Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Gaaargh matey :pirate_flag:

It’s time to find your inner Pirate! I hereby open the Bootleg & Buccaneers CFC submissions thread!!

How to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last time, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by Bootleg & Buccaneers, to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in-game, to make it look awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, July 18, 1 PM CEST.

Let your inner Captain loose on the seven seas!
Good luck matey :pirate_flag:



Contract Name
Contract ID
1. Sword of the pirates piracy f3lixdewey 1-24-5877512-16 Steam
2. TREASURE HUNT Casetros 1-24-3338686-82 Steam
3. Are you ready kid? holidays99 1-26-2622111-60 Epic
4. S’gail Fashion Show Kevin Rudd 1-21-8785982-04 Epic
5. All the gold from the seven seas f3lixdewey 1-27-9554069-16 Steam
6. Cursed Gold SerpentbreeD 1-26-7593004-83 Epic
7. Jeff the Treasure Hunter mkSolas 1-18-6328908-03 Epic
8. Escape ! Dinozafr 1-20-2117587-68 Epic
9. Pirate Movie Night Steventjeeee 1-28-4695610-18 Epic
10. Blow the Man Down! theWizard 1-31-1282699-78 Epic
11. X Marks The Spot Bgyorok 1-12-7553283-10 Epic
12. The curse of “Golden Hind” hei_xi 1-21-4452369-34 Steam
13. Cleaning up the Coastline SyncMelon 1-03-0938867-84 Steam
14. Pirate Tryhards Cookiez1455/Holly 1-26-1013010-95 Epic
15. The Non-Fungible Termination pomegranate owl 1-29-1939174-87 Epic
16. The Stump-legged Guards Bgyorok 1-27-4882072-10 Epic
17. Stealing back the Treasure! Holly/cookiez1455 1-30-4166305-95 Epic
18. Undernee Thee Aree Holly/cookiez1455 1-12-4756282-95 Epic
19. For God and Liberty piko1311 1-03-7062307-62 Steam
20. The Secret of Sgail Island djsojus 1-21-6888049-62 Epic
21. BDSM(Broadsword-Dagger-Saber-Machete) Fenixsandr 1-31-5667922-29 Epic
22. The Seaside Scurvy Sabotage Torbad 1-03-7415241-48 Epic
23. Pirates 47 Feng Cai 1-29-4121870-17 Epic
24. Pirate yar47 Feng Cai 1-12-7995489-17 Epic
25. The wine heist albertibass 1-03-1874427-04 Steam
26. Captain Accident Holly 1-29-4425338-95 Epic
27. Off-Brand Pirates Mastertino 1-22-0937261-92 Steam
28. BHS Project Parsime 1-28-5366033-72 Epic
29. The Legend of Rude Ruby mkSolas 1-22-4089229-03 Epic
30. Keys to the Treasure Tetrafish_21 1-12-8879503-21 Epic
31. DENTE DI SERPENTE msipus 1-03-6800230-84 Epic
32. Something goes wrong Fenixsandr 1-31-1967562-29 Epic
33. RAGING FIRE EU BWIPO 1-30-1422906-01 Epic


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. What to do with the drunken sailor? mjbsr2008 2-26-2659792-05
2. The Jarl’s Buccaneer The-Count-21 2-26-7776336-39
3. Defect-arrrs! Corski 2-13-4728728-37
4. You Wouldn’t Steal a Video Game lukefsje 2-09-8595062-79
5. Live Like A Pirate, Die Like A Pirate tryagainlater 2-21-4618761-92
6. Blood Leaks of the Bootleggers Axwage 2-08-3358181-60
7. Pirates of Mumbai Jokerj 2-13-4637583-19
8. Pirating The Sword Of History mjbsr2008 2-02-3465784-05
9. Modern Pirates Switcher 2-13-5112115-10
10. Classy Bootleggers Strongblade 2-08-6129150-98
11. You wouldn’t steal a heart. mjbsr2008 2-10-9374553-05
12. GRAND THEFT KATANA zubin47 2-16-9961338-31
13. HONOR AMONG THIEVES zubin47 2-18-8781889-31
14. Davy Jones Locker Steynkie69 2-11-7758567-09
15. SWASHBUCKLING MAYHAM wolpax7 2-26-0367037-21
16. ‘Arrrrgh‘uable legal‘ Gamerthron 2-26-6081220-77
17. Jarl 47’s most inportant hit… Dodarkillen 2-26-0367037-21
18. Buccaneer’s Pool Parley Andy-Wan 2-26-4619600-41
19. Three-Headed Monkey Axwage 2-12-3288127-60
20. Tower Defense GlogolZ 2-03-0841728-54
21. Radio pirates and drug bootleggers mjbsr2008 2-29-4233921-05
22. Dead Man’s Chest Shigatsu18 2-26-2502064-06
23. The Pirate Bros mjbsr2008 2-03-7371662-05
24. Baldy Jones’s Locker room Georhan 2-27-7180298-76
25. The Sign Of The 4 Pirates Greek Agent 2-21-0235263-61
26. The Flying Dutchman Steynkie69 2-26-7827660-09
27. Hitman vs. Pirates rilledstilled 2-13-6799322-01
28. bootleg & buccaneer dragonshark09 2-26-4970767-86
29. Ali Baba and the Four Thieves zubin47 2-13-5425398-31
30. The Fool And His Flying Ship mjbsr2008 2-27-2763249-05
31. The Landlubber Laceration Callmemabey87 2-13-3551578-88
32. AMBROSEISLAND CONFIDENTIAL natnag 2-31-0343866-00
33. AHOY CAPTAIN ARGIRIS653 2-26-8399762-80
34. POOL ACCIDENT? ARGIRIS653 2-26-2599628-80
35. Like real pirates IlikeHitman 2-03-5441366-63


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. You’ve Gotta Be Schmidtting Me! DavidG185 3-22-4943864-09
2. To committed for piracy Wigglyweevil211 3-24-8567442-17
3. The Phantom of the Cursed Angel TRON3205 3-15-0213691-81
4. Modern Mutiny Prevention LandirtHome 3-09-0925908-13
5. Arrrr you ready kids? Wigglyweevil211 3-11-9113401-17
6. A Rieper’s Revenge Crewdy 3-10-1619739-20
7. Piracy. It’s A Crime linux_penguin 3-24-9446182-02
8. A Taste of Piracy xd_Loui3 3-06-9612607-90
9. Walk the plank of shame Wigglyweevil211 3-03-8733317-17
10. Legend of the Bald Man Krkkit2012 3-28-6232656-59
11. Pieces of Eight Canucklehead X 3-26-9466034-69
12. Bootlegs, Bootlegs, and Booted Legs Speedrunner1390#1919 3-09-5661005-84
13. The Modern Day Plunder Plainroky 3-31-4531092-14
14. Boot(ing) camp at the CTT Wigglyweevil211 3-09-4478049-17
15. The Three-headed monkey Wigglyweevil211 3-12-5714120-17
16. The Mods Must Stop! Canucklehead X 3-26-6846242-69
17. The secrets of the unicorn Wigglyweevil211 3-28-4218432-17
18. Origin of the Black Almond iamfivecent5 3-03-0897896-32
19. Rangan Presents: The Mumbai Pirate Big Jimbo 3-13-5432157-20
20. Salim The Terrible’s Revenge OutlawKingpin18 3-27-9712610-56
21. Three Headed Monkey SupremeCommanderIke 3-12-2502228-07


Contract Name
Contract ID
1. A Pirate’s Vengeance The Elite Institute 4-31-3882894-48
2. The Sky Pirates The Elite Institute 4-27-5478622-48
3. Sniper Pirate PSYBarron 4-26-7555266-35
4. A True Story howdy 4-20-1918126-19

The sound made upon waking to see the new map and roadmap leak.

This will be a fun and interesting round of FCs. Looking forward to y’all’s ideas.


If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a lethal thrown item.


Is there any chance that this batch is more than 6 contracts? Since there are usually 2 batches per month and this time we only got a single one

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hello. I’m new to this forum and heard how people in the community can submit their contracts to be featured. so do i submit them in the comments of this forum or through another site? i’d like to test my mettle in this stuff to give the most creative contract ever.


You need to create a contract in HITMAN 3 first. Then post your contract in this topic in the format marked by @Clemens_IOI .


alright thanks :+1:. was just wanting to make sure i was to post it here. i’ll give it my best! should get to getting that buccaneer suit now. also what does brief description mean?


How to complete this contract (one or more other ways as a reference), and some other considerations.

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got it. is it okay to give more than one idea?

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You can submit as many as you want as long all information are included and the deadline (Monday, July 18, 1 PM CEST) was not reached yet.

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Yeah. I’m just doing one contract for this one, because of how sudden it arrived. Anyways, have fun.

Contract Title: You’ve Gotta Be Schmidtting Me!
Contract ID: 3-22-4943864-09
Location: Whittleton Creek, USA (Another Life)


Piracy is a crime, infiltration into a trespassing area is a crime, violent assaults is a crime, and stealing is a crime. Those are all somewhat ignored if you’re a pirate. Eliminate 3 people in the empty Schmidt Home. How you’re going to bring them in will indeed shock any civilians at the Wilson’s BBQ Party. 10 minutes is all you need to act like a pirate. Walk the plank out of wood when the winds of chaos settles. The Schmidts never rests for the wicked, Pirate Buccaneer 47.

Brief Description:
Eliminate 3 targets, all 3 of them are at the Wilson’s BBQ Party. Your goal is to eliminate all 3 at the Schmidt Home next door. The targets are; one civilian that is on his phone for most of the time while walking… and two guards at the heart of the party. How do you get two guards to go to the Schmidt Home? How about the vault in the basement? Chuck the first target in there and blow it up with an explosive device. The set up may be a bit lengthy, but the execution is totally worth the hassle. Oh, do what pirates do and slice the other two targets with any blade of your choice, even doing it outside is fine. Walk to the bridge within 10. It’s fine if you go over.

Featured Contract Image:
I have a few suggestions and no clue what to pick. Feel free to pick which one fits. I’ll tell you a bit of my thinking.

Suggestion 1

This is 47 in The Buccaneer outfit with the blade from Haven Island standing and observing the BBQ Party from the backyard of the Schmidt Home. This genuinely gives players an idea where most of the action will take place.

Suggestion 2

A bit of a variation of the first suggestion, except 47 is directly looking at the Schmidt Home from the backyard.

Suggestion 3

This is the first target being moved into the vault in the basement of the Schmidt Home with the red lasers on. This gives players a hint of not only how to eliminate the first target, but also doubles as a way to get the other two targets to go to the Schmidt Home.

Suggestion 4

This is a shot of the For Sale sign next to the mailbox with F. Schmidt on it. Not much to say but it links to the name of the contract. Adds a bit of mystery, but also hints that the action is taking place at the Schmidt Home.


Title: To committed for piracy
Username: Wigglyweevil211
Contract ID: 3-24-8567442-17
Platform: Xbox
location: New York
Brief description: David Bateson is tasked to commit piracy for the film called “to committed for piracy.” Logan Jackson has tasked himself with the remake or the movie with his friends but 47 is here to stop them as he will get fired for it.

Featured contract image:


My favourite image is suggestion 1. I love the sun coming of 47’s hat and the show of both houses at once is good, nice contract. :slight_smile:

Contract ID: 2-26-2659792-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: What to do with the drunken sailor?

Briefing: Booze is sure a sailor’s best friend. But when he drinks too much what do we do? Hold his hair back and slit his throat with a barber’s razor.

Location: Haven island

Brief Description:

  1. Cooper Gilliam [death by drowning]
  2. Captain Rutherford [death by barber razor: melee]
  3. Rose Xiaoling [death by drowning]
  4. Eric Waltz [death by barber razor: thrown weapon]

  1. required exit
  2. don’t get spotted [optional]
  3. no bodies found [optional]
  4. hide all bodies [complication]
  5. no pacifications [complication]
  6. perfect shooter [complication]
  7. no recordings [complication]
  8. no disguise changes [must only wear the buccaneer suit]
  9. targets only [complication]

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since this contract will make you wear the buccaneer suit. i was thinking of having an image of Captain Rutherford where he’s puking in the toilet and you’re behind him in the buccaneer suit holding the barber razor. sorry for all these replies. was trying to make it brief as possible and best pictures as possible. @Clemens_IOI

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Contract ID: 2-26-7776336-39

Platform: PlayStation 4

Submitter name: The-Count-21

Contact Title: The Jarl’s Buccaneer


Ahoy Matey!

One of our clients, Jarl has required a buccaneer like you to help him with a certain matter, eliminating some land rats in the Maldives who attempt to take his precious Arabian Sea and steal his hidden treasure on Haven Island. This is where you come in, buccaneer you have to eliminate both treasure seekers Capitain Rutherford and Christopher Johnson with Jarl’s most precious saber and both land rats who think can own the Arabian Sea with their jetskis.
Good Luck, matey!

Beief Description: 4 targets
Capitain Rutherford (Boat capitain) Eliminate using Jarl’s Pirate Saber (Melee) Wear disguise: Suit (The Buccaneer)
Christopher Johnson (Snorkel Instructor) Eliminate using Jarl’s Pirate Saber (Melee) Wear disguise: Suit (The Buccaneer)
Aruna Narain: Eliminate using: Any method Wear disguise: Suit (The Buccaneer)
Ashley Montague: Eliminate using: Any method Wear disguise: Suit (The Buccaneer)

Complications: No Recordings (Optional)
No Disguise Changes
No Bodies Found (Optional)
Do Not Get Spotted (Optional)

Location: Haven Island, Maldives

Featured Contract Image:



@Urben um sorry to ask i’m new to this server and hyperlink thing. been trying to make my post as a hyper link like DavidG185 did :sweat_smile: