Quality of life suggestions and accessibility options

  1. A toggle for running, holding the button down constantly can be a pain, and hurts my hands after a while.
  2. (PS5 only) To be able to turn the trigger effect on just for gun fire, or at the very least able to turn off trigger effect on L2, doesn’t feel right to me when aiming and throwing items.
  3. Ability to change interaction prompts (drag body, pick up items/weapons) to a single button press rather than having to hold the button down.
  4. After completing an online contract, add the ability to go back to the contracts menu rather than going back to main and having to go back into the contracts page.

That sounds like a change involving contracts mode. So we can already tell IO is never going to do that :wink:

Seriously tho, that’s been bugging me to. It’s definitely a lot smaller of an issue than the others you’ve mentioned (for accessibility mainly). But a change I’m sure many would appreciate


Yeah it probably won’t get done unfortunately, it was driving me mad the other day when doing featured contracts, would complete them and after having to exit to main menu then select the contacts again, just wanted to jump straight to the next contract haha

I think the toggle run and single button press options are a definite must though.


1) Make the slow fiber wire animation work only after a button hold, and the fast fiber wire animation work only after a button press.

This change will make players looking for speedy assassinations happy, as they won’t have to worry about a slow animation killing their runs anymore (sometimes me). It will also do a lot to please those who like the classic, drawn out, and riskier animations from past games in the series (also me). Pressing X (or square for Playstation users) to kill someone quickly and holding X to savor that hard-earned kill seems like a quality fix and would make playing as 47 that much more empowering of an experience, exercising absolute power over what kills he can do and deciding when is the best time to unleash them.

Right now, all the posturing needed in order to see this longer animation play out is frustrating, and I can’t begin to tell you how many times the long animation has gotten me caught when somebody decides it’s time to turn around in the background. However, I love watching the long animation infinitely more than the short animation, and so I would like to have complete control over when it happens in the game. I also can’t help but think it unfair to the people who made this top-notch, lengthy animation, and yet it rarely plays out when you want to see it.

2) Include a HUD option where NPC icons are only visible in instinct mode, or add a subtle animation to reveal a disguise enforcer’s identity when someone sees you and NPC icons are off.

I like to play with much of the HUD disabled, and I’m not a fan of the NPC icons, especially the fact that they are always visible if enabled and in disguise near an enforcer. I made the decision to start playing Hitman 3 using only the attention alert meter, even when playing seriously, but it’s not always helpful in a crowd of people. It’s difficult to tell who the enforcer is to a given disguise, difficult in a way that isn’t exactly fun or exciting.

That’s why I propose an animation of enforcers rubbing their chins when they’re paying attention to me in disguise, so that I can tell exactly who is growing suspicious without any HUD elements. If that’s too much work, at least let me see the npc icons in instinct rather than having them appear on the screen all the time. The map npc icons are a good start in this direction, but more could still be done to truly immerse players in the role of Agent 47, the world’s best assassin, and to permit players to actively see the world through his eyes as they play.

Anyway, those are my two suggestions. I’ll alert @Travis_IOI to this thread, since there are some good suggestions here towards making a great game even better than it has become. It’s great to see the improvements made since the 2016 game. To someone who has been with this trilogy since release day March 11, 2016, and with the Hitman series since Christmas 2002, it’s a reward simply to see how far it has evolved over the years.

Edit: One last QoL suggestion I have regarding visuals and graphics is to give the signature suit with gloves, the suburban suit, and other suits like these two higher quality textures like the Blood Money and Absolution suits. I don’t understand what changed going from Hitman 1 to Hitman 2, but the quality took a nosedive from Hitman 1, especially for the signature suits.


I like playing with as little HUD as possible but I noticed if we set mission stories to off in the HUD menu this turns them off completely meaning you can’t activate them. This really should only affect the visual HUD display of Mission Stories rather than disabling them altogether.


It already only affects the visual element. You can see every scripted event without the guide(except some occasions, which presumably bugged), although I’m not sure it will still be marked as completed(but I think it will).

Also, if you don’t want the guide, there’s no point in activating it.

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No it also affects audio. For example if you select Off for Mission Stories in the HUD menu and then go through the usual motions of the Mission Story ‘All Seeing Eyes’ in Chongqing then you can’t hear the conversation between Hush and Royce on the bridge or anything that Olivia usually says to you when Mission Stories HUD is set to Full.

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Yes, but as I said, it’s presumed to be a bug. I also couldn’t hear it, even if I activate the mission story.


I had that, figured out you have to scan the crashed drone every time or you dont hear the radio chatter as that’s how she hacks into the conversation.

I always hear everything with the Mission Stories HUD set on Full but nothing with the Mission Stories HUD set on Off. I tried it out a few times but I had to start the level from scratch each time to test it if that makes sense.

Ah everytime I do with out scanning the drone I get no VO and when I do I get the VO also playing with Stories HUD off.

Ye she says the first couple of lines but then says nothing after that. When you first approach the drone Olivia tells you to scan it and then after you have scanned it she tells you to use the sniper rifle to take down some drones but then after that she says nothing for the rest of the story and you can’t listen in on Hush and Royce.

However with Mission Stories HUD set to full you hear everything.

It seems there something wrong with that specific mission story. I think that fits more in the bug report thread rather than here.


Yeah just ran into it while trying it out again, no VO after the 1st line, pop it into the bug report thread if I were you.

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I don’t really use subtitles but I belive the subtitles in Hitman 3 are lacking compared to other games. Especially for players with hearing issues. It’s probably a lot of work but I believe IO should aim to include robust and customisable subtitle options you find these days. I’m talking a bout including character names in front of subtitles, options for background bars etc etc.

Another option for audio impaired players who perhaps want to also disable HUD elements. If you turn off the Minimap the only way to know of you’re in a Restricted area is an Audio cue. This works great for me but I think there should be an option to disable the Minimap but keep the “Restricted Area” warning that’s tied to the Minimap on screen.

Also, perhaps a minor thing, but if you finish the Final Test it takes you straight into The Story so Far cutscene for Hitman 3 and brings you to the Hitman 3 campaign. However this remains the case if you have all 3 campaigns unlocked. Perhaps this is more difficult to implement but if you own Hitman 1 the next mission should be Showstopper. I assume perhaps they want people who pick up Hitman 3 to not be told they’re missing Showstopper and interrupt the flow of the game. But if you want to play the game beginning to end the Prologue takes you to major Hitman 1 and 2 Spoilers immediately before you might know what’s going on. And for replays it’s just a bit annoying having to back out to the main menu and start Showstopper instead of it being the next available mission.


True but it is kind of in-between as in they may have classed some audio as part of HUD in which case it might be intentional in which case dropping it would be quality of life. It also affects Dubai too in which case Lucas Grey won’t tell you about the door code if Mission Stories are off.

I’ll drop it into the bug thread though never to be seen again :joy:

Make shoulder swapping to how it was in the previous games!


I’ll make a quick video of it and drop it in SPEtheridge.

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Maybe a visual element over vacuums and radios n such confirming noise as well, also a high contrast filter mode similar to last of us 2 has could be useful for some users.

I’d love handyman wrench to have noise.