Poll: AJ Nguyen or MrFreeze2244 instructions?

If you were unable in doing something in the game, whose instructions would rather to follow?

  • MrFreeze2244
  • AJ Nguyen

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whichever one pops up first in my search results, i guess?


I prefer to do things myself, but if I really need a hint I’m much more likely to just look up some information from reddit or steam and work it out myself.


Who is that?

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I watch both, including many other videos from various people. By watching them, I find a fast, clean, easy-to-follow route to do the challenge or whatever, then record it, like making some kind of walkthrough myself.

A youtuber who does stealth games: https://www.youtube.com/c/AJNguyenGamingChannel/videos

Saw their videos via Youtube suggestions a few times and thought they were well made. There was no spoken commentary though, so they might not be as useful as guides as others.

The one who makes videos with less time length. So maybe none of them.


None of them [now] . I explore the maps thoroughly by doing mission stories and challenges and make my own methods for SASO and sniper challenges.


I’m not sure I have watched any videos from AJ Nguyen, so I have to go for @MrFreeze2244.

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Ideally none. Still voted AJ Nguyen because the name rings a bell and I believe I watched their Tuppence a Wish guide for H2016 (probably confusing it with another guide though), and I really dislike MrFreeze2244’s commentary style and video format.


I’m also not a fan of that. But, good thing about him is that he does every single challenge in the game. Some of them are not easy to figure out by your own. And I know he’s probably asking his friends or searching in different communities to find out what to do. But, still think he is the only one who has covered all the challenges in video format.

Yeah of course. In case of necessary

I always put this in mind, and usually MrFreeze wins.

You can’t figure out all the redacted challenges bys.

That’s the main reason I voted for him. Other stuff between them is almost the same.


Generally I ask here. I used to watch freeze, but his personal… I’m gonna say quirks, made me stop. Every challenge has a guide somewhere, but the people on this forum have consistently proven the best source of quick advice on any one question I have.


I don’t have an issue using these folks for secrets and whatnot, but for SA runs? SO/SA runs? Sniper Assassin? Getting through the map & mission in general? IMO, you should figure that out on your own.

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When did I ever mention redacted challenges in my comment?

I said that I complete a few challenges to explore the map and the opportunities that reside in it.

And isn’t the point of redacted challenges that you have to read the name and figure it out yourself, I’ve been doing most of those myself since hitman 2016.

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Hitman Series


MrFreeze just sounds smooth so i have no choice.


I avoid MrFreeze224’s videos where possible and will always go for an alternative if one exists if I’m truly stuck on a challenge. Not going to derail the thread so will withhold the specific reasons, but I just feel like he doesn’t deserve support from the views I would give him and his channel.


I tend to frustratingly try and figure out things myself, I’ve watched videos from both in the past but I didn’t know AJ Nguyen had actual instructional videos.

Anywho, these days if I’m really burnt out I’ll usually try to just find answers on forums or whatever, and if I resort to YouTube I try and check out smaller but still decent YouTubers, I think it’s good to support them.

The few times I have been stuck enough to need a video like that MrFreeze is the one Youtube shows me after a search. I assume that means he has more viewers. Never watched the other guy, honestly. Maybe I’ll look him up as there is some entertainment in seeing how they did it after you do it your way. I loved doing that with CJ’s videos back in the day, it’s a shame he mostly stopped posting them and stopped doing commentary.

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