Perfectionist trophy bugged in H3?

Hey folks. I ported in progress from H2 and everything came in great with two exceptions - the sniper map stuff (which is fine as IOI told us to expect that) and the “Perfectionist” trophy from H1 (Complete Suit Only and Silent Assassin Challenges on The Icon, A House Built on Sand or Landslide.)

I have definitely met the requirements (on The Icon and A House Built on Sand before import and Landslide on H3).

The game shows all requirements as complete but it’s not popping. I can see from PSNprofiles that it’s working for some people, so any advice or corroboration would be great, thanks.

The trophy was unlocked along with other Legacy ones when I made my progression carryover. You will probably have to post this again on the bug report thread, since I haven’t seen the same issue here. I hope you do finally get it as you should. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply. Do you have SASO for those maps? I’m wondering if the trophy has been incorrectly configured to look for SASO rather than SA and (separately) SO as the description says.

Yes. Those challenges were unlocked in H2 and carried over to H3 without issues to me. All three (SA, SO, and SASO) were all included.

I believe that the description of the trophy means two separated challenges, cause if it’s the other way around, it would likely be written as “Complete Silent Assassin Suit only Challenges…” without the ‘and’, right?

Thanks! Yes, I think the description means two separate challenges, but if so I don’t understand why I’m not getting the trophy, because I have definitely done that. I might try SASO at some point.

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I just did SASO on The Icon, but it made no difference and the trophy still didn’t pop. Disappointing! I hope IOI fix this at some point down the line.

I tried unlinking and relinking my IOI account too in the hope of nudging it, but it still didn’t work.

Well you know where to report this. I am sorry to hear that didn’t work out.

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Thanks yep I have just done so.