Pick 3 WoA maps where you could alter a specific part/area

Haven Island: Stephen Bradley’s private island.

Since he’s a tech wizard, I’d change the center of his island into his own small private hut. First floor would be filled with computers and stuff. 2nd floor would be his private quarters. Just one bedroom, a bathroom, a balcony with view on the ocean. Additionally, a secret see-through tunnel would connect to the server room.

Whittleton Creek: Construction site.

Such a big empty space could be a supermarket/convenience store with a small underground parking. The whole place would have many options for accidents. I imagine that Nolan Cassidy could be roaming that area in his routine.

Bangkok: The hotel.

I enjoy Jordan Cross and the whole music studio section but I really dislike the design of everything else. Bangkok is the map I like the least design wise in the whole trilogy. Except for the music studio part, I’d like to have the whole hotel redesigned with more unique/visually appealing areas. I’d open up the beach to expend Ken Morgan’s routine. I’d also change the back of the hotel into a luxurious pool area with a pretty view of the jungle. Maybe add a tennis court there too.


I feel the majority of the maps in the trilogy have various distinct areas. Miami has the race track, the kronstadt building etc…Columbia has the fishing village, the coca field, the Delgado mansion etc…Sapienza has the mansion, the lawyer’s office, the church etc…Paris has the runway, the auction, the gardens, the attic etc…Dartmoor has the mansion, the graveyard, greenhouse, gardens.

Bangkok’s hotel is just one big block area with the right and left wing nearly identical in lay out. Initially I meant to say change the right wing so you could keep the left-wing with the music studio. But since this map lacks in standing out areas, I ultimately felt the whole thing needs to be redone.

My apologies if it contradicted with the title and if it bothered you.

What would be your top 3?

I’m going for very specific…

Hokkaido -
I’d have it so you can shoot Yamazaki through the glass like it used to be. It was a cool kill.

Bangkok - I’d include lifts. They wouldn’t be working but by having the shafts there it would explain how Cross got all the equipment upstairs, and by taking all the equipment upstairs it broke them so that’s why they can’t work during the mission. You could open them with a crowbar and there would be a mechanic disguise to do so. It would add an extra way to gain entry to the top floors and also an extra couple of target kills.

And I’m not sure about number 3 yet. I shall consider.


Yes! I would definitely include that in my dream world of re-designing the hotel. Very good point.

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Oh number 3, don’t know why I didn’t immediately think of this.

I’d get rid of the persistent shortcut in Berlin which lets you walk straight into the club without any effort.
I’d make it a lockpick door, or put a guard there.
Something that doesn’t make the infiltration of the club too easy.


I agree 200%. That’s the only shortcut that bothers me in the whole game.


I might edit this with details later, but right off the top of my head:

1) Bangkok: Make the beach accessible and lively (vendors, people chilling), with Morgan´s route potentially leading there (I would fancy a snake charmer kill opportunity). Repurpose the northern side of the hotel - which is currently a literal jungle within the hotel´s compound right in front of the room windows - into something that would actually make it feel like a luxurious hotel (rather than one massive bar and restaurant), such as a swimming pool area, entertainment area with a podium… Something! Plus minor changes that would make movement around the map feel more fluid.

2) Chongqing: Plain and simple, add more accessible indoor areas in the street parts of the map, such as above the restaurant. Put a bar here, an actually functioning arcade there, bigger karaoke bar (with actual Chinese music)… add some shops and food vendors… Make it feel like a city map (even if a smaller one) and not like one massive ICA facility through and through. And throw in that Heavenly Guard mission story I was drooling about in another thread :joy:

3) Colorado(?): Not entirely sure about no. 3 yet, but I feel like Colorado would benefit from a bit of extra space around the farm (e.g. the fields), just so Berg and Parvati would have potentially extendable routes and some more signature kills to perform (utilizing a combine or something like that) and flesh them out a little.

OR New York: I feel kinda sorry that the bank is a strictly indoors level. It´s fantastic, but having access to the rooftop or a smoking terrace for example, just to enjoy the rain and city sounds would be a nice touch…


Thinking of small, specific changes is harder than re-imagining the map. Made me think a lot past my number one answer.

1) Whittleton Creek - I’ve suggested the same thing as you before, a store or something where the construction site is. Recently I had the idea of a canoe rental place or a fishing store, to tie in with the creek. Something like that would do wonders for that map.

2) Colorado - Everyone and their mother complained this map is 100% trespassing, so it needs a public area. Makes sense a militia would sell guns, so have part of the field area changed into a gun show and sales kind of tent setup, where 47 can infiltrate as Tobias Rieper, customer extraordinaire.

3) Santa Fortuna - This is one of my least favorite maps because of how large but completely disconnected it feels. Hard to think of a small, specific change that could deal with that but bringing things closer together would help a lot. To that purpose I would move Martinez’s house to right outside the mansion, and let the small town area (perhaps shrunk a little bit) be off to the side of that more focused area.


Bangkok: return the security hut to how it was in 2016 so we can easily destroy evidence. Plus more routes through the place would be good. Maybe more rooms have balconies and pipes to climb.

Sapienza: more open shops, the town sometimes feels a bit too lifeless.

Dartmoor: would have loved a wine cellar or something, maybe even horse stables. Give it the Beldingford treatment.


I’m loving this idea! I know I’m taking this too far but a snake unlock. You can throw it at targets for accident poison kills lol.

Totally! The karaoke should’ve been expanded. A grim place filled with call girls.

So much this! Imagine starting from the street level and infiltrating the bank from the outside. Being able to be on the rooftop and seeing the view of New York during a rainy day. Just like everyone I wish we had a way to trigger the heist…or being part of it as a mission story.

Great idea! This would’ve been so much better than the current empty construction site.

I for one would get rid of the entire underground area. Same for the construction site. Have a trigger for all targets to meat in the fishing town for a triple kill similar to Haven’s servers room.

Yes! The horse stables would totally fit. Imagine triggering an accident with a horse kicking the target to death.

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Berlin: Either limit bikers from being in certain parts of the club, or don’t have that as an option to start the level. It’s too powerful as is.

Dubai: an additional suit starting location would be nice to have, say on the balcony bar since getting there from the atrium will take a decent chunk of time.


I love Bangkok as hotel settings are my favorite. But I would change a lot about the hotel.

  1. I wish there were more hotel rooms. I think in Club 27, only 4 rooms are not taken by the Class (Tobias Rieper, Jackie Carrington, one empty hotel room, and another with one random npc in it.)

  2. The Himmapan Hotel did not feel like a luxury hotel to me. Where are the amenities? There is no pool, spa, gym, or any activities to do. All the guests can do is eat and drink. I think the mission would be so much more fun if there was a pool (imagine how beautiful it would look if it had Asian decor).

  3. Also, it seems odd to me that the beach is not accessible. The beach is also completely empty. I wish they would add tourists. They could be laying on beach chairs and taking selfies, etc. It would make the mission feel less like you’re trapped.

  4. Also, isn’t it odd that one side of the hotel has a beautiful view of the river yet the other side is facing a jungle? I even recall one of the guests complaining about not getting a room with a river view. That seems weird to me that a luxury hotel would want their guests to spend an outrageous amount of money to have a view of the jungle. What if that side had a view of a temple or that side can have a pool view? That would be beautiful.

  5. Add more ways to enter Ken Morgan’s and Jordan Cross’ rooms. It is boring that there are only two ways to enter the suites (either from the drainpipe or up the stairs.)

I love Bangkok and it’s one of the most favorite locations. It is so beautiful but I wish they would change the map to make it feel like a luxury hotel rather than one giant bar.


As someone whose wife is a travel nut and has stayed in a bunch of hotels, I can tell you one side having a great view and the other side not having one is pretty normal. Usually the ones with a great view are more expensive.


Other than Bangkok which I think needs a makeover the most, I would change Colorado and Chongqing

Colorado- The map is very flat and open. I wish they would add more verticality.

Chongqing- Make more of the city explorable.

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I would extend the drainpipes that lead up to the Atrium Roof to lead up to the 5th floor of either side of the hotel. On Jordan’s side, I’d either have this lead directly into the room with the katana or, perhaps, be able to walk around ledges on the side of the building to get to the room with the safe.

This would have the added benefit of connecting the 5th floor on the other side of the level in a coherent way - so if you manage to sneak up the 5th floor on the ‘quiet side’, you’ve got a direct route using drainpipes to get to the 5th floor on the other side.

Someone on this forum (maybe Kent?) suggested years ago that we could have a tightrope to walk along to connect the 2 sides of the hotel. Could be interesting if there was some reason for it being there. Maybe you could legally get across as a tightrope walker, or illegally sneak over.

Add walkable ledges connecting from the windows of some of the unused hotel rooms, to areas you could infiltrate from.

As others have mentioned, add an additional security server somewhere so you have a second way to delete the evidence. Ideally, where it used to be in the security hut next to the bug buster van.


As @resevilx alluded to above, Bangkok is the most terribly designed mission. The most ridiculous part of it is the bloody CAMERAS! They are completely unnecessary and the routes that they cover are involved in almost every mission opportunity which means you have to either Mission Impossible style stealth your way around them, shoot them, go and grab one of the awkwardly placed keycards to get into the security room (which require disguises to easily pick up anyway) or use some other gamey style way to get into the security room, all of which is incredibly immersion breaking in a hotel level.

The biggest mistake they made in the game way removing the computer in the outdoor hut that let you delete the evidence. That solved everything. So Bankok:-

  1. Remove the cameras


  1. Add the security computer back into the outdoor hut so we can delete the evidence there

  2. Give Abel Da Silva a better method/place to be knocked out. We have to either poison his drink or lure him with coins which I dislike as I think coins should be a last resort unless it is a speedrun or some sort of custom challenge run


I actually shoot the balcony Abel stands on while I’m on the balcony above. For some reason he’ll investigate the noise by coming to your hotel room.


Really? Ha, that’s weird. I’ll have to try it out

I think it would’ve been so much better if Abel just walked into that little room next adjacent to the main lounge where noone is and did something in there where we could easily KO him. But instead he just leans on that balcony right in view of the guard so we need to lure him in there with coins like a weird old man with a bag of sweets :expressionless:

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I just want to put out there that I do love hotel settings too. And Bangkok really has gorgeous outdoor views of the river and the city. Also the front of the hotel looks really pretty. It’s the inside that I find boring visually with not much going on except for the music studio. The outside looks great too in the night version.

Totally! The few existing available rooms are mostly empty with nothing going on inside. I’m hoping a reimagined version would remove the left wing first floor construction/exterminator stuff to open up the rooms with unique NPCs and interesting things to explore.

Yes this level desperately needs this. People playing volleyball and stuff to make it lively.

I’m in the minority here but I think the level is fine as it is. It just needs more unique mission stories where we could get double, triple, quadruple kills with the main targets.

Wish we could offer him some drugs or something to lure him somewhere isolated. Either way yes we need additional methods.

Or at least obtain an item that upon giving it to him would make him go to that little room.

  1. Chongqing: Make the Huge Building with the Green Neon Sign an actual Building OR open the Train Station and expand on it a bit. (Also add atleast 5-7 New NPC Models into the Mix while your add it. Hell, just put Bank NPCs into it if you want a quick fix. )

  2. Whittelton Creek: Make the Church, which lies beneath the Fence accessible. You could greatly expand Cassidys Routine and Character by having him go there.

  3. (Bangkok): Usually I was going to say Bangkok aswell, but I don’t think I would like it (Club 27 Version) alot more, even with this Changes, so instead:

3.5) Santa Fortuna: Add atleast 10 more NPC Models for the Villagers. The Tourists (and Hotel Owner) are literally the only unique ones here.