Post-7DS Hitman3 Live Content Prediction BINGO

Travis/Clemens mentions that the Hitman 3 Live Team had exciting new content for Hitman 3 on the horizon into 2022:

So I ask, what is your predictions for (Post-Seven Deadly Sins) Live Content (outside of regular content such as elusive targets, featured contracts, release of seasonal content, and repeats of previously released content —

Provide predictions of:

1 – Will there be another paid DLC ???

2 – What will the content be??? (((Will it be a Patient Zero type campaign?
Another series of escalations like 7 Deadly Sins DLC? What do you think?)))

3 – When will be the month/day when Travis/Clemens announces this new content?

  • winner gets a virtual hitmanforum cake emoji -
  1. Spectrum
  2. Amstrad (but probably Spectrum as well)
  3. Don’t give a shit

Address for cake delivery:

  1. Bonus Mission Pack

2a. Flashback to before Berlin was turned into a club, and when it was still a power plant. (also hoping it utilizes the rain feature again)

2b. Passenger train Carpathian Mountains, premise of it is to find out a murderer on the train (like Terror Train).

2c. Some sort of mission that utilizes the outside area of the map in Chongqing, like maybe a market

3 End of January


1 – Will there be another paid DLC ???

No. And even if there is I’m not buying it so might as well be no. :triumph:

2 – What will the content be??? (((Will it be a Patient Zero type campaign?
Another series of escalations like 7 Deadly Sins DLC? What do you think?)))

Something wacky! :clown_face:

3 – When will be the month/day when Travis/Clemens announces this new content?

One week before the Steam release in order to further hype up sales! :cowboy_hat_face: :smoking: :oncoming_automobile: :moneybag:

There might actually be hints of answers to these questions in the spoilers/leaks category :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually there’s the full answers there, although not many people actually know about that category


Given some of the things in there I’m still waiting to see it announced to believe it. IO’s lowered my expectations so low this year I’m very skeptical about what’s in there


I think the trinity pack will make a comeback, since the exclusivity deal will expire soon… and maybe something like the special assingments were.
Oh, and some discount on deadly sins.(I mean I won’t pay 35euros for that; imo not worth that much)


We have to remember the fact that we saw the wrath content 2 months early, and that we know about elusive targets a week before the roadmap; and they always happen. If i’m not mistaken we found out about the garden show, or an escalation for dartmoor a couple weeks before it was announced. Sure, there’s a ton more leaks that we haven’t gotten yet, but we should also take what actually happened in account.

Hope not, don’t want the people who were begging for something they had the opportunity to buy it get another shot of it. This is entirely out of spite as I don’t exactly take a shine to people whining in a forum and flooding posts because they had a choice. But it’s probably gonna happen.

Whoever uses price as an excuse is wrong. The current price difference is 10 bucks. It’s not like the price got slashed to half.

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I’m still annoyed from H2 when we never got: Legacy Ghost Mode, “Anubis” mission on Hawke’s Bay, The Brothers ET and “Outbreak” game mode :sweat_smile: :triumph:

Though hey if they came next year and it just took them 3-5 years after their initial signs, I’d technically be proven wrong


I’m trying so hard not to participate in this because from data leaks there’s possibly definitive answers to some of the questions here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You do know they’re talking about the pre-order exclusive Trinity Pack, right? Not the deluxe edition.

Trinity Pack isn’t available for purchase anywhere, so I do hope they offer it for potential buyers when Jan 20 comes rolling around again. I got into H2016 late and was thankful they finally released the Requiem Pack once the full game was out.


I do, that’s what I said. As I’m spiteful I want the trinity pack to not release. I just don’t have an exact price that I remember.

Oh. Well there isn’t any price difference in owning it. It came with the 60$ regular version or the 80$ deluxe version, you just had to have bought it before the release to get access to it.

I don’t see why anyone needs to get up in arms about a public release. It’ll only be 5 or 10 bucks, you’ll have saved money compared to others in the long run too. You still win :yum:


I remember the normal version being 75 bucks though. Strange.

For the greed sin they should’ve just released the trinity pack

It’s really just the people that have the decency to go online and complain because they didn’t buy something that they knew about, they had a choice and they picked something that they regret, you can’t just undo every “mistake” that you’ve made.

Well, that’s either the next-gen price or your regional price difference.

What I mean is:

You preordered the game right? So you got access to the Trinity Pack.
You paid 75 dollars at launch and got that bonus DLC.

Someone else bought the game after it came out, but at the launch price.
But, they had to shell out more money to get the DLC.
75 dollars + 5 to 10 dollars for DLC

You paid less than them in the long run, I just don’t get why you’d be against others paying more to access it.


Took me a while to figure out, thank you anyway.

Don’t remember the dollar to euro ratio being so high but it’s probably that

Note: I sound so pissed off lol, I don’t know how I manage


– IO Interactive read this forum –

The more anticipation and interest that they see that gamers have for new Hitman 3 Live content, the more likely that IO interactive will be motivated to create new content. If you sit in front of a computer all day or in a sweaty Mocap jumpsuit all day, or voice acting alone in a sound proof room all day working hard to support content, it is nice to know that there is an audience out there that wants it… And not the usual flaming the game developer for robbing their customers that one normally reads.

Whatever this new content is (which may or may be leaked of what it is), it was probably decided upon during the launch of the Seven Deadly Sins campaign.


what was “anubis”?

anyway, i predict that maybe we’ll get a bonus campaign. something akin 2 PZ

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First, it was a preorder bonus.
Second, since steam release is just around the corner, they have to resell a 1 year old game; trinity pack can be somthing appealing for that.

I let you know, that my bank account is in minus 200 euros, haven’t got my paycheck for september and it’s almost november.
On top of that, my paychecks tends to arrive late (especially this year), so I have unpayed rent (around 1000euros) and not counting bills.
I eat nothing but pasta with ketchup, because all my savings had been dried up.
10 bucks can make a huge difference: for example, I could eat normally for 2-3 days. So I’m not wrong for wanting 7DS be on sale.