Player-Made Elusive Contracts (All Platforms)

I followed the rules.

3/5 stars. Far from perfect, but I’m in the lead. Whoop!

I foolishly forgot about the no-gun restriction halfway through the contract, and my first kill violated the disguise requirement – but the latter wasn’t my fault. As you can see from the video, I was wearing a biker disguise, but apparently biker disguises taken from ICA agents are invalid. Boo.

Nice contract. Stolen bike retrieved. I’m amazed I found the keys, honestly, even with explicit directions.


Damn. I knew that the ICA Agent Biker’s disguise was treated as a completely different one (in that if you get compromised as a Biker, you can put his “Biker” disguise on and it’s as if you’re an entirely different person – even though the only difference is that he’s got a green jacket) but I thought all that was a bug.

Nice job David. Wow.


Schizophrenia - mini

Nice job! I explicitly stated that the biker disguise was not an agent variant, but to be fair, I added that somewhere last evening so I can see how you missed that. I will take better look at your video later, but I’m happy that the contract is not completely undoable.

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What a rollercoaster. I think I managed to be clever and stupid all at once. :grin:

95,419. Shadow ICA Assassin in 19:21.


Hi Sany, I think you might be looking for the Fan-Made contracts thread. This thread here is a totally different place where we challenge each other to contracts each week, winner’s choice.


Nice work. I like how you seemed to think you had killed all three targets and were ready to get out of there.

Good trick luring the final guy to the bathroom with his dead friend’s body. That’s cold.


Welp, I’ve got my Elusive Contract prepared, for whenever I end up topping the leaderboard. :laughing:

Looking at it now… it’s actually pretty objective-heavy (oops), in that there’s some things you can do to get bonus points on top of the targets I’ve set to kill. It definitely looked better in my head.

So… I think I’ll set those bonus objectives as optional, or either/or for each.
Sorry, just teasing a bit of what I’ve got tumbling around in my head.


Ugh, this week has flown by so quick I didn’t even end up playing this one :man_facepalming: ah well, at least I’ll be nice and rested to crush the next one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do the same all the time when I’m excited about something I’m making :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: look forward to seeing it mate


A little tricky contracts for this mode but a very fun one also.

I followed the rules my score is 42.801.


The week is over, and I think that, no matter the bugs, it is safe to declare a winner.

Congratulations @ZeroGravitas with your great run! Not a true silent assassin, but the fault is more in my contract than in your skills :wink:.

EDIT: This seems to be the second thing he wins today, how lucky!


I went back and forth over whether or not to make this strictly Suit Only, but decided against it since there isn’t a suit-friendly exit in Mendoza and the most convenient exit will be…less convenient at the end.

The Boomtown Rats

One of the Heralds in Mendoza has uncovered a plot to kidnap Valentina Yates in order to extract valuable information from her husband. The kidnappers have infiltrated the villa grounds and have orders to fire one of the cannons at the villa entrance as a signal to the as-yet unidentified mastermind that the asset is secured. Time is limited, so access the villa as quickly as possible and eliminate the kidnappers. Once this is done, use the traitor’s signal against them by firing one of the cannons. Our employer will be watching to see who reacts…


  • Eliminate Garcia Martin
  • Eliminate Magdalena Marchesi
  • Fire one of the cannons located near the villa entrance to expose the mastermind.


  • You may not wear the Midnight Black Suit.
  • No big tasers. (The micro taser & EMP are fine.)
  • The cannon must be fired after both targets are dead.

A couple of helpful tips:

  • The cannonballs and gunpowder you need to fire the cannon(s) are in the villa attic.
  • You can set off (loaded) cannons from a distance with a bullet to any part of the barrel.

PS ID: 2-31-7311213-81
PC ID: 1-31-5514025-98 (Thanks to @forking_path)
Deadline: 1 April, 23:00 UTC

Target Info for Recreation
  • Garcia Martin is a mercenary in the western backyard leaning on the stone wall next to the gate leading into the High Gardens (where the Gauchos roam).
  • Magdalena Marchesi is one of the women cleaning the Villa Living Room

Oooh. Excited to try it as soon as it gets recreated.


I managed to get silent assassin (I feel like I am gradually getting more consistent at these challenges :smiley:), with a score of 166.266. Also suit only, which is very doable with a bit of luck

From the moment I climbed into the villa grounds right behind a guard (I thought there would be flowers, oops), my heart started racing and did not stop racing until I got to the score screen. I had some trouble finding the cannon and the cannonballs, but I dare say the rest went relatively smoothly! My loadout seems to be almost optimal for the contract, only the crowbar didn’t serve any purpose. Also, I think I more people than just the mastermind reacted to the cannon, so have fun finding them :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, an amazing and tense contract, thank you.


Had a free evening, so it’s recreated for PC: 1-31-5514025-98

Fun setup! It’s nice that a route suggests itself for newer players like me, though I’m sure there’ll be some great short-time runs before long. Love the additional complications.


I followed all the rules.

In my haste to beat a SA, 8m40s high score, it was not to be. (I got a faster time, but it’s not big enough without Silent Assassin.)

The worst part is, I know exactly what I got wrong in the end! I should have gone for the Boat exit instead, or I should have used the KO’d guard outfit nearby. My brain was in Suit-Only mode, so it hadn’t crossed my mind.

Also, it’s the return of the No Noticed Kills bug. No idea when that happened. Certainly not after firing the cannon, the indicator was still green.


Wow, you had a lot of close calls with guards there. Nice job

That’s so strange. 10XP for Unnoticed Kills, 2 targets, and “No Noticed Kills” is missing. Each kill popped up “Unnoticed kill” this time. I wonder if the bug involves getting spotted while enemies are hunting for a “killer,” in this case about firing a cannon: so they assume that you’re the culprit and killed someone, even if you actually haven’t?

Great run though, lol

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I thought it had to do with knocking out an NPC as they spot you doing it.

But, no one spotted me knocking anyone out. Maybe it was the guard who I KO’d in the flowers? He was kinda facing me when I threw the cannonball, but it didn’t compromise me. :thinking:

I just ran the exact same run as I did before, except that I got purposefullly spotted after firing the cannon. It broke no noticed kills. I knocked out nobody except for tranqs, and the kills were accident or poison This seems even more odd than I initially thought!