Question about 47’s ending (Spoilers)

So for those that have finished the game, my opinion it was absolutely incredible!! I do have a question though about the interesting cut scene at the end, which takes place one year after 47 kills the constant.

Diana - “Its been a long time, Agent 47”

47 - “That’s not who I am anymore, the pact is done, the past is dead

Diana - “And yet here you are”

47 - “I choose this path because I can. There will always be people like them. So there will always be people like us”

Diana - “No one is untouchable”

47 - “Its good to be back”

Don’t know if I’ve read this correctly, but does this mean he’s no longer going by 47 anymore? Or was it 47 trying to convince himself he no longer wants the Assassin life anymore, until Diana then says “And yet here you are”, which 47 then acknowledges the assassination life will always be part of him.

Would just be weird not having him called 47 anymore that’s all :wink:

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i think since he broke off with the ICA, he’s not really an “Agent” anymore. more like Hitman 47 now


Or Tobias Rieper. Gotta have some Connections under this name… if not the very best I presume xD-


I agree. In a more server-side literal sense.


i’m sure they will do the great “Fallout” saga tactic. Jump from 4 to 76. Here we will jump from Hitman 3 to Hitman 47.


Yeah I sort of get the “Agent” part, but either way before joining the ICA he was always 47 regardless. Playing the prologue sort of backs that part up.

Will be just kinda of strange in the next game to not have him called 47 anymore :thinking:

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That actually wouldn’t be a bad idea


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If this trilogy is ‘canon’ then it’d be nice to flesh out some of the previous entries levels in the new engine. It might even be possible to fit them in between the ICA training facility and Hitman 1 if they wanted to put it in the same game engine.

As much as I love Hitman 2, Contracts and Blood Money, it’s fair to say that a lot of things haven’t aged well and would seriously benefit from the disguise/physics/actions mechanics of the current Hitman series. Imagine playing say, the Opera mission from Blood Money but a little more fleshed out. Just a handful of missions would be great and being able to use modern Hitman items and weapons in those old levels would be fantastic.


Diana creates a new agency. She handle the clients, 47 is the hitman agent and Olivia is their intelligence handler.


I hope 47 takes some time off, maybe find a nice monastery and tend to the grounds.


Hitman 4: Bingo time

47, Burnwood & Hall Assassination Inc.
A freelance society.


47 and Diana will go freelance from my undertanding, since assassination is what they do best.

And they are right: there will always be people like The Partners and Constant.

Also, with ICA out of the way this time and maybe in quite the permanent note, wonder how things will work looking forward.

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That was my understanding, then I was just slightly confused when Diana referred to him as “Agent 47” then for 47 to state that’s not him anymore. Only for the ending to be 47 acknowledging that assassination will always be part of him?

Does anyone think that was his intention to part ways with killing, only when he entered the log cabin had a change of heart and accepted assassination will always be part of him? :smirk:

Yeah that’s how I sort of understood it, I was just kind of confused in regards to his name. One minute 47 is saying that’s not him anymore, then enters the log cabin and says assassination will always be part of him. Seems in my opinion he had a change of heart the minute he entered the cabin and picked up the phone? :thinking:

I think he’s going on a moral crusade to rid the world of evil. Having spent so long not caring particularly and killing people just for money.

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Think it will be many years before we see him resurface to be honest.


Oh yeah, I mean we won’t get another Hitman game for some time. And it’ll probably be a new system. And I predict the WoA Trilogy won’t be compatible with Hitman 4.

Don’t fix what is not broken, tho… So idk how they can improve this system. They could improve it a lot by fixing the things people have asking them to fix since 2016.

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I suspect it’s simply more setup and payoff.

The setup is when you hear him say he’s not Agent 47 anymore you immediately assume that he’s taken on a new name - a new life.

The payoff is you discover the “new” aspect is he no longer intends to be an agent of the ICA, he wants to work in partnership with Diana, doing what the game establishes Diana always wanted to do via her position in the ICA: Touch the untouchables.

He’s not an agent anymore, he’s just 47. He’s embraced the person that he was always meant to be, and damn it feels good.