Poll for Idea: dislike button

This just came to my mind (change the category if necessary) that we can have dislike buttons for posts. Could you vote to see if you want it or not? (I’m not asking for having it, I’m just asking for your opinion) Thanks.
BTW, @wincenworks, you’re the owner and admin so is this thing technically possible?

Dislike option for posts
  • Yes, good to have it.
  • No, not a good idea

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I don’t see the necessity of this function. If you don’t like a post, you can just don’t press the button. If you find it inappropriate, you can just flag it anyway.


I’m not necessarily saying it’s good or bad. It was just an idea.

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this place is much nicer without one.


No it is not realistically, we don’t create the software and adding features to it is a big deal, even it being open source.

A dislike button also can (and I assume will) cause the atmosphere flip to the worse, because it is ambitious if the dislike is for the statement or for the opinion to the statement in a post.

Let’s not make it too easy to express dislike. I rather like seeing people do that in a reply. That is more helpful and will make obvious who just wants to troll. Or stops them because of this extra step.


You would’ve disliked the topic if it was possible, wouldn’t you? :joy:

Yeah, considering that, It’s a bad idea.

No, I wouldn’t. But if you can list some pros and cons of having such button, I may even like the topic.

You can cast your opinion more specifically.
You can get informed if others didn’t liked your idea in an easier way than replies.

It may cause fights or division.
Situation may flip out.

Once again, I’m not taking its side necessarily. It was an idea which I wanted to share.

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Also this thread has nothing to do with Hitman 3, please move it to the relevant category.


Ultimately the forum is built upon discussion, so discussion in itself is what justifies what we agree and disagree based on founding topics rather than a dislike function. Having a dislike button would sound neat in a grand scheme of things, but we already decide what we do with posts along with likes for certain posts.

Most people generally use the like function as some sort of an “agree” button - well structured posts, if they made people laugh or if the post was informative is most typically what drives a user to click like. I’m a person who doesn’t dish out likes frequently, so I can’t say for certain what a user does on their account. However from the narrative that I’ve seen, we’re easily drawn to jokes far more than informative posts. And that’s a natural thing too - humour is the most easy way to compensate a bad post.

I’m interested to see how this poll turns out - because as far as I can remember a dislike function was never implemented on HMF, but the poll in itself is going to turn skewed in one way. I may make a final vote on the poll eventually if the time comes.


Even I dislike the dislike now.

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That is why a like button is a good idea. One does not need to add a comment to a like because the liked posts succeed in what it tried to do.

A dislike on the other hand raises the question what is disliked. And what is needed to fixs it.
If it is just a post of a linked news article of something bad, then yeah that is the easy case.
But anything else needs a “Why” to the dislike. That is what a discussion is for, to clear things up, to work on bad things, to share knowledge. A liked posts without comment means the liking user is happy with the result and can step down from their participation.

Expressing “that is bad but I don’t want to say why” is pretty much against our guidelines which expects users to improve the discussion.


Do people actively say “this is bad but I don’t want to say why” here? Because from what I can tell most users would see a post and would rather not respond due that they don’t expand beyond the “this is bad” part, so they use the like button to close their remark about it.

They could and I fear would with the Dislike button.

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There are apparently mods available but I have absolutely zero interest in installing them.

The like function essentially exists to replace posting “I agree with” or “good post” or various other filler posts that used to provide support to people but contribute nothing to the conversation.

The dislike function on platforms like Reddit exists so that they can use metrics to push particular content up or down, and comes with a whole slew of problems that I don’t want to deal with and aren’t really compatible with our goals here.

We’re all about facilitating polite conversation and helping people indulge in their passion for Hitman, make friends and explore ideas - if people “dislike” something it should be either part of the conversation or something they use to start a different conversation. No need to yuck someone’s yum with a downvote.


I dislike your Idea because it would just grow toxic behaviour.


I thought it was a great idea at first, but after seeing all your arguments i gotta admit this could lead to bad behaviours, especially spamming the dislikes to ruin the forums :+1:

Closed the poll. Result:

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Dislike button is a bad idea, it can and will be abused, just like on YouTube, there is few videos that dosen’t have a dislike, no matter how good the video are, dislike button is food for trolls and if someone don’t like you as a person on a forum, they can go on a dislike spree and downvote everything you posts, so no, I’m not a fan of a dislike button.