Please bring back Lucas Grey

This topic is sure to get on some people’s nerves, I apologize for that! Maybe those who don’t like Lucas should just skip this thread :sweat_smile:

But after half a year of Hitman 3 I just want to bring that up and get this topic out of my head. I know that I criticize IOI in some parts, but I will keep this criticism constructive. It is not my intention to attack anyone personally!

I would like Lucas Grey to come back, for several reasons.

  1. I find that his death was far too hasty. Over two games he was introduced and developed as a character. Lucas was the character who got the ball rolling in the first place, without him the games would probably not even exist. In my opinion, it was a bad decision of the authors to kill him in such a rush.

  2. Lucas Grey’s death was out of character. He would never have killed himself that way. I don’t have a problem with important characters dying and I always had the suspicion that he would die in the end. But I just expected more drama. He and 47 couldn’t take on everyone? Since when? 47 could also rise from the dead in an open room without protection and shoot everyone present. Grey has the same skills as 47, they had protection from various trees. They could have done it for sure. But that Grey was brought into this supposedly inevitable position was already the first mistake, because something like that would not have happened to him. He would have planned a possible betrayal by the constant.

  3. I understand the thought behind Grey’s death, to get 47 to be on his own. But, the issue of becoming independent could also have taken place without Grey’s untimely death. The whole thing even had real potential and at the ending cutscene in Dubai I even thought that the story would develop in exactly this direction, namely that 47 has to decide between Diana and Grey, between continuing or stopping. He didn’t have to die for that.

  4. Since Hitman 3 was released, I’ve felt that the whole development team didn’t care about Grey anymore. I’ve already reported for two patches that Grey is missing in the opening sequence of Sgail, but this bug has not been fixed to this day. But this feeling was also conveyed in the game itself. The intention that 47 would carry on Grey’s legacy and fulfill the pact got lost in the game, Grey was only mentioned here and there. Even in 47’s vision in Romania, it was just a side note. I understand that ultimately it’s about 47 and Diana. I also understand that somehow you wanted to go back to the beginning and that many fans asked for it. But it’s just a shame to introduce a character so intensely over such a long period of time, only to then let it secretly disappear from the scene. As if you just wanted to get rid of him. And I think that IOI made a mistake that leads me to point five.

  5. Grey has great potential! He’s an interesting character, he’s kind of the human version of 47, his emotions, his conscience. Grey would have the potential to carry a whole game as a character, but even a DLC with him would be interesting. You gave him a whole story, a complete past. You could make so much of it! Grey could carry a stealth game like Hitman as well as a first person shooter. There are many ways to illuminate him further as a character, even existing parts from the WOA trilogy - the murders of Cobb and Kamarov, the storming of the Ether headquarters, his time in Haven (he is building a whole camp on his own, what for?) etc. But of course also the time before Hitman, when he worked as a mercenary. There is enough material that could be used.

As I said above, I don’t want to attack anyone personally. It’s just a feeling that I got through playing Hitman over and over in the last few months and of course a certain disappointment that comes with it. I know that IOI has a lot to do, I know that they do a lot for the fans and I think IOI is one of the few development studios that takes time for the fans :heart: And that’s exactly why I’m writing this post, in the hope that at least a little understanding will arise.

I can also say that I’m really not the only one who likes and misses Grey, even if it often seems like it :sweat_smile: But in fact, in other communities like Reddit or Tumblr, I keep seeing this tendency that many people would like to see Grey again. Even people who didn’t particularly like him are at least disappointed with the decision to remove him from the game so early. I can also recommend this video by All things Hitman, which also takes a very constructive position on why it was somehow wasted potential to get rid of Grey so early. Or this comic by ellenchain which shows that Lucas even doesn’t necessarily have to be dead :grin:

Of course, I do not expect a response from IOI on this post and I know that I have a very controversial opinion. I would only wish for a small statement at least once in the future. Or if not a statement, please at least bring Grey back to the opening sequence of Sgail so that we don’t continue to have the feeling that you didn’t care about him at all anymore :pray:

To those who took their time reading till the end, thank you for listening :heart::heart:


As much as I dislike this guy, i feel with you - i know what its like to have strange views and needs on the Hitman Series :relaxed:


I also like Grey but I fully expected him to die after finishing H1. War between factions always breeds causalities and if nobody died then the conflict doesn’t carry much weight. But with that said, I’m not against a prequel dlc featuring him.


That’s not really true though.

That being said, him getting removed from a cutscene (i wouldnt know, never watch those) seems a silly decision.

A dlc pre H3 that also features Grey (not as playable character) would be nice


Ah, yes. A clear sign of stage 3.


Isn’t that from scrubs? :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the support :heart: And I hope you still have that hope for a C:47 remake, no matter what they said last time :pray:


My bet is the wrath sin will be basically the Berlin mission but 47 did not only take his coat but also his facial skin and is slandering the whole map which is the closest we get as Grey being playable.


I have no idea what Lucas Grey is supposed to represent other than an ambiguous necessary evil. At this point I’m more inclined to believe he was supposed to die, most notably because 47 doesn’t know anything about his past life whereas Lucas can guide him to that. At first we see him as this opposed evil, now associate of evil. I say associate because the first time we know his intentions is to help him we have no real reason to trust him after that.

Lucas is most definitely a great potential and in that regard had already served his purpose just after that Romania cutscene. I’m not sure if this is a common trope amongst story telling, but it certainly feels that way.


Holy shit



I would love to see a spin off title exploring Subject 6 past, all from his escape in Romania to his actions during this trilogy. He was a very intriguing character, especially during H16. A more classic stealth approach would be fitting here, it would also set the game apart from the main series.

I wouldn’t mind to see more off him, I don’t want him to return from the death.


Jesus :flushed:


Yeah, that would be awesome :heart_eyes:


On the “Grey is missing from the opening cutscene of the default Harbour start in Sgail” issue alone, I’m 100% certain this is a bug rather than a reconsidered intentional choice by IOI.

Cannot fathom how they’ve managed to lose Grey from the cutscene, but I’m absolutely sure that they didn’t mean to do it. Let’s hope this gets fixed ASAP, because as it stands the default opening to Sgail looks completely stupid and unprofessional from a game-dev perspective.


With brotherly love I like to think the reason for the suicide was to not risk 47 getting killed or severely hurt, even if he was aware there is a good chance for 47 surviving a fight.


I’d wager that with a camera mod you’d probably see him 30 meters below what would be ground level. He’d be moving around like he’s sitting in the boat. Like some kind of misalignment bug.

But as for his return… Or perhaps a different game or (sigh) DLC for H3… We could get a little more back story on him, as well as some missions where he infiltrates (that vault), even the part leading up to where he shoots that one guy in the back of the head in the car. And anything else I can’t think of right now. Oh yeah. The flight with Cobb. :airplane: :fire: :corn:


I think, that the topic’s name is wrong. It’s more like ''Why do I think Grey’s death in H3 was unjustified / strange / unnecessary, etc.". Because he will never be back. Even in DLC. It’s time to accept it and don’t care about it. Characters are always alive in the fandom, so I really don’t get why you’re always upset about it.

You know my attitude to Grey. Maybe more, than anyone in this fandom, but I want to spread some seeds of sober here. I’ll comment all your statement with all pluses and minuses from the point of view of the person, who likes only Grey since 2016 (lol), if you don’t mind.

Yes and no. It was really rushed, but if it had been otherwise, the plot would have been greatly stretched. Maybe all of this could have been imply the story DLC like in Hitman 2, but we will never know IO’s plans for the plot concept.
Would the story be the same, if Grey had stayed alive? Maybe. Would he get the quiet life he wanted? Not. Because he is one of the most wanted terrorists. He will either hide for the rest of his life, or dissolve again on the battlefield. A strange prospect for someone who is “thinking about the future.”

Yes, if we’re talking about it in the perspective of his willing to see Providence’s fall. But in THOSE situation it was the only way.

No, they could not. They’re well trained, but they’re not superheroes. He and 47 arrived in Dartmoor with no equipment at all. Grey had only one pistol he probably takes with him everytime. I even doubt he had an extra pistol mag. In those situation Grey did all he could. Maybe he had killed 5-6 guys, but got injured, cos he was out of ammo.

47 gave a nod, that he was ready to fight, but this decision was a real rush: it’s not an action movie. Trees are not the best hiding and there are many enemies. If you remember, in the previous Hitman games, even in the most shitty situations, 47 had the good spot to shoot/hide/whatever. The forest is not that kind of place.

Ok. Let’s imagine, that 47 had killed everyone in the forest. But yo, Grey will be dead anyway. His injure is lethal, to be honest. Without an immediate hospitalization he will just die from blood loss. I doubt they had a fine med kit somewhere with a spray for deep wounds.

Small reminder: they’re in the middle of fcking nowhere.

It could, because Edwards had planned to find Diana anyway. But if Grey was alive, it could give 47 more support and understanding, that he is not alone. Grey’s death was the final trigger. Couldn’t argue with your point, because it’s like an open ended story.

Have you made a ticket about this bug directly to IO? I’m not sure that bug report thread on HMF will rush the fix of this bug. I’m working in the gaming support area and all bug reports, that were mad via tickets, are always being fixed. Our techicians don’t know about the most bugs posted in the comments under the posts and etc.

Yeah, we’re already talked about it and I’m too lazy to rewrite my thoughts here, but yes. In some way I can agree with this, because there are many plot holes left.

The only reason I get mad is his appearance in Hitman 3. IO didn’t care about him and let him be an ugly botox mushroom.

Nope. He is not an assassin. he is a soldier. It’s not his style and IO games are not about shooting everyone. The whole shooting system in Hitman games is crooked, lol. And yes, we don’t know, how he got rid off Kamarov. Maybe not sneaky at all. Leaving no trace is not always about being a ghost.

Second nope. Games are the business. Games need money. Grey is not the character, that will sale the game/DLC. His place is on the background. But who say, that background characters can’t be interesting? He is perfect for the narration (and he IS the narrator of WoA).

But I’ll be glad if some DLC will bring more light on him. I want to see some content, where Grey is still presists, but not as the main character. Maybe the one mission, where he will be in the fields like Diana in Mendoza, huh?

Yes, these are the words of the person, that loves only Grey since 2016

Sad, but true. Tryth is always bites, tbh.


you’re getting an awful lot of use out of that this week :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I will just leave this quote by Novikov and his guard here:

“this worries me… I mean who is this guy? What kind of a man enters heavily guarded government building, kills an FSB section chief and sets him up as U.S. spy, without even breaking a sweat?”

So I think that he is indeed an assassin, he was trained as one just like 47. He became a soldier after he escaped the institute.

I have, they even responded. Still hope it gets fixed with the next patch.


I don’t mind that he’s dead, I always thought he would die in Hitman 3.
I’m just saying that I’m not very satisfied with his dead (don’t really know how to express it in english). Regardless, I’d just like to see him again, like as you said in the fields like Diana or something. Or something like @Norseman said.