Poll: Would you pay a $30 USD yearly subscription service for Hitman if you were guaranteed to receive a brand new location map every 3 months for your $30 USD?

Would you pay a $30 USD yearly subscription service for Hitman if you were guaranteed to receive a brand new location map every 3 months for your $30 USD??
  • Yes
  • No

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I would, but only if the maps were like New York level good.


OK, THE POLL assumes:

  • the quality of map like the New York Bank or whatever your favorite Hitman map is.

  • Also assuming lots of map variety over the year, including fan favorite maps based on polling of Hitmanforum, such as an airport map.

  • Also assuming that the servers are always working and you can always keep the maps that you paid for in the subscription service.

  • Also assuming that it is a flexible service, where you can optionally buy into the Hitman Gamepass content by episode or by year of content.

  • Also assuming that there is a return of the Travis/Clemens roadmap show to introduce the new maps

  • Also assuming that there would be new unlocks (reskins / suits etc.) associated with each map.

  • Also assuming that maps might have location specific modifications to game mechanics to suit new maps (such as the viral infection transmission in the Patient Zero campaign).

  • Also assuming that there could be bundling of new maps with a story narrative (like Patient Zero campaign).


Nice, but do you keep the maps when the servers would go down as that will auto cancel your subscription wont it?

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I said yes, but only if it was a DLC pass and not a subscription that needs money continually thrown at it. Like they have a Year 3 Pass that gives the four maps released that year, a Year 4 Pass that gives those four maps, etc.


So in 3 years of subscription we gonna get 2 complete seasons $45 each? Pretty fair.

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Yes, because the money is not my concern.

Agree. Games cost money. I have no problem with that. Content is what I want. If that costs, so be it. If it’s free, so be it too.

Maybe not a subscription, because they may as well release a new game, but i’d definitely pay for new maps if they said more would come. I was prepared to pay for Ambrose Island, I hope Ambrose island isn’t the last and they release a few more maps over the next few years, free or not


I’d rather like to see the next iteration of Hitman, the WoA Formula is getting stale for me by now.


@BEowen, sadly (if IOI go to there word) we wont get a another map as they said 2 new maps were coming in the year 2 trailer but the freelancer house counts as one (i think so anyways).

Assuming there will not be a new Hitman game in the next five years yes, I would pay that. It would be nice actually, to fill the gap till a new Hitman comes out like this than having no content at all.


I’d be skeptical of the quality. What about those that don’t “subscribe” and wait to buy bulk on discount? If each new mission is essentially $7.50, can anyone wait till they’re $3.75, or $1.87? That should be 50% and 75% off if I did my math correctly.

How long are we thinking this would go? I’m not a fan of being a :moneybag: :cow: , AND I’d probably get burned out from so much content… Not to mention… Would I have that much space on my hard drive?

Not to mention the 3 month dev time. That is quite literally nothing when it comes to game development.


The only reason that I would maybe prefer a map-only add-on rather than a full new game is that the full new game, even if it uses the exact same engine/framework as the current game, requires plots, through-lines, a “reset” of existing unlocks (possibly with an import function like Hitman 3 had from Hitman 2).

A map doesn’t necessarily require any of that. A simple map could be provided without any plot elements at all, or very minimal elements (ala Landslide or House Built on Sand). The entire plot of both of those Bonus Mission maps is self-contained. Neither require any knowledge of the main plot.

Yes, it is possible to create a game that has no through-line and basically be just a series of disconnected Hitman: Contracts ™, but the game having an actual plot makes it more engaging.


I guess I would like to pay extra for each solid additional location for HITMAN rather than paying once and get 3 (each $10 worth) maps (or whatever quantity you presume).

I mean I would be more than glad to pay for importing best levels from all previous games into Glacier 2 (or 3 or 4) engine.
For example, I would pay for getting the Hope map from Absolution in HITMAN 3.
What else… Well, thing is I played only Absolution before WoA Trilogy, but I know that previous games also have good levels which more than deserve to appear in modern engine.
So yeah. You got my point.

But to be honest, it would’ve been great to have all the HITMAN games under one modern roof.
Ah… The dreams…

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But we don’t know if Year 2 is the end of content for the game once Freelancer is out, or if they have something for a Year 3, which could include a new map if they did.

Hightly doubt that.
My bet, maximum what we’ll get is this new location. That’s all.
Would be glad to be mistaken, but the story of HITMAN is done at least for this chapter and for next few years, I guess.
Now they are focused on Bond game and another untitled/unannounced project

@Heisenberg, i meant this year. But good point maybe there is a next year map.

Overall yes if it is yearly season passes. While I do want to see a new Hitman formula at this point, Pure stealth games are a bit of rarity now and the wait for 007 will be a long one and for a new Hitman game an even longer one.

I would want to know if this would include remixed versions of existing maps ( akin to the H1 Bonus maps) as well as extra stories and campaigns.
-Honestly I would just prefer to pay for a Year 3 pass which includes 5-6 remixed maps and a new campaign.

The only big problem I have with this idea is if it would lead to mass-burn out of creativity and harm a potential new Hitman game. Would be no real new game mechanics and we already know they have reached their limit on new functional items as unlocks.

Also want to see new game mechanics and improvement to the guard AI which we can only really get now till a new game is out.