Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Contract ID: 2-13-6799322-01
Platform: PS4
Submitter name: rilledstilled

Contract title:
Hitman vs. Pirates

Your main target, Gautam Prasanna, runs a piracy website which hosts various licensed movies, shows and videos for free. However, the site is riddled with viruses which can steal data and leave peoples computers unusable for the foreseeable future. Gautam is likely aware of this.

One of his victims was our client who was struck by one of these viruses. Unfortunately for Gautam, our client has connections and now you will be sent to put him down. Gautam knows that he is in danger and so he has requested the help of two members from the Crows which he has a history with, he has asked these two to watch over him and look out for anyone suspicious.

Our client wants you to eliminate all three of them, using what he refers to as the ‘pirate method’. He has provided us with a pirate saber to kill the two gang members with. Gautam must be eliminated with a pistol, our client sees this as a bit of merciful pity.

Good hunting 47.

In-game briefing:

Location: Mumbai, India

Brief description:
I usually don’t like making contracts on Mumbai because of how many potential witnesses there are at every corner, but I feel like it adds a little bit of challenge to this contract. There aren’t any super difficult complications or anything, it’s just the kill conditions and the targets themselves which are the things you need to focus on. It is required to have the Jarls Pirate Saber unlocked (I don’t remember how you unlock it) as two of the targets must be melee killed with it.
There are three targets, two of them are enforcers and the whole idea is that it’s the clash of very different types of criminals. The Crows are literal pirates (I think, I know that the Maelstrom at least used to be a pirate) and pirates in my eyes are very reckless and unnegotiable but also very dangerous, in stark contrast with the professional nature of 47. And the main target, Gautam, is a video pirate, so it’s both types of pirates.

Image suggestions:



You are right, now it should be fine, thank you for the correction.

contract ID: 2-26-4970767-86

platform: PS4

Submitter name: dragonshark09

contract title: bootleg & buccaneer

briefing: eliminate Sophie Liang using ‘drowning’ whilst wearing ‘boat captain’ disguise. eliminate Surya Dada with ‘jarl’s pirate saber’ whilst wearing ‘boat captain’ disguise. eliminate Suman Dalal with an ‘explosion accident’ whilst wearing ‘boat captain’ disguise

brief description: Relieve Sophie from the heat. Surya is caught slacking so put him back to sleep. Lastly, extinguish Suman of duty. Are ye ready captain.

image suggestion: Suman Dalal in the air due to an explosion

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Contract ID: 1-28-5366033-72
Platform: PC (EPIC)
Submitter name: Parsime
Contract Title: BHS Project

Are you a pirate!?
Then these shotguns are just waiting for you to serve!
happy plunder!

Brief Description:

The idea here is that players can choose the comfort of the disguise but use a loud shotgun, or use a silent shotgun in their costume.


Location: Dartmoor


I wanna imagine Clemens blindfolded throwing darts at a board with the suggested contract images

@47Agent please make this into a meme



Contract ID: 2-13-5425398-31

Platform: PS4

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: Ali Baba and the Four Thieves

Salam! Ali Baba, pour hot oil on the thieves hiding in the barrels and burn them. Get the dagger and kill the fleeing leader of the thieves with it. Find their secret treasure cave hidden beneath the ancient city and claim your reward. You will find the dagger in one of the carriages, and the key to cave is near its entrance. Mo-vaf Fagh-baa Shid (Good Luck)!!

Brief Description:
This contract is inspired by a Persian folk tale from Arabian Nights named ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ which is popular worldwide (the thieves relate to Pirate theme). In this contract you need to kill the Foreman (Leader) with Amputation Knife collected from one of the train carriages and lure or drag the three guards (Thieves) to the gasoline drum (Oil Drum) and burn them. After which you need to exit via the Underground Tunnel Exit using a Hideout Key in the Maelstrom Hideout. You can take/change to any disguise and pacify npc as per your convenience. This contract can be played by Casual, Speed Runner, Suit Only and Basic Players with optional objectives of specific melee kill, fire accidents but with mandatory hideout exit.
Many Thanks to @Hichkas for helping me in the translations for the two words in the briefing :smiley:

Location: Mumbai, India

Image suggestion:

Unedited Original Image


And he probably doesn’t even put mine on it… :joy:

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Contract ID: 1-22-4089229-03

Platform: Epic Games (PC)

Submitter name: mkSolas

Contract Title: The Legend of Rude Ruby


A rare pistol has been sighted in Whittleton Creek and bounty hunters have arrived to take the pistol for themselves.

Is it your job to obtain this pistol and eliminate the targets before they find the weapon.

Brief Description:

Simple 4 target contract were you can either bring in the required weapon, Rude Ruby or find it in the map itself if you don’t have it.


Location: Whittleton Creek

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Since we don’t have a musket firearm - the closest thing might be the sawn-off shotty. Saber kills are alright, but (imo) some loud shotty kills might mix things up a bit.

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agreed. just like they did with the boomstick FC.

Contract ID : 4-20-1918126-19

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: howdy

Contract Title: A True Story

Briefing:The Island owner told 4 gurads (the targets) a Pirate Story. In the story 4 guys die from a Pirate. He kills all 4 guys with his saber and the story ends.The 4 gurads have this story in there head stuck now. If they see someone with a Pirate suit and a saber they will kill him because of there fear of Pirates now.

Brief Description: There are 4 targets. 2 outside, 1 near the main house, and 1 on the roof.Eliminate the targets stealthly or loudly with the saber.

Location: Hawke’s Bay (Newzeland)

image suggestion:

I can only use one image because im new.


Contract ID: 2-27-2763249-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: The Fool And His Flying Ship

Briefing: Omar has stolen millions of gold from good people through the means of Arabian pirates to build his sceptre. We’ve hired you to help bring it back by eliminating him, his rich co-conspirators, and the staff that guard the safes and atm full of gold. Good luck 47.

Location: Dubai

Brief description: this contract title is a reference to the name of a Slavic folktale called “the fool and the flying ship”.



Image suggestions


i feel like i sort of make my contracts out of improvisation. ideas pop in my head on what to do when i walk around and see random npcs and what weapons i have in my arsenal.

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I guess a lot of contract ideas come up out of nowhere, just by your scheme :slight_smile:

@mkSolas, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if IOI keep to their word, your contract is a glitch/modded contract with the ruby rude kill, so it cannot be picked. IOI are very poor at NOT picking modded contract eg @Urben FAR FRAG from last month.

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oof. yeah. i didn’t mod my pirating the sword of history but asked if there was a way IOI could make it the bartoli. the gun i used on the final guy. overall it ain’t modded but the bartoli is just a wish and a dream of what i would want it to look like.

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Yep, if i think of a connection to a film/book/name etc i build my contract around that

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Always worth a try. Honestly I thought they meant no modded as in restricting starting locations and such.

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@mkSolas, no but as i said it might get featured like with @Urben FARFRAG.

for me i build it on the secret mechanics, easter eggs, and map of the location to build mine and test out what works and what doesn’t work. what i can do and what i can’t do.