PS5 Twitch Streamers (Audio/Mic)

My PS5 arrived the other day and so I decided to create a Twitch account.
I’m using the Sony Pulse 3D headset, but to get better mic quality, you have to plug it into your controller. Unfortunately, this then disables all of the buttons/functions on the actual headset.
I have my H3 master volume set to 3 (instead of the default 20). The output mode is set as ‘Headphones’, and the dynamic range as ‘Normal’. The mic level is set at around 25%.
So far this seems to be giving me the best results, but it’s far from perfect. Most noticable is NPC dialogue echo, and the sound of joystick movement being picked up.
Does anybody have any tips for the optimal game, and mic, volume using the Sony Pulse 3D headset? Any other tips and advice would also be appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Sorry, I don’t have knowledge about any of them. But if you want to ask for suggestions, you may probably find help in this thread. :slightly_smiling_face: