Official Community FOOD FIGHT Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Happy May and happy Roadmap Day!

As you probably have noticed the May Roadmap has some FC’s, and we need your help to make them best contracts there is! First batch of Community created contracts in May are themed around Food Fights (however you interpret this is up to you, but let’s not only have food kill contracts :wink: )

I’m super excited to kick off the second Official Community FC Submission thread in Y2. It’s time to get messy, target some chefs and poison some food.

How to get your Contract Featured: Well just as last time, there are many ways to get Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But remember: They have to be inspired by Food Fights, to be taken into consideration.

Note: you’ll need to create them in HITMAN 3, but feel free to use any location from the World of Assassination.

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image in game, to make it look more awesome)

Submissions Close Monday, May 9, 12 PM CEST.

Good luck :hamburger:



Can things like thrown weapon: apricot be used? Or should I not bother? :sweat_smile:

No worries if not since it requires a ‘trick’.


Bring on the Whittleton Creek contracts! :laughing:


The cupcake olympics ^^


Is it recommended to use the thrown food glitch to eliminate the targets or is it just as good if the story and also the gameplay (but not the eliminations) are inspired by food fights?

Odds are there will be one using food kills. Setup and story would help more for the others. But that’s my thoughts.

In H2, which carried over to H3, we had the hamburger kill already, so I don’t expect that one. Not to mention the muffin and apple kills.

My prediction: while there will probably be one legacy map chosen for the contract, preference will be to creative contacts in H3.


No, but food inspired. Chefs, poison food, knives etc.


I felt a disturbance in the force

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Contract ID : 1-31-4831487-68
Platform : Epic Gamea
Submitter name : Dinozafr
Contract Title : HITMAN3_u4JBV6qjoV
Brifing :
Brief Description : Eliminate target in disguise Asado Chef and without Sieger 360 Tactical eliminate targets
Location : Argentina , Mendoza
Image :

@Clemens_IOI will the Rubber Duck FC be open to submissions as well? I assume it is based on the use of “first batch” but a confirmation would be appreciated.

I have an idea that is more in-line with that theme than the Food Fights theme and think I’d rather focus my energies on that theme than rush a submission for this one.

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I’ll open that as soon as i close this! :slight_smile: So it opens Monday!


Nice, have a few ideas for contracts.
And if @Urben doesn’t submit his «Blueberry Hill 1957»-contract I’ll be disappointed.


Contract ID: 3-27-2906463-07

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: SupremeCommanderIke

Contract Title: MasterChef Dubai

Briefing: I can’t believe people would lie about my incredible food being inedible. I am a Master Chef. A 5 Time James Beard Award Winner!! I own and operate 6 5 Star Michelin Star Restaurants. MY FOOD IS NOT RAAAAAAAAW!! THEY SHALL PAY FOR THIS INSOLENCE!!! I’LL SHOW THEM WHATS RAW WITH THEM!! Maybe I will use them in my next signature dish!!! Yes!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! MWAHAHAHAHA!! Part One of Crazy MasterChef series!!

Brief Description: So the basis of this contract was what if Gordon Ramsey totally lost it and thought people were lying about his food. So I figured going around with a kitchen knife and cleaver as the Famous Chef starting a fight. The targets were people who he thought were smearing his name. Anyway thought that this contract fit in with the theme. Part 2 and 3 and possibly 4 coming soon!!

Location: Dubai

Featured Contract Image: A wide shot of the Famous Chef cooking in the Penthouse

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I don’t even need to check which contract that was to know it’s the headshots only food kill. Please don’t submit that or else I’ll have to actually play that (it scares me)


As someone who despises food contracts, this batch of contracts is going to be a nightmare for me…


Contract ID: 3-27-2038844-19
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: How To Hitman
Contract Title: Food Fight
Good afternoon, 47. Your targets are Roberto Franculitta, a world-renowned chef whose once-prosperous restaurant chain is on the verge of bankruptcy, and 3 of his most trusted managers, who are undercover at the party. A former employee has revealed Roberto’s secret ingredient. Poison. To save his business, Roberto plans on poisoning the rich celebrities at the Burj Al-Ghazali, so that his undercover staff can steal their wallets. Good luck 47. I will leave you to prepare your food.

Brief Description:
My main objective this time around was to make a contract that focuses on the different food items around Dubai’s map. You will need to eliminate your targets using a banana, an apple, and two muffins. These items can be found around the map, so you don’t necessarily need to bring anything with you. The contract also utilizes all of the different waiters and cook disguises on the map, which I personally think suits the gluttony theme well.
This contract tests your knowledge of Dubai, as the targets are spread out from the ground floor to the top floor, and you will need to locate the food items.

Location: Dubai, UAE

The Targets:

Roberto Franculitta is a world-renowned chef, who has been in the celebrity spotlight for the last 15 years. He is the owner of a large restaurant chain, Roberto’s Italian, which is on the brink of bankruptcy. The Covid 19 pandemic has forced all of his restaurants to close and his funds are getting very low. He has resulted to desperate, sinister methods in order to generate money. A former employee has revealed that his secret ingredient is poison.

Roberto’s glamorous celebrity status allows him to cook for many celebrities and rich business owners. He adds his secret ingredient to celebrities’ dishes so that he can steal their valuables when they are vomiting.

Mobeen Dar, Irsham Karam, and Muayid Sofran all work at Roberto’s chain of restaurants as managers, and they are his most trusted staff members. They have agreed to help him with his plan, in order to keep their high-paying jobs. The party at the Burj Al-Ghazali is filled with wealthy business owners, and they have all seen this as an opportunity. They have disguised themselves as staff members, and they plan on stealing from the party-goers.

Image Suggestion:

How to eliminate the targets using food.

In order to eliminate the targets using food, you will firstly need to shoot them in the arm five times using the Hwk 21 Pale Homemade Suppressor, followed by a shot to the chest/back. Then, throw the food item at the target. As muffins, bananas, and apples do a very small bit of damage, this eliminates them.

Video Walkthrough

HITMAN 3 | Food Fight | My Custom Contract | Silent Assassin in 4:34 - YouTube


Me too. I hate those contracts. But there’s this handy chart at least (by @muddye via @WINNODD ) :


Man. It’s been a while since I did one of these. Anyway, here is my contract I’m submitting for this Featured Contract. Freshly baked from the kitchen of Isle of Sgail… in HITMAN 3. I wonder who’s going to be feeling hungry for more after this.

Contract ID: 3-21-2599786-09
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: DavidG185
Contract Title: Isle of Dish-service?!


Your chef named Finley Henry has forced you to work away from home. Your family are wondering where you are now but you have to keep thing classified. Your old-school rival Maya Grant is also there to make your life terrible, and you don’t even care about all of those high profiled guests at Isle of Sgail. What they’ve done is a disservice to your life. You didn’t want to be a chef or a server. Serve the people you hate the disservice that you felt and leave the venue. A dish-service you say.

Brief Description: 4 targets elimination. 1 Cleaver Kill, 1 Accident, 2 Poison Kills. First two killed disguised as Chef, last two killed disguised as Event Staff. Targets Only and No Bodies Found unless it’s accidents or poisonings. Good way of teaching how the Silent Assasin Tracker works with Poison and Accident Kills.

Location: Isle of Sgail, North Atlantic (The Ark Society)

Feature Contract Image Suggestion:


It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a submission. This time around I’m going to recycle my old Gluttony submission, which is coincidently called Food Fight, and make a new one which involves kitchen knives and cleavers.

You’ll probably all hate Food Fight, and although I might be biased, it’s one of the better food contracts I’ve played.


For the Rubber Duck Community Featured Contract… man, back to back Community Featured Contracts, I am not prepared to play HITMAN 3 again to make more contracts. I’m planning on recycling and bringing back one of my previous sinful submissions, specifically the Wrath submission - The Night The Duck Cried.

Yeap, the one with a lot of complications (five to be exact + a required exit), which I’m pretty sure some people will hate me for it but that is clearly the point. While it is clearly true that you can use ANY Explosive Devices to take out the two targets, the idea behind it though is to utilize the Explosive Ducks. Now you see why I want to recycle it. It is also one of the challenging ones that I have made. While it is good to have some pretty straightforward contracts, I think it is good to have the occasional odd hard one in the mix. And I think it is fun in my opinion.

To make up for it, I will work on creating a new one. It would kinda smell like burnt rubber when it is fresh. Thankfully this time I have more map variety with this set compare to The Night The Duck Cried.