Purple Duck help

I have twich, have it linked with ioi

My main question is

When on twitch, I search for Hitman world of assassination

But once at the main page of it, I’m not sure what video to hit.

I need to watch 1 hour or more to unlock the purple duck

Anyone have a YouTube video on how you achieved it ?

Any of them should work. Go into any of those streams and you will see a message at the top of the stream chat that mentions “drops”, if you see that then watch that stream.

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Ok I’ll do it on laptop. I’ll have ioi opened signed in and twitch on another tab

So once I’m in the WOA page just look for any drop and start watching.

Ok it’s beginning to work,

I’ve been refreshing the tracker and it’s going up.

3% now 8%. I just gotta get 1 hour in.

I’ll see what to do after it hits on how to claim in and redeem

Just as an FYI for you (and anyone else coming here for help), after you’ve watched the hour and push redeem on the drop, Twitch will still say you need to connect the account - but it will show in your IO account under ‘Rewards and Bonuses’. At that point you’ll just need to wait for the next sync for it to appear in-game.



I appreciate it, I just wish there was a video showing step by step. I have figured it out, but doing this for the first time some might have wondered what video do I hit to begin tracker.

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Ok, I hit the 1 hr requirement and the purple duck is now lit and I did hit connect I had both the twitch tab side by side next to the ioi tab, both signed in, both linked.

I’m gonna now head to the game on xbox and see if it shows up.

It worked.

Everything worked, and just checked my inventory on xbox in the game and all is set.

Just glad it worked, because this is only until 3/31 and twitch gives until 4/1 to claim

I missed out on the purple suit back in late oct / nov but now I know what to do for future twitch stuff.

If you have a friend or know someone where there is a level of trust that has an IO account with the Purple Streak suit on it, if they let you log in and temporarily link it to your platform account - it will lead to the suit being permanently unlocked in your game. Even if they unlink it once it appears in-game.


I just wish I didn’t have to “watch” some bullshit streaming site to get an unlock. Stop forcing social media on this old man! :rofl:


I just opened a twitch-stream, muted it and forgot about that tab. Did some other stuff. About two or three hours later I remembered. Ducky was there and that was it.


Same thing I did. Which begs the question: what’s the point? Why are we required to falsely inflate streaming numbers on a platform that most of us don’t use in order to get an unlock for a video game!? The whole concept is dumb.


Easy free unlock for which you won’t need to do anything except couple of mouse clicks.
The question is not about the method at the end of the day, the question is about acquiring the unlock.
The only flaw I see here is it’s time limited.
I mean come on! You don’t even need to play the game for this unlock. You don’t even need to launch it.
Easy peasy


But wouldn’t it be better (and more engaging as a player) to do something in-game to get an unlock as opposed to doing something on a separate platform? Even the dumb ones like “just start the contract and you get the unlock”. :joy:


Better but dumb?

But for me personally it’s a good deal.
I don’t have an access to the game right now, but I do have access to the Internet.
So I just need to pop into a browser and spend an hour on a stream.
Good for me, and for those in my situation.
I wouldn’t want to miss on anything time limited about the game.
So far so good


The point is that it’s more or less free advertising. Considering IOI just released a new DLC they might generate a bit of popularity for the game with those streams and get people to buy that DLC.


Jesus! I put on Frote’s twitch stream and it wasn’t long before it had ads… like 8 in a freaking row! Well, it’s not like can play the game anyway. I still have the black screen issue. Maybe it’ll just start working again someday. :crazy_face:

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Man, who still sees ads in 21st century?
Are you kidding? Install free or buy effective adblockers and forget about those ads


I’m just glad I figured it out. I have never used twitch before, never heard of it.

I’m in my 40s and can’t keep track of all these social media things.

The part where I felt dumb once I got it was which video do I watch once in the WOA twitch page. Not realizing any live would work.


Friendly reminder that it’s not always possible to install adblockers. Some people don’t have admin rights for the device they’re using (when they’re browsing/watching at work or on work computers for example).