Playing the game as “another character”

This has been talked about a few times, although I don’t think in any great detail, but does anyone else sometimes use one of the many outfits available in the game to imagine they’re playing as a different assassin than Agent 47?

Back in the summer, after finishing the sniper maps in full and turning my attention to full completion of the game challenges, I decided to do so while simultaneously playing the game as a different character, so to speak. Using the Guru outfit in the Deluxe tab of the suits menu, I decided to play through the main game as the ICA agent known as The Guru; an old hippie who realized his talent at mixing drugs and chemicals could make him lots of money as a hitman, and whose MO is to exclusively poison his targets. I did not include the sniper maps in this playthrough, as they have no poison option (although since I had a challenge to complete in the Vector sniper mission, I count that as being included to keep Patient Zero consistent), nor will I include the 7DS between the Farewell and Untouchable, but the rest of the main campaign I have gone through as the Guru, with only those last two and the Dartmoor Garden Show left.

I started with ICA training facility and there I had to make the exception of just using emetics to drown the practice targets. From there forward, however, as I completed all challenges for each map to aid in 100% completion, I then played the map through as the Guru. It plays differently than when I play as 47, in which I follow the HPP, as has been well discussed. For the Guru, however, he does not use firearms, except for the Sieker, so that is what I equip him with, as well as the Guru’s emetic grenade, the Guru’s pen, and any other emetic, lethal, or tranquilizer poison object that I can bring into a map, although I try to use those already found on the map as much as possible.

The Guru can use disguises like 47, but in an inversion from the HPP, since he does not wear gloves, to maintain consistency, I do not use disguises with him that have gloves; I dunno why I do weird stuff like that, I just do. For that reason, Ajit Krish is the one target who can consume some kind of poison, but whom I could not administer it to in such a way, as it would have required a gloved disguise, so it was a syringe for him. Sierra Knox also got the syringe, but during her medical checkup, because unique poison opportunities will usually take precedence over simple consumption.

Even Patient Zero got the Guru treatment, although obviously not the suit in the final mission. The most interesting one so far has actually been Apex Predator, because there’s simply no way to use a consume poison option on five targets, let alone all ten present. I brought three poison vials with me and used a consumed rat poison on agent Davenport to get him to the portable toilets, then used the lethal poison syringe agent Banner carries to deal with him, and used my three vials on agents Swan, Lowenthal, and Tremaine. I then knocked out the rest of the agents (and various NPCs who were then stuffed into hiding places), and dragged the unconscious agents to the garden room on the second floor of the biker hideout, and used agent Rhode’s lethal pills to use the humidifier and poisoned the air in the room with the agents’ bodies.

I believe I’ll be done with this playthrough as the Guru tonight or tomorrow, just in time to return to playing in usual 47 fashion again as we get the final challenges for Year 2 and draw up on Freelancer. It’s been fun imagining these as just regular, unrelated targets that the Guru is trying to take out, and I’ve enjoyed playing as him. I’m trying to think up another identity for one of the other available outfits to try different gameplay styles for when the novelty of non-stop Freelancer starts to fade. Maybe the Red Dragon triad suit for a sniper, or the Pride outfit for stabbing each target with the silver saber. Decisions, decisions.

Anybody else do something similar with their own headcanon hitman?


I have the hardest time putting myself into any character, let alone multiple. I tend to play 47 the way I would act without any concern for how the actual character of 47 would act. I think I do that with almost every video game, come to think of it.

I think that’s probably why I don’t usually concern myself with what the canon way to complete a game is since that isn’t the way I probably played it regardless.

That said, it’s a great idea to think about. I’m curious what other players think about how other characters would complete these missions.


Seems kinda pointless, but if it would happen, very cool, if IOI would make an Hitman game without 47 as the main charcter, it’d be weird ofcourse, but it has alot of different narative opportunities to explore.


Ive always wondered why stone and knight from the sniper assassin mode weren’t converted into skins to play as.

It would give some variety and make use of their unfinished casual clothing


ahm disguises are lots of work and resources ahm


frankly no because I love the Hitman franchise for what it is and also enjoy making fun of 47’s shiny head.

it is an interesting concept though (playing this game as another character), and one that has been talked about to death on the forum. had Absolution been written better it might have been cool to play as Victoria and see what her strengths and weaknesses were in comparison to 47. infiltrating could have proved to be challenging or easier as her, who knows

and as for this play style, well it is unique and i praise you for sticking to your guns. I could never restrain myself like that however :stuck_out_tongue:


Simple answer: No.

Long answer: I might with mods that implement reskins. But that’s not to say it would make me role-play as whoever that skin represents. I’d still play it as normal. But to not play “normal”… For that to happen I’d need different mechanics and abilities. Or maybe I’d be handicapped in some way (not able to do what 47 can). Which would make me figure out how to overcome whatever challenge.

The game gives us abilities. To not take advantage of those seems to limit the fun one might have.

My 47 has a strange habit of reciprocating my IRL mood. I find games more fun as a way to escape and let off tension. Not as the source of more tension by pretending I have [REDACTED].


Yeah of course, I use a mod to mainly play as Grey :sweat_smile:

When I do challenges I play mostly as 47, though, because even changing to Grey, dialogues and all remain from 47.

But I like to imagine that Grey also gets the opportunity to kill Stuyvesant and Ingram or I just walk around with him in Spaienza for example, to imagine how he was there, observing everything :relieved:

I just do that between playing the main challenges to kill some time, when I just want to chill a little or do screenshots.


Normally I try to go for SASO with as little KOs as possible for ET/campaign missions, but sometimes I switch it up when i feel like it. For example the recent Authoritarians ETA made me give up regular gameplay rules and treat every single one of Adeze’s soldiers as allowed knife fodder. Or when I come up with a specific kill method, like poisoning Newcombe at the cinema stage and having his clients see the dead body once the blind darts wear off.

I can see myself swapping between MOs more when Freelancer launches with its syndicate types and lesser focus on SA.


Idk if this counts as playing the as a different person or character, but more in a different head space and emotional trait for 47 himself.
I play the game normally and stuff, but when i want to wind down the best way to do that is to put a good cover of a song over the game 100% audio and i usually have a route for every single map for silent but physiopathical mayhem whilst never being caught, i don’t know it just makes me feel as though 47 is reliving a moment or something.

Kinda like when people put music over gameplay of something so you focus on the music and the ways they do things in the video

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Hitman just wouldn’t be the same without 47!

It’s like taking Lara Croft away from Tomb Raider, or taking Sonic The Hedgehog away from the Sonic franchise, it just wouldn’t be the same or go down very well with the wider fan base.


Just as a spin off or something, exploring more lore as different characters like Grey or Victoria


Could work as a spin off I suppose, but IOI did tease us with different characters by adding Knight and Stone to ‘Sniper Assassin’ in Hitman 2 but it didn’t last too long.

Think IOI know we all like 47 too much.


Both Knight and Stone don’t matter to the story, so ones like Grey or Victoria would be incredibly great.

Imagine Grey assassinatng people with Olivia being his handler


Victoria would go down like a house on fire because everyone didn’t like her in Absolution.

Grey on the other hand, he could definitely work as a spin off or some sort.


Agree, but in my mind, it’s not 47 that makes Hitman great. 47 is a blank slate and that’s his attraction. Yes, there is backstory about cloning and physical enhancement, but 47, as a character, isn’t really all that interesting. His motivation is our motivation. He succeeds so well as a character be because, in large part, he doesn’t have a lot of agency of his own so whatever the player wants to see in him still fits (and yeah @Heisenberg i know he’s actually a developed character if you get into it - but if you just play the games, he’s more blank than not).


Do you mean that…… literally? :joy:


I think the series has wasted great opportunities to play as or utilize characters other than 47 for missions, in the form of both Lucas Grey and ESPECIALLY with Victoria in Absolution. Both characters were made to represent people who were highly skilled on a level near or at 47, and they also represented 47s emotional side and it’s a crime that we never saw 47 rely on or need their help in order to complete his objectives, or at the very least seen it paid back actively in missions more with teamwork and assistance.

The closest we ever got in the actual missions was with Lucas Grey in Sgail (effectively just as an excuse to not force players to have to extract the constant every time) Dubai (with the one meeting opportunity) and Ambrose Island (with the exits). Not exactly stellar examples or use of these characters who play such integral roles in the story and really shows the disconnect here between the story and the gameplay of the trilogy.

I get why we never got to actually play as Lucas Grey and Victoria from a development perspective, as it would take a lot of resources to rework for a new player model, and have disguises fit that player model instead of 47s, as well as it being generally a risky story gamble since players are so attached to 47 as being the identity of the series that writers and producers see it as a brand risk with possible “fanboys” accusing the studio of abandoning or weening 47 out of the story (which wouldn’t have been true in either of these circumstances).

But still it could have provided some really cool moments. Especially if players were allowed to chose which protagonist to play as in the mission, and potentially locking certain mission opportunities, paths, and kills to different characters.

Mendoza showcased the interesting angles of having allies for 47 to work with be actually on the map and in future entries this is definitely something that will need to be worked in more. Particularly I would like to see it expanded with a preplanning angle with hidden agents, temporary allies, hiring snipers and spotters to highlight guards and people of interest, having to actually interact with people at dead drops to get equipment and access (like we see in a lot of the oldest games).

I think we’ve additionally seen it work well in the context of mission stories / opportunities in Mendoza. My guess is that in the distant future (as in future Hitman games) we’ll see Smith more actively assist in a kill(s) when he makes and appearance, as well as more general NPC integration in pulling off kills (such as proxy kills in the trilogy like the Kashmerian and Yate’s wife).


Well, I really meant it more as imagining being another agent for ICA, each with their own style and MO, rather than being another character in the existing story.

Playing as Victoria would be problematic because following along with the theme of the Hitman series overall, with infiltration through disguises, it would inevitably involve Victoria being subject to predation or having to use her sexuality to manipulate a situation, and given that she’s a fourteen year old… :nauseated_face:.

Now Grey would be a decent example of such, and with the Berlin outfit, one can play the game imagining they’re him instead.

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Yeah that’s more a problem with Absolution’s tone, I’m more talking about it through the lens of a normal missions and without any of that problematic theming (much more akin to the trilogy we have now). I think though that if the game had a mission setup where you could play as 47 or Victoria (or some other female character) it could show a major contrast in available routes, disguises, and other mechanics.

In a theoretical situation where we could have played as these characters as alternates, it would have been cool to see how the game would have treated it, and if the game would additionally given different traversal and regular abilities to them (47 can parkour around well and has instinct, but maybe Grey would have point shooting and Victoria would have faster reactions times, as examples of gameplay differences).

Unless IO does something crazy with the story or the series, or we see a completely new chapter of supporting characters that work alongside 47 in the story, I don’t think we would see anything like this for a LONG time (if ever!).

I mean this is all effectively a pipe dream wishlist suggestion for something crazy / cool we could see in a different game, but:

Playing as other characters though would only be seen story or development wise if these characters had innate qualities that made them viable in only specific routes (ex. 47 and Victoria with a gender difference that changes available disguises, a character who has technical skills and can hack objects, a character who can setup better traps or ambushes, a character whose much better at combat, etc.). It wouldn’t make sense for the developers to do this for something that was purely aesthetic, as it would be a big strain on resources it would have to be something that could really be touted as a selling point or unique aspect of the experience.

If we wanted a REALLY crazy thought, image being able to have multiple characters in play in a single mission, and effectively be able to setup complex chains of events, opportunities, or kills that require coordination between these characters. It would have to be done really well, and require a lot of changes and additions to AI behavior, but it would be awesome to see and to effectively play as a whole team of infiltrators trying to get the job done.