Poll: Would you pay a $30 USD yearly subscription service for Hitman if you were guaranteed to receive a brand new location map every 3 months for your $30 USD?

This is also flawed because that 50 million represents (according to ioi) the total number of people who have played the WOA Trilogy. That includes Free Starter Pack players + it counts people who own all three games as “3” instead of “1”.

So using 50 million as your base number is wrong. Hitman doesn’t have 50 million players ready to support new content.

Even if 1 in 100 of those who paid for Hitman 3 bought new content, it would cover costs of developing the new content. This could be a financially viable enterprise, but resources are better for IOI to be dedicated to Project 007, where there is guaranteed high revenue returns.

That’s not a guarantee either though. The last couple of 007 games that came out bombed. This game will also be coming out with no movie tie-in (since it’s an original story) and it won’t have a famous name attached as Bond either. Plus it’s a licensed game meaning the break-even point is higher (you need to cover that fee on top of development costs).

The big bet is that Hitman players will support it. That’s the risk because it’s not going to be anything like the WOA Trilogy Hitman games. Probably more like Absolution with a focus on shooting, minor stealth, levels with objectives/no target + a heavy emphasis on story.

That doesn’t interest me. 007 games (excluding Goldeneye 64 back in the day) don’t interest me. Never purchased/played any of them minus Goldeneye 64. I can’t be the only Hitman player like that.

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I’ve never played a Bond game, period. I haven’t bothered to watch any of the Craig-era movies either. I’m waiting to see some sort of actual game play trailer before I decide whether I’m interested in the game, to be honest.

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I don’t care about James Bond at all. I care a lot about Hitman.
So, yeah, even though I’m fully aware that this is completely unrealistic, I’d prefer to get more WoA content, and I’d be (within reason) willing to pay for that.


It was many years of effort for IOI to get the Bond 007 license. IOI are considered the perfect suitors to reboot the Bond 007 franchise for video games.

It is a top tier AAA franchise that IOI is betting on for the long term. It has movie and broader public appeal than Hitman, and will at its core probably will feel like a Hitman game, with a little No One Lives Forever II and Metal Gear Solid II thrown in (I would guess).

Allow me to clarify my position on this. I don’t care about Bond, as a character, but I do like the product that IOI puts out. I’ll buy the game most likely, but not because of it’s protagonist.

I guess, to put it another way, I’m far more excited to play IOI’s next game than I am to play a game specifically about James Bond.


I’ll be honest: it will be difficult for me to buy a game whose success would mean a longer wait for the next hitman game. It should be very very good. And playable offline without any limitation.

The single worst thing about “modern” gaming (in my opinion) is the always online stuff that so many games insist on. I don’t play multiplayer games. I don’t play “social” games. I don’t want any involvement in my game from anyone else in any sort of real-time capacity yet I still have to be connected to the internet to play. I don’t like it.


There’s a lot wrong with modern gaming. I’m just glad that IO has mostly stopped at “always online”.

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yassss i would throw all my monies omg it would be such a serve