Old Hitmanforum Archive

Welcome to the new forum :slight_smile:
If you had to create a new account, that’s because we migrated to this new forum (same URL, of course). The old forum is archived here:

You can’t log in, but you can dig around and find your old images that you want to transfer over.

To transfer images, try simply copy and pasting by right clicking them first (so you don’t have to download each individual picture). You can highlight multiple images/text at a time to copy and paste everything easily.


Thank you for your work on the new forums guys :blush:

However i have a few questions regarding the next:

  • What will happen to the Old Forum Archive after March 2021?
    Will we be able to access it after that date? Will the links remain the same?

  • About all the images hosted on Old Forums: will you keep the images or delete them all from the database?

Thanks for your answers.

Expect it to be gone for you. It will probably archived as a file and put on a hard disk in a NY bank vault.

Pull everything you want to keep from there before March. There won’t be an easy way to do it after, if there will be one at all.


Apart from manual copy and paste, is there anyway to export posts akin to an email archive of listed emails and contents?

There’s a fair few bugs/mistakes in Hitman 2 that I call posting about, which weren’t resolved and I’d like to follow up on them for 3. I might just post them again in the inevitable bug thread before March comes around anyway.

Unfortunately there is not really an effective export method available, largely due to the limitations of the software and partially due to the corruption in the database that was linked to the instability on the previous instance.

What was the reason for moving the forum? This one looks pretty much the same as the old one.

A combination of the overall age of the forum, maintenance issues over that period and the outages on the other server causing database issues meant that the database was too corrupted to move across. Since it got confirmed as unsalvageable in December I went with the simplest solution so that I could ensure the forum was fully functional at the time of release of Hitman 3.


Ah. Makes sense. Can’t polish a turd. Lol. Glad it’s up and running for the new release then!

wincenworks is Jarbinger?


Can’t access the archive anymore. Normal?
Would have liked to recover my avatar. Wasn’t easy to get the Fuchs face to fit neatly into the circle.

Took a second to load, but it’s working all right for me.

Is this what you were looking for?


Thank you @ZeroGravitas.
The picture is not showing up for me, nor is the site loading, but the URL sounds about right. I will try accessing it on another connection, probably some firewall thing blocking my access on my end.


The archive has had Read Only temporarily lifted so that those who need to log in to access private messages etc can do so.

The vast majority of the categories are read only and I will be expecting people not to post further, register new accounts, etc.

I expect to be putting it back into read only mode in 48 hours, more or less.

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Thanks for unlocking the archive. However i’m getting a google Oauth error when trying to log in:


I’ve created new Google OAuth settings for the Archive so it should work now.

I haven’t created new auth credentials for any other third parties 'cause nobody seems to actually use them, but if I am wrong I will do so upon request.

I’m sorry dude but still having the same error :confused:

Okay, I’ve updated the configuration. Please try again.

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It’s working now :+1:
Can you extend the login feature for more time please?

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