PS4 Glitches Hitman 3

Erm, paid nearly £80 for this game and so far the aiming has gone to pot and when I dumped a body off a roof the next thing was half of 47 was underground and his top half was above?! Unable to move and was immediately shot by the guards. Ridiculous


I’m on PS4 and Yes my aiming is off,and I’m getting an an irritating,clicking sound when going through the menu’s in vr. I’ve trued everything, different headsets,re-installing the game. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I don’t get it in normal game play,just when I run it on my vr headset,I’ve owned this game,and invested in hitman 1&2&3. but this problem with the menu clicking,and it happens in the game a bit,is ruaning the be Esperance as I’ve only be able to suffer it 10 min… Any help ide appreciate

Hello guy , my problem is that:
When I walk the screen (a half) become black like a eyes , and when i stop i became normal , what the solution ?

I ran into a glitch in The Farewell with the Eyes on Target challenge. When I took out the Target, Diana started moonwalking off the map, leaving the one exit permanently locked. I had a save to reload from, and it didn’t happen again.

For everyone posted on this thread, please post your issues again on the official dedicated thread instead. Thank you for your cooperation.