie but I never hear them talk to each other

Its supposed to play in the background but I remember on some ports it doesnt. Like i dont remember it in PS2