Progress carry over after January 26

After January 26 when Hitman WoA comes out can I still carry over progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman WoA or do I have to do it before then and carry over to Hitman 3

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Can’t say for certain, but there’s been no word, and no indication from IOI, that the carryover option will cease to exist after the update from H3 to WoA. That’s the kind of really important thing they’d likely have mentioned in their announcement. If you want to and you can, go ahead and do the carryover as soon as possible. But, if that’s after the 26th, I find it unlikely that you’ll be prevented from doing it.


Was wondering the same question, especially when i have to install a new OS only to play this game :sweat_smile:

Let’s hope that transfer progress between H2 & H3 will remain available in the same way even after the january upgrade :+1:

I didn’t see any news regarding lifting carryover.
Thus I have the full right to assume that nothing will be changed regarding this subject


They’ve been very good at updating people on their social media of the deadline to import Stadia progress, so I’m sure they’d also let everyone know if they would remove the Progress Carryover. …I hope.

I think the website will still be active for Hitman 2 people, there just won’t be a notification about it on your first WOA start-up

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The only thing changing is the name. It’s still fundamentally Hitman 3, so the carry over progress should work exactly like before.


no idea, the news didn’t mention this.
If you’re planning to buy I think it would be better to buy H3 now with 60$. As IOI didn’t say those who already bought H1 or 2 would have a discount when buying WoA, you may have to pay 70$ after 26th