Poison vials replicas

Had these posion vials made with a custom note & I’m so happy with them!


LOOKS AMAZING! :open_mouth: Like you pull them out from the game.


I sent a few images I found online to a company that does replicas, and they also did their own research by using a sniper rifle to zoom in, in-game (I didn’t think to do this)

Prop Fiction Studios on:
Etsy - Prop Fiction Studios by propfictionstudios on Etsy
eBay - Prop Fiction | eBay Stores

Tell them Hollow Man sent you, lol


This is brilliant! Could you show us more pictures of them with a coin or your hand or something? I am just wondering their size. Much appreciate it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hero 3 camera & small Rambo (3 inches tall) figure for size comparison.


This’d be kind of hard to explain to border customs control if it had to be sent to you.

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Those look great!! What did they use, just water and food coloring? Just asking because the liquid looks a bit thicker than water to me. Either way, it don’t matter they look EXACT. I love it!!

@RotaryOliver made these a while back. Just wanted to share them since this thread made me think of them obviously lol he also made the poison pill jar label… (fits sizes: 10 & 20ml vials)


Direct quote from them as I asked them the same thing before purchase:

“We use artist’s drawing ink nowadays as the colours tend to be more varied and vibrant (so better matches can be made). We have used food colouring in the past but it tends to degrade in UV light over time. So just with a touch of preservative to prevent any bacteria or fungus growth to keep it clear!”


That’s pretty cool actually… interesting.