No way near enough suits to unlock through normal play

Like there’s barely any in the whole trilogy and what’s there you have to grind garbage content, escalations, elusives, etc. The ones for single player challenges like saso are fine having to grind 28 of the utter shit escalations

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Its shitty, really shitty

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If you really want to unlock more suits then you will have to do those things. Maybe try some of the Hitman 2 Featured Contracts, they’re usually made by community members and are more fun/challenging.


Yeah there’s a suit for playing 28 featured contracts isn’t there, guessing that’s why you mentioned

I couldn’t agree more, that’s exactly what I thought, thank you cake for speaking for all of us


I don´t understand, do you want more suits to be available through challenges that are not escalations or elusives ?

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Yeah pretty Much but also just in general

There’s actually a few good ones like the cashmere but you need to grind the god awfull esculations that have like 5 levels to them, they’re tedious poorly designed and just utter fucking nonsense , I’m fine with having that crap in the game and wouldn’t hate them so much but don’t lock cool suits behind them forcing people to play them if they want at least 1 other suit to wear ffs.

Also the saso ones mean by time I’ve done those challenges and unlocked the awesome black suit with gloves I’ll be done with it so its pointless

It’s a grind but nothing compared to the real life grind of getting a new suit. You have to toil away at your job for hours and hours until you have the money saved up for a new suit. Then you have to either go to the store and find one off the rack you like, or go to a custom clothier and get lined up. Off the rack you have to take it to a tailor to get it hemmed and adjusted so it looks as good as it can look. Custom you have to wait, sometimes for over a month, and then go back for final adjustments. Then you finally have it. You’re grinning from ear to ear and feeling wonderful. You’re walking down the street and a bird takes a giant dump on your new suit. At least that never happens in game.


OK. :joy: strange response. You took a while to write that didn’t you. Lol. Seen the replying after posting my response. Was waiting ages.

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In the middle of writing I went over to look at my suits and I was just wondering how much grinding I had actually gone through to have attained them. Then I looked at the one that got bombed out by a bird on the 2nd time I was wearing it and I laughed.


Well, the escalations are mostly not that hard and you get new suits and items for them. So it’s noch much time or effort you have to put in to get them. Unlike the other suits, where you have to reach level 20 to get them and do all those challenges.

And in my opinion, there are so many suits. So many that I mostly don’t use them haha

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I use to have no suits like you, but half a decade worth of grinding and two games later. Let me tell you I don’t even touch 90% of them.


It´s really not worth the effort. Just ask yourself what the purpose is of some pixels being a different color ?

Ah man for mW its huge, I love feeling and looking like a badass, specially for saso runs, I mainly want black suit with gloves

Care to explain which Black Suit you want? We have a few that are released and unreleased?

The Classic Black Suit would seem to fit the criteria and it’s pretty straightforward to unlock. No escalations required.

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Unless the level forces me to, I use one or two outfits, and neither of them are “suits”. It’s either the one you get from Chongqing or the Raver outfit. I hate when 47 wears a tie.

Yeah basicly classic hitman suits, all black gloves and tie. Basicly the trinity packs which I can’t have, but I only need do 1 more elusive and I get absolution suit which has gloves. So just got to wait.