PS4 combat axe still missing

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Combat axe is unlocked but not in my inventory. Please help me. Thanks.

I suggest to contact IOI Support Team directly at
I guess only they can help in this situation

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It could’ve been confiscated to be used as another unlock.

I can never tell if people are serious or not.

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A few items have disappeared from my inventory before and then a new unlock is eventually created for the item in question. Still missing a few.

Io’s not exactly racking up good p.r. Once I have something, I would prefer I get to keep it.

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The sniper rifle in Sapienza was particularly difficult to unlock and now it isn’t in my inventory anymore. No doubt a far more difficult method to unlock is in the works.

Items are missing from people’s inventories because of a bug. (And, at least for me, they are still in the actual inventory, they just don’t show up when you try to smuggle them in.)

IO is in no way removing them intentionally to re-add as future unlocks.

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I can’t even access Dartmoor since late September update. That’s definitely a bug…more like a nest of bugs actually.

I was hoping not, but you never know.

You can still play Dartmoor?

I can still play Dartmoor and the Garden Show.

Hmm… you use the disk or digital? Out of curiosity when did the combat axe vanish?

I use digital. The first time I even looked for it was the other day. It might have never been there. I wanted to equip it for a contract and it wasn’t there.

So probably only certain Xbox users locked out of Dartmoor. If I miss an elusive target over this I will be very upset. Of course for all we know there could be an elusive in near future requiring a combat axe kill under penalty of insta-fail.