What was your last purchase? 2.0

I’ve sent a surprise flower delivery to my grandma for no reason. She doesn’t live near my place and I can’t see her as much as I would like it since the pandemic… She is a very social person (unlike meeee ahah) so I know it’s really hard for her to stay at home alone that much. I hope it will brighten up her day a little :slightly_smiling_face:

I also bought some black fabric to make a dress. I want to get back to sewing a little more since I made a dress for my mom’s birthday. I have been thinking about what I would like to do and I thought to myself “Heeey what if I tried to do Diana’s dress in Mendoza :upside_down_face:” Honestly I don’t really know if I’ll make it, but hey, I’ll find something to do with black fabric if I fail :laughing:


Well the Providence pin doesn’t exist yet, so I’ll have to agree with you :wink: nice buy tho! Are you gonna put it on a jacket or a bag?

My grandma’s the same :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m getting her an Easter present too, not that that’s a thing just because I need excuse to give presents. Gonna be a donation to a charity and some whiskey (the only two things she’d appreciate :joy:)

Hopefully if you post pics again they don’t get stolen, maybe a big Mk II watermark in the middle? :upside_down_face:


I think I’ll put it on a jacket and i bought two in case i lose one


Managed to score a full set of the poison vials props from Etsy. Shout out to Hollowman from Reddit who pointed me in the right direction (not sure if he’s on HMF or not)

Will go nicely with my other props :sweat_smile:

@H011OWMAN !!


Same except that my grandma is more a rum enthusiast. I bought her a bottle of rum for Christmas. But she loves flowers too and she is able to keep a bouquet of flowers alive for weeks. That’s sorcery or something :laughing:

Ahah good idea :stuck_out_tongue: This dress probably won’t be finished for months, so the person who stole it might need a new profile picture at that time :upside_down_face:


He is. :wink:


Thanks! Amended the post to tag him :sweat_smile: what a community we have!

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Thanks for the shout out & you’re welcome!

Would love to see the entire collection!

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Will post some pics :heart_eyes:

Got the Darth Sidious from the Unleashed Series.

He comes with a different pair of hands, with force lightning but i prefer it this way.
His Robe is also not nearly as shiny as it is in the photos :grin:


Never seen good old Sheev do the famous Marilyn Monroe pose.


I finally got a secondary monitor, I’ve been managing with just one for too long.


I bought Tenet and Rogue One on 4K Blu-ray

As well as some new beard supplies to keep my man mane healthy

These products I really enjoy, the quality is great and the scents are good, not to overpowering. You get double the amount of oil and balm compared to other brands and they give you 42% off it you order 3 products. Plus they throw in a free Beard Brush made from wood and Boar hair.


Cola, Limes, Sugar and a bottle of Havana Club. :drooling_face:


I bought a snazzy new pair of non-slip shoes.


Since my Birthday is this Month i got myself a Present. Got one quite cheap but the shipping cost would have been way too high, so i let it send to my Sister who lives in the US and her Husband will give it to his Co-Worker at the german Embassy, who will take it with him to germany and then send it to me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


As you can see this Statue is quite huge, so the shipping costs would have been steep.

I also pre-ordered the King Ghidorah Statue that will come out in June, that will combine with the Godzilla one.

I’m super excited to get those :heart_eyes:


Neat. Wonder if something like this exists for Mumbai and Berlin, my favorite Locations.

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@MrOchoa What a logistic :rofl: But it worth it, I’m in love with the Ghidorah one :star_struck: And the fact it could be combined with Godzilla makes her even cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re in lockdown again here, I probably won’t be able to go to a bar for a long time so I bring the bar to me:

I also buy a dress and a glute band. I’m not super fan of glute band exercices but I will need one for the program I’m following now and it only cost 7$ so… why not ?


:star: :star: 4 gold stars for this idea! I used to have a pony keg refrigerator years ago, but I gave it to a friend when I left the military. :star: :star:


Just bought this masterpiece of Steven Hawking. The great vision of him on Kepler’s works makes it a good read.

It’s an Ebook in Farsi btw.