Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

:joy: No, don’t worry about it! I used the unicorn for one of my five targets that have nothing at all to do with Tin Tin. Yours was the first other one I recall seeing that also featured the unicorn horn.

That was just deep seated and increasing FC inferiority complex making me think that if they do pick a unicorn horn contract, now they have an alternative… :sob:

(And, besides, even if they were similar, that’s kind of the point of a theme; just look at how many Haven Island and/or Jarl’s Pirate Saber FCs we have.)

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hmmm yeah. i just don’t know if it would be considered a pirate book is why i ask. i’m more of basing it on the name of the book. also what level would be good for a three sons contract? let’s not forget about yates since he is in a way a king.

I get really worried about things like that as I’ve had issues with people copying my contracts before on Xbox and yes I’m now just realising how many haven/jerl contracts there are, people need to think outside the box.

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you could do Mendoza and do boat exit, Yates, a low level gaucho guard and a mercenary guard. And use a fire axe. I would count that as a pirate themed contract as along as you make the connection clear enough.

there is the Sapper axe in Mendoza. in a way i thought Dubai cause of the place they’re in is high in the sky enough to be a ship and Omar considers himself the less privileged of the Al-Ghazali family. like a fool in a flying ship.

Yeah… Or, at least walk that line between “theme” and “unique” a little better.

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A couple had three sons, and the youngest was a fool. One day, Czar declared that whoever made him a ship that could sail through the air would marry his daughter. The older two set out, with everything their parents could give them; then the youngest set out as well, despite their ridicule and being given less fine food

context for a short synopsis on why i thought Dubai.

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I completely understand, although as a Switch player I encourage people to copy mine on other platforms so more than one person is actually able to play it :rofl:

For me, as long as they provide credit, I don’t care so much.

I do agree about the Haven / Jarl contracts though. There are some neat ones from what I can see, but it also seems like the obvious choice.

I really wanted to do one on the ICA Yacht, but it won’t let you save anything made on it unfortunately. Really hope IOI add save functionality to it in the future (maybe the map patch?) as I feel it’s a more interesting map than the training facility!


Nice idea @Agent_MJ Dubai is a under rated map from hit 3

I hate that as well, i love weird maps people never remember were good or don’t really care for. Like with Paris i have over 120 hours (maybe more) on Paris, but Sapienza killed Paris in my opinion, it got neglected when it should get more love when they did bonus missions and such.

Contract ID: 1-31-5667922-29
Platform: Epic
Submitter name: Fenixsandr
Contract title: BDSM(Broadsword-Dagger-Saber-Machete)

Brief Description: Fast contract for 2-3 min.

Location: Mendoza


Contract Id: 3-13-5432157-20
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Big Jimbo
Contract Title: Rangan Presents: The Mumbai Pirate
Briefing: Rangan Inc. presents their most ambitious film yet, The Mumbai Pirate: 47 Strikes Back, it follows the epic journey of legendary, two millennia old, body snatching pirate; Tobias “47” Reiper as he hunts down the men who betrayed him and trapped him is his underwater tomb centuries ago. Watch as he takes out his opponents with extreme prejudice, magic and the power of his hero; Daewood Rangan! When Mumbai Pirate hits the big screen, make sure you’re there or else you’ll miss the best film yet.
Description: Take out 5 targets while disguised as them with various items relating to them.
Location: Mumbai
Featured Contract Image: 47 standing menacingly behind one of the targets while disguised as them or someone similar to them.


My PS name is SwitcherSwiss, I think it’s too long for these, Switcher is better, I think you should go for Charlie but hey your choice


Submitting for consideration for Bootleg & Buccaneers

Contract ID: 426755526635

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Submitter name: PSYBarron

Contract Title: Sniper Pirate

Briefing: Good Morning 47 Your Targets Are in Haven Island Good Luck 47.

Brief Description: Eliminate five Targets with a sniper rifle disguised as The Buccaneer with no disguise changes.

Location: Haven Island

Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to everyone creating.
Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Another Switch player? Wow! I’ll make sure to give yours a play, just because it is the only one I can :rofl:

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Thanks i will give your two a play too.

Code isn’t working. Your other one works great and I enjoyed it, however this one won’t log in.

Ohhhh! It ends in 48! My mistake!Thanks for pointing it out else I’d have missed it.

I’ll give yours a try later once I’m back home!

@Clemens_IOI can you please amend The Sky Pirate’s code to 4-27-5478622-48? I must have mistyped in the original post. Thanks!

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Contract ID: 1-03-7415241-48

Platform: PC, Epic

Submitter name: Torbad

Contract Title: The Seaside Scurvy Sabotage


Brief Description: The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about pirates was scurvy, so I made this. You have to kill 2 villa guards with the battle axe, caruso and roberto with an accident explosion and a scientist with a lethal syringe

Location: Sapienza, World of Tomorrow



Contract ID:1-29-4121870-17


Submitter name:Feng Cai

Contract Title:Pirates 47

Briefing:Killer 47 has done enough of being a killer, and he feels very boring. He wants to be the target of a pirate’s killing contract to satisfy his freshness

Brief Description:A contract with five goals is not difficult after being familiar with the contract, and the goals are very close