Playstation Connectivity Issues

Hey everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster (although I post semi-regularly on the Discord).

I know many are still experiencing server crashes, disconnects, and so forth. However, I didn’t see a dedicated Playstation thread and I thought it might be good to have for those of us on Playstation who have been unable to connect at all (not even once on my end). Based on Discord, it seems that this is predominantly an issue for those of us on PS4 and PS5.

IOI didn’t seem to mention this in the FAQ, but this is separate from the carryover issues. I’m all good if it takes a while for unlocks to be totally fixed, but as of right now I can’t connect online at all. Ironically, I did not have a single issue on the carryover site and in fact it finished very fast.

Despite the server showing as online, I am yet to be able to connect on PS4. It shows fetching my profile before the dreaded Connection Failed.

Let’s all discuss and bond about it!


Finally, someone talked about this
It’s weird that haven’t said anything about the PlayStation server issue

It was somewhat reassuring to read that I wasn’t alone, but all the same it’s somewhat frustrating that IOI hasn’t (to my knowledge) acknowledged this in particular. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a dedicated thread!

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I haven’t been able to login since released time and at first I thought that had to do with the fact that the game wasn’t finished downloading but I read that it’s not the case if the application can start then you should be able to connect to the Hitman three server as well this is a PlayStation only issue it seems as nobody else is talking about it and we are sort of left in the dark here… For the record the transfer process went so smoothly for me one button then five seconds later everything was transferred it’s just I haven’t been able to login to my account and actually see my unlocks or do anything… I messed around in Dubai for a little bit but it just wasn’t the same without challenges and what not.

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Can somebody here confirm if they on the PS4 version and are able to connect? I’m trying to figure out whether this is a profile, Sony server issue or just IOinteractive. So if not a single PlayStation user here could go online it is safe to deduce it is an error with IO and Sony servers. But if some PS4 people are playing I might did you said it is simply a profile error issue of some kind.

Good. I was wondering if maybe Playstation was hit harder with server issues since I haven’t seen much about Playstation people here able to connect.
I tried at 9pm last night, 11pm and 12am, but nothing.

I know it’s not impossible, since a few of the people on my friends’ list showed they were in-game, in-mission (I know @YellowZR1 was on at one point, but they are located in Asia, IIRC. So, it might be that the North America servers are just overloaded instead)

I’m on PS4 and other than an hour yesterday, when all platforms seemed to be down, I haven’t had any issues connecting. (Though it took longer than usual to make the connection for a good chunk of yesterday.)

Connection seems good to me. There were a few brief moments that it disconnected, but it’s pretty fine today.

I did the progress carryover before I ever opened Hitman 3 on my console. That shouldn’t have affected anything right? I thought that was the original intention of IOI (to do that in advance). Both games show correctly when I log into IOI, and Hitman 2 still works so I know my account is running fine otherwise.

I tried connecting to server at launch
It wasn’t working. I waited like 5-6 hours and gave up. I tried doing carry over instead. That worked fine. But when I came back to check the game, it still couldn’t connect
So, that must be the case. Maybe I shouldn’t have done carry over before connecting to the game’s server at least one time

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Did you carry overed your H2 Progression?

I carried it over fine. I was tied up most of the day so I didn’t get around to doing it until 5:00 EST, and ironically that worked totally fine for me. Had it done in minutes despite reading the many horror stories from yesterday. From there I jumped on the console and the problems began.

I think we are getting to closer to finding the problem. There are some people who are playing the game on PS4 without having any issues.
But, we can’t. Because we did the Carry Over before connecting first
I hope we didn’t messed up and this can be fixed
We probably should inform IOI about this

Someone in the Discord has tagged IOI in a Tweet regarding this so hopefully they see it/become aware. It now seems to be that accounts with transferred progress on PSN can’t connect but the user who tweeted said that can connect with other/secondary accounts just fine.

I’ve transferred my stuff, but haven’t been able to connect once on PS4. Played the whole game yesterday, no luck. Tried it throughout today, the same.

Just tried again right now (mind you closing the application and reopening), still offline this moment.

I did, but because I can’t connect to the servers, I can’t see if it all worked or not.

Same thing here! Before opening the game I did the carry over which was finished this morning. Couldn’t connect to the server at all but when I checked on my partners account (he doesn’t play hitman) it connected him straight away. I just want to get online to check if the carry over was done ok and play :sob: glad I’m not alone in this tho

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It’s not necessarily the transfer causing it.

Yesterday when the transfer page was crashed, I tried to just play the game in general and couldn’t connect… it wasn’t until today that I even did the transfer portion.

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I am and connected without any problems. Though i was only able to play for 20 mins or so and had to quit.

The same person on the Discord who I mentioned Tweeted IOI just responded to me and said that their friend, who also transferred progress, was able to connect on the very same Playstation.