Question regarding Access Passes (RE: WoA and H3 Starter Pack)


I have Hitman 1 on Epic Game Store and Hitman 2 Gold on Steam. I would like to use the Hitman 3 Starter Pack on Epic Game Store to play both H1 and H2 content. Is this still possible given that the location import has gone offline?

Is there a way for me to get the Access Pass for H2 Gold transferred to my EGS account?

I see here that there’s no option but to rebuy.

@Clemens_IOI can you confirm?

Yeah, unfortunately the Carryover is no longer available as the new store setup changed that completely.


I see. I think some folks were caught unawares of this change. It’s very, very disappointing to hear that a fully working solution for existing owners had been taken down.



I was afraid something like that would happen after the announcement of the WoA evolution. I wish i would be wrong, but sadly it happened anyway :confused:

Now plenty of people are confused as the DLCs they already own have to be repurchased with the changes that happened in january :grimacing:

Also, that’s strange that we’re unable to get the “HITMAN 2 Gold Access Pass” on Steam, but instead having a “Standard Edition” and the rest through the “Deluxe Pack”, no matter what we own, while it was available on EPIC and other platforms :thinking:

Also, two more DLCs for HITMAN 2?

Why not just release a “Gold Extension” like other platforms?

That whole DLC system was the most confusing i’ve ever encountered nonetheless :sweat_smile:

I hope that a solution will be found to re-enable the location importing in a form or another for those who already own all of this stuff :+1:

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@Clemens_IOI Regarding DLC access passes in HITMAN 3:

As you mentioned in the zendesk article, you are shutting down the location importing this january:

Even if i understand the reasons for this, it just added a new layer of complications for some players regarding content transfer.

As to myself, it seems that i have all the location content transferred except the “HITMAN 2 Gold Expansion Pass”, despite having those in HITMAN 2. So it means that i might have to repurchase some content that i already own because of that location transfer shutdown:

Even after buying the deluxe content, i’m missing the access to some levels because of that new location transfer.

Steam players who already own the content are pissed off for good reasons and the reviews are catastrophic regarding the issue: HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Expansion on Steam

I highly recommend you guys to make some tweaks about this so people who already own this content don’t have to purchase it a second time.

Also, it seems that the HITMAN 3 Deluxe pack doesn’t include the whole game content, meaning the rest is split up into different packages. I recommend selling the whole as one package in the future, as a gold extension, instead of this.

For more insight:

Please guys do something about this, especially for those who supported you by purchasing the previous games and content.

Thanks for caring and sharing my feedbacks with the team.