Popular player contracts

I have a question for those IOI Interective support. There will be some unique rewards for players whose contracts have made it into the ever popular.

There are only some challenges that you can achieve by completing a given number of Featured Contracts.
No more rewards are foreseen

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Well, probably at some moments your contract can get into the chosen one.

For the chance of being picked into Featured Contacts category there are special threads are created by IOI staff where you can submit your contact to be rewieved by them. But it’s not guaranteed that your contract can get into Featured. I believe to participate you need to create a contract that fits the announced theme. Not any random contract will do.

You can see the past month’s thread here to see how it works:

I can’t tell you when the next Community Featured Contracts will roll around, but recently, there have been 3 winners: Peak Ingenuity, Fall of the Carlisles, Time run (?): Berlin

It has to fit in with the current (as in, when IOI will pick the next winners) season of sin.

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I know the event is rare and for it it was necessary that the contract was in 3 parts and was inspired by pride.

I have a question as to how the contract in Berlin could get into the election for all the time, none of the selected contracts was for a while.

Not all 3 of them are Berlin:
Peak Ingenuity is in Dubai
Fall of the Carlisles is in Dartmoor

I know I have a contract for a time in Berlin.