Pre order in playstation

I haven’t see there have any access that can be pre ordered in hong kong playstation. Anyone know when i can be pre order hitman 3 in Hong Kong playstation?

IO are currently in the process of acquing the rating for the game on Playstation in Asia. That’s why you can’t pre-order it currently.
All that can be done is wait.


Thank you for your help

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For players on Playstation in Asia. You can now pre-order Hitman 3.


I haven’t see any option to pre order it in Asia ps store

It got available today in Saudi Arabia, according to a player.
If there is no pre-order option in Hong Kong yet, then check back after a couple hours.

I can see that it’s still missing in a couple East-Asian countries. So they’re probably rolling out during the day.

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It will rolling out in few hours?

Thank you for checking this out for me :grin:

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I still haven’t see any option to pre order hitman 3 in hk ps store

Any update for this issue? Release is just 1 week away and still hasn’t show up in Singapore PS store.

Neither Malaysia PS Store :pensive: .

Just FYI, it hasn’t showed up in Taiwan’s store yet, either.

Should be up this week


Keep checking this thread, should get updated as and when new info is released :+1:t2:

It’s almost Friday, and I think they don’t work on weekends. What next if nothing happens?

Still not seeing it, I’ve checked Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

Missing out on the PlayStation Plus discount for preordering Deluxe already, and worst is that no way to get Trinity Pack and PS4 theme for preordering Deluxe.

How are we gonna get the Trinity Pack and PS4 theme if they don’t have it available for preorder? Everywhere has 7 months to preorder, we don’t even have 7 days for it.

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They’re “hopeful”, the thing is I just called PlayStation Asia, and well, they even got a supervisor to check it out for me, and said currently there’s no plan for its release on South East Asia PSN.

So I guess either one of them is lying.

They also said it’s coming this week, and guess what, nothing happens.

And Saudi Arabia store belongs to PlayStation Middle East.

None of the stores under South East Asia PlayStation has it.

Well… It’s Friday, so this week still has one more workday… I’m just saying…