No Quality mode or Unlocked mode on Xbox One X

I purchased Hitman 3 to play on Xbox One X but the big problem that Xbox One has at the moment is that there are no framerate or quality options whatsoever. Not on Xbox One, Xbox One S and not even on Xbox One X. The game is limited to 30fps, always.The Hitman 2 maps literally run better within Hitman 2 than within Hitman 3.

The PS4, however, does have these options. The base PS4 has the option to unlock framerate, and runs Hitman 3 at a solid ~40fps. And the PS4 Pro has the option to choose between quality and performance. PS4 Pro quality mode runs at around 45-50fps and PS4 performance mode runs at a solid 60fps.

It’s all visible in this video: Hitman 3 Comparison - Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S vs Xbox One X vs One S vs PS4 vs PS4 Pro vs PS5 - YouTube

Frankly, it’s ridiculous that the Xbox One X doesn’t have the same options as the PS4 Pro, especially since it’s more powerful.

This is right now the biggest problem for Xbox players, but IOI has not responded to any questions about this issue. Everything on their twitter is focused on the Hitman 1 maps not being available in Hitman 3 for Xbox owners, which is a problem I’m having as well, but I’m confident this will be fixed in the coming days.

So I hope a dev sees this since I don’t want to play Hitman 3 on 30fps. Please, IOI, add the quality/performance options to the Xbox version of the game. Or at least let us know it isn’t coming so I can refund the game.


Wait, the PS4 version does have these options ? What the hell!!

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While yes this is slightly annoying I’m more pissed of at the state of the servers right now they. The issue hasn’t even been acknowledged by ioi

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I’m a PC guy but I read somewhere the Xbox One X was discontinued when the new machines came out, so maybe Microsoft no longer requires developers to make a version for it specifically.

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