POLL: Will you transfer your progress in Hitman 3?

Transfer: yes or no?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’m having my doubts. I mean, there are some challenges i REALLY don’t want to do again (i’ve only played maps from 2016 on H2), but from another point of view, it would be a good reason to go back to the old maps.


Ideally, I’d like to just transfer the suits (and maybe the unlocks), but I’m kind of assuming it will be an all or nothing thing, so I’ll probably end up doing it.

Of course, I won’t decide for sure until they, you know, actually tell us how it’ll work…


at first, i didnt want to transfer just to get the feeling of a clean slate.
but i thought about it, and there’s some items that are a bitch to unlock. so i will transfer after all :grin:


I say life’s too short to replay and unlock all over again. Already did that one time. Never again.


It will be interesting to see, at least for the people that vote no, if progress transfer is optional since IO haven’t indicated whether it will be or not.

But if it is, yes. Because fuck Tuppence a Wish and Slam Dunk!.


i believe they have indicated it’s optional, right when you open the game i believe (or after Dubai, maybe)

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Definitely, had to do that when moving from PS4 to PC and all I can say is: Never again, if it can be avoided :joy: (and even tho @Frote7 helped me a bunch with the classics)


I will solely for items that are way too hard to get. Also, because some challenges are just so tedious to do like the Slam Dunk in Night Bangkok.

Besides, why to shoot myself in my awesome Bearmon foot and cause myself more obstacles to play he new missions? Because when H2 arrived, I reunlocked everything from S1 before going into the new campaing.


I’ll be transferring progress, but I won’t be using those unlocks until I’ve played through the game like natural. Then I can reunlock any new items for the new game.


I will, but mostly because than I can switch between the three games in the main menu. I think that’s a very good tool, especially the function that you can choose to watch just the cutscenes. It’s good to follow the story and when I finished H3 I want to watch the whole story again.


Probably what I’ll do. When I played through Hitman 2 without the unlocks it was a very cool experience. I especially liked how you had to seek out poisons instead of just starting out with some.


After some of those challenges, I’m going to transfer my unlocks for sure.

It’s still a mystery to me how I unlocked the Tripwire Mine. There’s also no way that I’m prepared to try and get that Ghost sniper rifle again! :joy:


Yes, definitely!

It’s one of the most requested features and i’m sure there will be other things to unlock anyway :+1:


Will do, for me the question is tho, can I transfer it two times? Can I do it once for steam to epic, and then epic to steam when I buy the game on steam 2022?


I was thinking about going clean. But I’m currently back into HITMAN 2 and redoing some of those HITMAN challenges is super-annoying, so I’ve now decided I’m transferring my stuff in. I assume there will be some new stuff, whether that’s just the photo challenges or what.


And that damned Slam Dunk challenge! :angry:


I will transfer the progress in order to have all suits and gear unlocked.I wonder though what will happen regarding the trophies related to the challenges.
Will they be obtained at the same time?
If they finally introduce a new platinum trophy for the whole trilogy I might grind again all mastery levels :stuck_out_tongue:


At almost 100% of the entire game, absolutely will transfer. As much as I like completed challenges popping up, not really into doing some of the hardest ones again.
Plus, there’s no info yet on how the elusive target system will work. I have all the suits but the Hokkaido one. I’d rather transfer it all now than wait who knows how long to play every ET and unlock everythin again.


I still don’t know. Fresh start is cool but I also want to focus on H3 maps

I want to keep the suits, so I transfer. And unlocking everything else again is just not fun for me.