Paintball Mod? anyone care to build one?

Ok, so i admit i have this guilty pleasure (fun) with playing the latest 3 hitman games, and i understand what a hitman is supposed to be.

However, there are days when the thought of blood or killing, don’t appeal to me. I have children as well and the graphics and designs are so amazing, it would be kind of a shame if i couldn’t let my kids play the game, BUT i don’t condone underage gamers playing Mature games.

I have Photoshop and know how to paint skins, i just do not know the file structure or how to unpack and textures from any of the 3 recent hitman games, and to repackage them. If needed, i would be happy to create ‘splats’ for the blood effects, but i would need a partner or the community to help with the files.

TL;DR I think a paintball mod would be great for leisure time where you don’t feel like full immersion, and might be a healthy way to the theme of sport shooting, quite different from a mod like ‘Modern Paintball’ in CoD MW, simply because you are hiding in public and then stalking your target.


Aha! I asked my web-design friend if he knows anything about modding, and he referred me to a 3d modeler, who makes weapons. I’ve read that model swaps are fairly simple; I don’t know how, as i said, but i can get paintball marker (‘guns’) modeled and textured so that a model swap for standard weapons could be done.

I might be able to help in some areas, mainly model swapping and texture editing, but if you want more help, I suggest joining the discord here

that’s nice of you to offer. I am on a family member’s laptop and don’t have full access to install applications.

I also tried the modding thread. Hoping that more than 1 person who knows how to mod would do some work on this, i realized people screaming “Oh no, he’s dead” etc. would break the illusion of a paintball mod.

Well, you could remove those voicelines lol

Would you want to take lead of a project to start a paintball mod as a peer? i think joining that massive discord would complicate things.

Task list seems like:
1: replace blood, gore, and blood trails with colored paint. remove blood splatter from surfaces/ or use a completely transparent texture to replace.
2: i will ask modeler to model newest paintball marker guns from images on the web, for later replacement of silenced weapons in each category (type)
3: voicelines could be removed or replaced, whichever fits best.

I would be glad to join you! Also you can totally join the discord. Only a few members are active at any time, and I’m sure they would be glad to help.

Ok, thanks, looked like too many members to actually get work done without constantly interrupting someone, etc.

And thanks for your interest in the mod, i’m sure anyone who also likes the idea of the mod will love it if/when it’s completed.

I joined the Discord and they claim there’s barely any modding in there… so i a hoping honest member(s) of the modding community here can help. I am going to have the first Paintball Marker model ready in a day or two. i don’t think the polygon limits will be a problem, and texture size will be kept at medium resolution; It will just need the blood and splatter, voicelines to be modified and packed up into a .rpkg from what i have read.

By all means tweak the game experience for yourself however you like, but I question the logic of thinking that any amount of reskins would make this game appropriate for children. There’s no way to reskin drowning someone in a toilet, or being pushed off a high ledge, or throwing a screwdriver through someone’s eye socket, etc. etc. Not to mention all the adult activity like drug abuse that takes place in the ambient atmosphere of the level, regardless of what the player does. Just a thought.


No, Game is as it stands, M Rated for Mature.

The Mod is under that condition.